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Release - May 2017

Please note: This Release here and the Security Rollup from November 2017 are superseded by Service Pack 1: - December 2017.

Release is the current stable release for Snom desktop phones. Its superseded by Service Pack 1: - December 2017

 * Please make sure you read ALL of the information below before installing the software on your device. 
 * Please install and test the software in your environment before mass deployment
 * We encourage you to read and follow our security advisories.
 * This release does NOT directly include the OpenVPN feature in firmware file anymore. If you wish to use this feature
please make sure you understand all security implications and follow this link after installing the software.

Download Links & Installation

Please make sure you have read the below information (release notes & known issues before installing this software on your device.

Firmware images

The following models are supported with this firmware. Please note: for all other models firmware maintenance is continued in Firmware Branch 8.7.5.x. :

 Important upgrade/downgrade instructions:
 * Any phone running an 8.9.3.x or higher firmware should not be downgraded to a version below
 * This may lead to a deadlock situation where the firmware works, but the phone cannot be updated anymore at all!
 * All versions lower than are affected by this update procedure issue.
 * Only option left to get out from such deadlock situation is to use the network recovery procedure as described in our support How-to
 * If the downgrade is mandatory, use the as an intermediate firmware downgrade step, before you finally install the desired/known as affected version!
 * Please note: if you experience the deadlock situation do not open an RMA case, as this is not a hardware/flash issue! 

Snom D3x5 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom D375 ~ 30MB 183f2bf9b62cd2911c9a32c92a104255e1c9e68871474de2e9673715162c82a2 snomD375-
Snom D345 ~ 25MB eb7259ce97fddcee08ff5bf0423c017faaf093d0ff92327a99f69825c5765c25 snomD345-
Snom D315 ~ 25MB e50ac9fad6b970a55d9dbfba05a3e2458b2b159fd5d5c78e93dce3003f5c6932 snomD315-
Snom D305 ~ 23MB b582259ec09bf1a4c82290be4f96b2ce1c042f9320b156403204e556711899e3 snomD305-

Snom D7x5 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom D765 ~ 29MB 3825116a7661d555b31cbe977aad537de38a345a79431950d512eed78d53c5e4 snomD765-
Snom D745 ~ 25MB a2756c49952fd63405f99cd33420b8a64ec2826b328fd9bc6b184ac97d7bc4a1 snomD745-
Snom D725 ~ 23MB 6ef04c695868db5149eb377502bf347dfba3e40332722f3ad5f30bae615e939c snom725-
Snom 715 / D715 ~ 23MB f3a7164ac6b8aaff6cd0d55d0ee1974e1775a73ebfc7e0c408a87b72714614cb snom715-

Snom 7x0 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom 760 ~ 27MB d008cd8872feed2d6b17fcec7cc1c05d0e59f8a4507262a32b754dd234653cd9 snom760-
Snom 720 ~ 22MB 10fa8d78b38ae29a00c2212fb0483642bb1d17473dcbc77d2fa25dc10896745b snom720-
Snom D712 ~ 21MB ae098a549910613d666bd63f9ef66fa0b871d53603b53f5565627ca6a0222c75 snomD712-
Snom 710 / D710 ~ 13MB 2ce34b57f65bd1644c4384817dd2ececcbd160d6cf8c34a905eee9df3dea91e6 snom710-

VPN Feature

Since Firmware version the VPN feature is no longer shipped with the default firmware due to security considerations. If you want to enable the VPN feature you have to install the VPN patch, following the download links.

Important notes about the VPN feature:

  • a network recovery will remove the VPN feature
  • starting with fw version the VPN patch version must be aligned with the phone firmware
  • if the VPN patch is installed when you update the phone updating the VPN patch is not needed

Snom D3x5 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom D375 ~ 220KB 2031e2731b56c1b10036db9fa7221d75fc4143b0d478113d9b29fa93b0a015bf snomD375-
Snom D345 ~ 220KB ee6011e5fe5225d120eec5dda9a0efcf00374db68080d39e4febc701291569c9 snomD345-
Snom D315 ~ 220KB 59399fab05281bb37921276069af9c63a2c0061a43964c4effe5596319224265 snomD315-

