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Askozia & snom phones

AskoziaPBX is a complete telephone system which runs on normal PC hardware and a variety of embedded systems. It is incredibly easy to use, speaks ISDN, Analog and VoIP and costs less than a single VoIP phone.

Askozia provides a highly intuitive telephone system for businesses. This is accomplished by combining our popular software AskoziaPBX with standard PC hardware or numerous embedded platforms. AskoziaPBX is incredibly easy to use, supports VoIP, ISDN, analog and GSM, is multilingual and costs less than a single VoIP phone.

This guide will walk you through configuring your AskoziaPBX with SNOM phones.

  1. Open your web browser to log in the web interface of AskoziaPBX. Enter the IP address of your AskoziaPBX. Enter your username and password.
  2. To add a SNOM phone, click on Accounts/Phones. Choose SIP afterwards.
  3. Assign a Number, Caller ID and Language. The Ring Length is important for notifications and voicemail. This is explained in more detail in Chapter 7 of the Askozia handbook.
  4. SNOM phones require a password to register with Askozia PBX. AskoziaPBX automatically generates a password for every telephone.
  5. Click on Auto-Configuration below. By entering your SNOM phone's MAC address (found on the bottom side of the phone or through its web interface of the phone), it is automatically configured with the same settings specified above.
  6. After entering the MAC address click Save. Now restart your phone by disconnecting it from the power supply for a moment. After restarting. you SNOM phone is completely configured and registered with AskoziaPBX.

Additional information can be found in the Askozia Handbook or at

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