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STARFACE is the future-proof, multi-award winning IP-PBX for companies of all sizes. With its innovative modular concept STARFACE brings a highly flexible and versatile platform for your business communication with powerful enterprise functionality you’re your company. STARFACE brings all telephony and other services such as e-mail, data and fax communications into a seamless and user-friendly UCC- environment. STARFACE allows the seamless integration of communications services into all IT-supported business processes of the company. All current technologies and standards such as analog network, ISDN, and voice over IP are supported by STARFACE. The hybrid STARFACE IP-PBX is currently available in four stages. From the plug-in appliance 10 to 40 extensions to the high-end solution for large companies and call centers up to 2895 extensions.

STARFACE is a product of STARFACE GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany.


STARFACE is preconfigured, as well for snom phones. Within the STARFACE telephone menus, all snom phones can be used as full-system phones - including the provision of all high-end features. The remote firmware management ensures that the same quality-tested firmware is installed on all phones. All models feature the snom STARFACE zero-touch provisioning, you just plug the telephone in and all functions are available. Standard security mechanisms make sure that only the administrator can update the phones or change settings. This ensures a smooth operation in large environments


Technical details and system requirements

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