Snom D7x5 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom D765 ~ 220KB 19b5dc062984d77ec26d2b0bba2073e06d9c3c39873cb1d0ca5c7985d4cbdeda snomD765-
Snom D745 ~ 220KB c744d921ed10a2c839951ae759c4faf940fd9233b9c13e515d83f4a78e94daa2 snomD745-
Snom D725 ~ 220KB 60d72b643142958777836b235e68b40ed49eb06340c679774d238583bf3da393 snom725-
Snom 715 / D715 ~ 220KB d4a7e9661af5c3bdff54fae938a6cd0f4a160748299ea553484dc5f414188a49 snom715-

Snom 7x0 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom 760 ~ 220KB 82a915dfedfbf3f37259412d23a155e13eed26bc02eaee8ddaf3848550cfad2e snom760-
Snom 720 ~ 220KB 535cc05f49722f158737517dad4251a0a6f2de00c62345b9e01742bd6f987e18 snom720-
Snom D712 ~ 220KB d8386207f8c345586652c50ae4cc1a50d3bcc2f77b797ed099932fa6581811ac snomD712-
Snom 710 / D710 ~ 220KB 14d7f0f0a74c853b2a3fd3c3929365da0b41effd3652c1095c2930d4751ab509 snom710-

Customisation files

In the following links you can find all the internal files that can be customised via Branding, via the <uploads> provisioning tag and the default language XML files.

Snom D3x5 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom D375 ~ 2.3MB 69cc53f33be597171876cbdeb0b30cf089a638a06d7e564213c3ac467663a717 snomD375-
Snom D345 ~ 1MB dddb315c2595a60979093359fd71f469fd3c2ea7ecd98f5c88af19e2393b2d0c snomD345-
Snom D315 ~ 1MB 6eb7f184ccf52f880812aa30dc337a0559f5fff22661c7e6f24a27d34fe3a7b9 snomD315-
Snom D305 ~ 1MB 95e15066ebee8d23d29ddb1ce0a252bef1d0408d2ddf3b1bee6c67fb472a066b snomD305-

Snom D7x5 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom D765 ~ 1.3MB e904a8db09116f2e447e1656fdd405205e4b9f2bd109e47f5fd16b1205077d6f snomD765-
Snom D745 ~ 1MB 2e35da923d2292693c8d8edaeb9733cce64781fb9cac2b9c1ea16f26815332d7 snomD745-
Snom D725 ~ 1MB 60d72b643142958777836b235e68b40ed49eb06340c679774d238583bf3da393 snom725-
Snom 715 / D715 ~ 1MB b2ef03ae584a00340fe121468918cec408024d5204b174bb6a4b48127eef1f36 snom715-

Snom 7x0 series

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom 760 ~ 1.3MB 4a19cc1884c687bf6ed5dbebea94c49186578679ce8bb08789e62619d8bc707e snom760-
Snom 720 ~ 1 MB 6779ed2303a25a14933f8c66ccc114ca2467fc83ce509bb01764ffeb1b4b8d54 snom720-
Snom D712 ~ 1 MB d668afb7e9ec3f9e1858676faa8f61be7c04a55560ed4a959d53905c506d854e snomD712-
Snom 710 / D710 ~ 1 MB dc77dcaac2496642a780b67e5424ed0dbbb62acd567d3c30005949a089d4f7ee snom710-

Installation Instructions

Right-click on the appropriate link for your device and choose Copy shortcut:

Open the Web User Interface and navigate to the Software Update page

Paste the link into the Firmware field

Web User Interface -> Software Update -> Firmware

Press Load

--> The Device reboots and starts the software update.

Note: Do not disconnect the power at any time during this process!

Check your firmware version afterwards

Release Notes

The list below currently describes the changes starting with



NONE UPD: Web interface improvements to protect from untrusted data insert and potential code / script execution

-=Network Protocol=-

SAP-667 ADD: Introduced support for WLAN USB sticks based on several Realtek / RTL chipsets for D3x5 & D7x5 series, details under WLAN
SAP-611 FIX: LLDP Network-Policy was not adopted if vlan-tagged-status is unchanged
SAP-1162 FIX: DHCP option 81 (RFC 4702) was sent erroneously with flag S=0 and it can now be enabled via setting: dhcp_options_on_ip_aquire
SAP-1076 FIX: Backup DNS server (DNS server 2) was not queried when trying to resolve the provisioning URL
& SAP-1252
FIX: Improved web client TCP handling of chunked transfer encoding transmissions


