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Date: May-04-2004 Author: Usman Tahir



How can I enter IP addresses (e.g. for domain names) using the numeric keypad on snom phones?


It usually takes too much time to enter IP addresses using the alphanumeric input mode. One has to switch between number input mode (for digits) and alphanumeric input mode (for ‘.’ separating them). This can be inconvenient to some users.

snom phones now provide an easy way to enter IP addresses using the numeric keypad. In different user interactive states, the user can now enter the IP address digits e.g. by pressing the appropriate numeric key e.g. 1, 9 and so on. In place of the ‘.’ separating the quartets, press the ‘#’ key for a little longer (around half a second) and it will change itself to the ‘.’ key as required. You can now continue entering the rest of your IP address in numeric input mode as before. Repeat the sequence when needed.

This mode pf operation can be used for entering domain name IP addresses or phone IP addresses for direct IP calling.

Version Information

This information is valid for firmware version 2.04p and later.

Additional Information

It must be noted that IP dialing is generally not a good idea. As you don’t send emails directly to an IP address, you also don’t call directly an IP address in SIP. If you need a SIP registrar, please take a look at the snom 4S or any other SIP-compliant registrar/proxy. Allowing IP dialing opens a wide range of security problems. A phone that allows incoming requests from any device can easily be attacked by simple INVITE packets. It is very easy to write a little teaser script that rings all your devices in the network. IP addresses may change. We strongly recommend using DHCP to avoid wrong configuration of the network (avoiding IP address conflicts).

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