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About Super Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Super Technologies, Inc. is a privately held US company based in Pensacola, Florida. With 18 employees worldwide and a global network of DIDX partners (service providers) in 170 nations, Super Technologies, Inc. is ideally positioned to help wholesale wired and wireless operators, voip companies, IP PBX providers, and other IP-communications entities meet their DID/DDI needs. The company created and runs the DIDXchange online phone number marketplace of service providers who buy and/or sell DID/DDI. Its DIDXchange offers LNP for UK, France, Canada and USA and DID/DDI from 54 countries.


A key component of any VoIP service or IP-PBX service is origination, incoming call, DID/DDI from as many countries as possible. is the wholesale DID/DDI solution chosen by 12,500 IP-communications related companies in 170 nations. It provides LNP, DID/DDI sale from 54 countries, customer service, billing, and more. DIDX tested interopability of its API with PBXnSIP as an example of how to point DID/DDI from DIDX to an IP PBX. The Snom phone model used in the test was the snom 820. The configuration steps described below are necessary to allow the Snom phones to function with an IP PBX, this example PBXnSIP. Once the Snom phone is successfully registered and connected to the IP-PBX as an IP extension, it can utilize the incoming DID/DDI from DIDX.


Requirements, Preparations, Configuration and Process to integrate DID/DDI from on snom device and an IP-PABX, in this test PBXnSIP

How to invite a call from, to your PBXnSIP server on a public IP or FQDN.

  1. The call is set to ring a specific extension or auto attendant.
  2. Log into your account and change the ring-to from the default tell-me service to your IP or FQDN.
    • Example: ext = 511 @ IP / FQDN = 511@ or
  3. You need to have a public IP address to get this working. Set the country code in your domain to "1". Then create a trunk and set the following:
    • Only inbound traffic
    • No outbound proxy
    • Global trunk
  4. If you have a DNS name, use that instead of the IP address and put it into the domain. Otherwise just give the IP address a try.
  5. Then assign the names "511 567123456" as names for the extension/auto attendant.
  6. Give it a try. Set log level to 8 and see if the PBX receives any traffic.
  7. When it’s all working, reset your log level to its original settings.
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