SAP-514 ADD: User-Agent header in HTTP reports the amount of D3 / D7 (uxm), also see setting: http_user_agent_string & uxm_count
SAP-1051 FIX: Initially (out-of-box / factory default) the D3 / D7 uxm_count (submitted via http user agent, see SAP-514 above) was always reported as 0
SAP-1032 FIX: An intermediate regression for the new setting: label_default_text as it was defined over wrong range, plus and a new XML attribute ‘default_text’ was introduced to XML defined keys
SAP-1314 FIX: Ensuring backward compatible value handling for setting: web_language
SAP-1034 FIX: On D3x5 monochrome models & D745 the input screen was not offered, when the phone web client is challenged (e.g. PIN secured hot desking sign in scenarios)
& SAP-1121
ADD: New setting: fkey_label_overrides_xml_label to determine which label value should take precedence (fkey_label or XML definition) for 2nd screen (D345 & D745), D3 / D7 and line info layer (e.g. D765)
& SAP-1130
FIX: Provisioning all fkeys and / or incorrect provisioning could lead to an error on D3 / D7 (display shows e.g. "..please connect to compatible snom phone with firmware >=")
SAP-1086 FIX: An intermediate regression for softkey provisioning using XML description SoftKeyItem & <Label> tag , also see softkey handling example


SAP-1095 ADD: Links to /label_screen.bmp (D345/D745) and /exp_screen.bmp (D7/D3) are added to debug helper site /debug.htm (also see capture a screenshot)
SAP-1262 FIX: Log showed a false positive warning “401 needs 128 bit nonce” (now only for nonces < 128 bits)
SAP-1103 FIX: BITMAPFILEHEADER of /screen.bmp was containing the wrong file size for several phone models

-=Firmware Update=-

SAP-1232 FIX: Intermediate regression for software update via USB storage, also see setting: usb_storage_swupdate

-=SIP Signaling=-

& SAP-1070
UPD: Improved SIP authorization cache handling and introduced a new setting: cache_sip_authorization (default <on>) allows turn off SIP authorization cache
SAP-1106 UPD: Out of order (lower CSeq) responses to an deregistration request can be ignored (accelerating de- / re-registrations)
SAP-1096 UPD: A backward-compatibility revert to “accustomed treatment” of ‘domain’ parameter in 401/407 challenge
SAP-1280 FIX: Receiving an SIP 380 Alternative Service message raised an unhandled exception
& SAP-1205
FIX: Phone generated UUID (RFC 4122) on deregistration, when manual setting upload was used exceptionally to take it into operation during an not common migration process


SAP-1057 ADD: On D3x5 & D7x5 models the USB headset volume can now be controlled on the phone, also see setting: vol_headset
& SAP-1071
FIX: In handsfree, handset, headset mode the dial tone was still heard when closing line using X / cancel button, even with cw_dialtone = <off>
SAP-1255 FIX: D765 & D375: Switching the audio device to bluetooth headset was possible only if handset was on-hook
& SAP-1041
UPD: During an emergency call it wasn't possible to adjust the volume despite the fact that VOLUME_UP and VOLUME_DOWN are listed in setting emergency_accepted_callkeys
SAP-949 FIX: Minor tone scheme correction for Great Britain
SAP-943 FIX: Minor tone scheme corrections for Japan
SAP-1376 FIX: Minor handset audio tunings for Australia

