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The Snom 300 series of phones are fully interoperable with the MetaSwith Class 4/5 Softswitch platform and the UC9000 range of enhanced applications. A wide range of features can be offered using the MetaSwitch/Snom combination including

  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Enhanced Call Park and Pickup
  • full Attendant Console functionality.

For more details on MetaSwitch products see

MetaSwitch Customer Portal

MetaSwitch provides an extensive online portal to provide customers with support in using their MetaSwitch softswitch platform.

  • Technical help (including links to firmware) for the Snom 300 series of phones in the MetaSwitch environment can be found in this article.
  • Information about the current status of MetaSwitch/Snom interoperability can be found at the MetaSwitch Interop Site.

Access to the MetaSwitch Customer Portal requires a valid username and password. If you don't have this please contact your MetaSwitch Customer Support Engineer or MetaSwitch Account Team.


The links above provide information on interoperable firmware combinations, including downloads of the correct Snom firmware for all models in the 300 series.

snom m3 usage

In terms of configuring it for MetaSwitch, it's fairly straightforward, but note the last item which may be the problem:

  • "Display name" can be set to anything.
  • "Account" should be the SIP username (which may be the phone number, depending on how MetaSwitch is configured).
  • "Password" should be the password configured on MetaSwitch.
  • "Account Name" should the SIP username.
  • "Registrar" is the usual registrar (the domain name configured for the subscriber on MetaSwitch).
  • "Outbound proxy" is the IP address or domain name of the SBC or MetaSwitch depending on the network configuration.
  • "Authentication username" should be the SIP username.
  • "Re-registration time" must be set to 3600 - the default on the m3 is 600 and MetaSwitch will reject the registration if it is left at this.
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