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IMPORTANT NOTE 1: This version is not able to support Static IP address functionality. Please refrain from updating if you are using Static IP addresses on your base stations IMPORTANT NOTE 2: From this FW onwards snom has introduced some fundamental changes/improvements in the boot up process of the device which will require devices running FW version 9.2.x or below to be rebooted twice after the upgrade procedure. Before upgrading, reboot the device, login and upgrade the device to 9.3.7:

  • Press Reboot from web interface
  • Wait 20 seconds
  • Unplug the base and reconnect
  • After device boots up, update all Handsets to the latest FW
Handset FW
  • New!! PTCL14I20110406 (Handset Reset required after update!)
Release Date
  • US/EU
Download Link
New Features
  • Added SIP Session-Timer support
  • Added settings for CLIP/CLIR
  • Added DHCP Vendor Class identifier (DHCP Option 60)
  • Ability to dial # codes from handset
  • Intercom function (*90) with snom ONE
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • FW Update failure recovery
  • Resolved Sequential Ringing (Hunt Groups) issue
  • SIP RFC conformance and regression
  • DHCP Address conflict resolution
  • SMN-270: Settings refresh timer improvement
  • SMN-266: Local/Remote Ringback switch with 180/183
  • SMN-272: Sending local SDP in 180 on receiving INVITE without SDP
  • SMN-268: Check-sync should not make the device reboot during active calls
Feature Change
  • System Info is no longer accessible via the + Volume key. It is now available under "Settings->System Info"

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