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NOTE: When updating the base from FW version 9.2.x or below, the base will be need to be rebooted twice after applying the FW update.

Handset FW
  • New!! PTCL14I20110802 / PTCL17I20110818(Handset Reset required after update!)
Release Date
  • US/EU (CL14)
  • US/EU (CL17)
Download Link
New Features
  • Added setting dnd_msg for customizing DND SIP message
  • MS Lync: Home Server Redirection support
  • Improved auto configuration via DHCP option 66 (default filename snomm9.xml)
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Resolved audio delay problems in some cases
  • Base PIN reset was buggy
  • Base PIN auto provisioning was not working properly
Feature Change
  • System Info is no longer accessible via the + Volume key. It is now available under "Settings->System Info"
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