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Welcome to the SNOM VoIPOffice Setup Guide!

This guide will walk you through configuring VoIPOffice on your SNOM IP phone.

Getting started

Before you start, you’ll need:

  • Your IP address- This is the IP address of your VoIPOffice service. It will have been given to you when the service was set up. It can also be found by pressing the Help (?) button on your phone.
  • Your extension- This will be on your phone’s display. If you cannot see it, enter your VoIPOffice IP address into a web browser address bar. Your extension will be listed there.

To begin setting up your phone, enter your VoIPOffice IP address into a web browser.

You’ll see this screen.


The “Outgoing Identity” field is your extension and IP address. For this walkthrough, let’s assume your extension is “1234” and your IP address is 123.456.789.10.

If VoIPOffice is your only line, click “Line 1”. If it is a second or third line, click “Line 2” or “Line 3”.

We will assume that VoIPOffice is your only line. Click “Line 1”.

You will see this screen.


The first field you must enter is “Mailbox”. Enter *123 into this field as shown above.

The mailbox extension is *123. Dial this to access your Voicemail.

Now fill in the fields. The first field is Display Name.


Enter your Display Name in the field as shown above.

The next field is Account. Your account is your extension number.


Enter your extension number as shown above.

The next field is Password. This is your Secret Pin. It will have been assigned to you when you received the VoIPOffice service.


The next field is Registrar. This is your IP Address.


Enter your IP Address as shown above.

Leave the Outbound Proxy field blank.

The next field is Authentication Username. Once again, this is your extension number.


Enter your extension number as shown above. That’s all you need to fill in. Now, click Save.

To check the status of your connection, scroll down and click “System Information”, as highlighted.


On the System Information screen, you can see if your line is working.


Your line Line 1, (which is your extension: 1234@ your IP address: 123.456.789.10) is OK. This means it is fully operational and ready to use.

For more information, please visit VoIPOffice.

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