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Please change the following parameters on the "Identity" page of the phone's web interface:

Ändern Sie bitte folgende Parameter auf der Seite "Identität" im Webinterface des Telefons:

Tab/Karteikarte Login:

Displayname: Enter any name
Account: Enter Callcentric number (Looks like 1777xxxxxxx)
Password: Enter "Your User Agent/SIP password:" from the "Welcome To Callcentric" Email
Outbound Proxy:

Tab SIP:

DTMF via SIP INFO: off

Tab NAT:

STUN server (IP-addr:port): Leave this field BLANK/EMPTY

Tab RTP:

Codec 1: G.729A
Codec 2: G.723.1
Codec 3: GSM FR
Codec 4: G.726-32
Codec 5: G.722
Codec 6: G.711u
Codec 7: G.711a
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