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About Brekeke PBX

An award-winning product, Brekeke PBX is a SIP-based IP-PBX system for call centers, enterprises and service providers. Brekeke PBX solutions are cost-effective and provide flexibility to meet each telephony system's requirements. Brekeke PBX comes in two editions: Basic Edition with traditional telephony features and Pro Edition which includes a full set of Call Center features. Brekeke SIP Server (SIP proxy server) is bundled with Brekeke PBX. Supports both Windows and Linux platforms.

1. Register to Brekeke PBX

1.1 Create a user under Brekeke PBX

At [Brekeke PBX admintool]>[Users], click [New User], enter the extension number (e.g. 493), and save the extension settings.

1.2 Configure snom phone

Access the Snom phone from web browser. Select an Identity under [Setup] menu to set phone lines and SIP server address.

  • Display Name: your caller ID name.
  • Account: extension/phone number in Brekeke PBX.
  • Password: password set at Brekeke PBX if SIP authentication is set ON
  • Registrar: Brekeke PBX IP Address
  • Authentication Username: authentication username set at Brekeke PBX if SIP authentication is set ON
  • Mailbox: the same as account number for voicemail message subscribe request
  • Keep default settings for other fields or change them as your need.

1.3 Check registration status

Check if Snom phone is registered with Brekeke SIP Server at [Brekeke PBX admintool]>[Sip Server]>[Registered Clients]

Below is the successful registration


2. Configuration for extra features

2.1 Call Recording

Set the snom [RECORD] key as [DTMF] [#6].

Press the key during a conversation to start or stop recording


2.2 Retrieve voicemail message

Set the Snom [RETRIEVE] key as [Speed Dial] [8].

Press the key to check voice messages from your own phone


2.3 Call Park

Set the Snom function key as below to place the call on park by pressing the key.


Here the [orbit] value can be any number.

Dial the orbit number to retrieve the parked call from any phone.

2.4 Paging/Intercom

Set the Snom function key as [Intercom] [22*extension] to set paging request and make callee answer the incoming call automatically.


Here 22* is the prefix of Brekeke PBX paging function; 4003 is the extension number you want to intercom to.

For details about what phones work with Brekeke PBX paging function and how to set paging function on the phones, please check Brekeke Wiki.

3. Recommended phone settings

Please using following settings to ensure Snom phones working with Brekeke PBX properly.

Filter Packets from Registrar: off
LINE->SIP->Proposed Expiry: 60

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