-=User Interface=-


  • Extensions and corrections of icons, particularly for monochrome high resolution models plus aligning the low resolution models to it
  • Minor text adjustments, centering, upper & lower case corrections, etc.
  • Minor improvements in web interface and phone user interface
  • Always scroll title, messages etc. if texts are too long
  • Several text cut-offs addressed
SAP-893 UPD: Redesign of several messages with a “blocking"-nature / phone “lock up” effect for the period message is shown (e.g. CanceledCall, TryParking).
New presentation as notification bar notice combined with configurable display duration timers, see e.g. status_msgs_that_show_directly incl. new defaults
& SAP-1077
ADD: If F4 softkey (gui_fkey4) is overlaid by info-icon (i), it's now available on its common far-right-position when status messages view is accessed, for status messages also see e.g. status_msgs_that_show_directly
& SAP-499
FIX: The call history is now immediately updated after an entry is created in the internal directory, no reboot needed
& SAP-1159
FIX: In certain scenarios the softkey icon (or text) for unhold was not presented or performed an hold
SAP-1056 ADD: On D345/D745 and D3/D7 line keys & shared line now always have a label and fallback is ensured via a new setting: label_default_text
SAP-979 FIX: Line info layer (e.g.D765) now closes in dialing state after entering the 6th digit, stopping its blocking / covering effect during input
SAP-1069 FIX: Changed default value for setting: edit_mode_for_passwords to <123>, simplifying e.g. PIN secured hot desking sign in
SAP-1093 FIX: On color display phones: Icon for F_NEXT_CALL_SCREEN display soft key was temporarily broken (issue is superseded by SAP-1231 below)
SAP-1231 FIX: Always use right arrow symbol instead of text & abbreviations for fkeys used to show next display screen (e.g. next hold, next ring, conf screen)
SAP-858 FIX: With setting: global_missed_counter: <off>, the phone did not show individual ID related missed call(s)
SAP-1094 FIX: Activated DND mode was additionally indicated by a mute symbol shown in the status/title bar
SAP-1164 FIX: Directory: An entry with two or more numbers was presented with an empty entry line
SAP-902 UPD: Directory: Minor edit mode improvement, a new Fkey allows switching between first & last name & the tick key saves current input
SAP-1167 FIX: Menu: On monochrome models the select arrow direction needs to fit right-to-left writing systems
SAP-982 FIX: On monochrome models the “PA” advice was not displayed while a multicast audio with priority interrupts a current conversation
SAP-662 FIX: BLF status monitoring showed the SIP-URI in addition to displayname on second line
SAP-687 ADD: Menu: “Reset VLAN" option is visible now only if VLAN is active
SAP-1003 FIX: A new or updated local phone book (contact) picture was not immediately shown in call screens and a new checkbox 'Delete Photo' is introduced to web user interface

-=Web User Interface=-

SAP-967 FIX: Improved and corrected module view on function keys page /fkeys.htm and /fkey.htm
SAP-1169 ADD: The key event F_FAVORITES is now supported in /fkeys.htm and /fkey.htm dropdown and phone menu (Settings/Preferences/.../Feature Keys/../Key Event/)
SAP-1127 UPD: For XML defined keys 'Short Text' column showed the label value defined in the XML, now it always reflects the value of the corresponding setting: fkey_label, also see setting: fkey_label_overrides_xml_label
SAP-1285 FIX: 710 & 760: Intermediate regression in Advanced Settings/Audio the Apply button was missing
NONE FIX: On D3x5 monochrome models & D745 the setting: text_softkey is available via /advanced_behavior.htm and a screen refresh is performed on setting change
& SAP-733
FIX: In Identity -> NAT (Tab) the setting: initial_rtp_keep_alives is now presented only on models supporting it
SAP-439 FIX: Changed default value for setting: advertisement url to https scheme and url to lowercase
SAP-1186 FIX: Changed default value for setting: http_scheme value to <on> = Digest Authentication

-=Language Support=-

SAP-922 FIX: In Language Wizard & Settings -> Preferences -> Language, whenever possible language names are now renamed to their respective native ones
NONE UPD: Updated German language translations
NONE UPD: Updated French language translations
NONE UPD: Updated Italian language translations
NONE UPD: Updated Spanish language translations
SAP-909 UPD: Updated Greek language translations (beside minor others, support for Sigma ς was added & for modern greek characters)
SAP-675 ADD: Reworked Portuguese language translations
SAP-959 ADD: Reworked 日本語 , Japanese language translations

-=XML Minibrowser=-

SAP-994 FIX: Discarding stalled mini browser instances. If created in rapid succession instances were stacked up even when “document_id” is used


SAP-1258 ADD: New setting: ldap_telephonenumber_mapping to allow mapping of 'telephoneNumber' (RFC 4519 2.35) to desired number type (e.g. office, home, mobile)
SAP-1124 FIX: Phone application restarted if the LDAP server FQDN resolution led into a failure
& SAP-1109
FIX: Intermediate regression for partial_lookup in local address book and LDAP


SAP-989 FIX: Several web client improvements for credential handling / caching
& SAP-939
FIX: Exception handling in web client for cases of unavailable / missing XML idle screen file, via exponential-backoff-like timing (3-6 sec.start, max duration 120. ("3,6:120")
SAP-1055 FIX: For a parked call the LED was blinking fast instead of slow, also see: Controlling_the_line_LEDs

Known issues

The following is a list of issues that are known to appear with this release. Please DO NOT open support tickets reporting these issues.

               SCPP-6299 Replacing handset does not immediately return phone to idle when remote is busy
               SCPP-6295 Fast redial not working (only if a dedicated redial key is used)
               SCPP-6317 Phone shows ethernet disconnect warning when W-Lan is in use
               SCPP-6351 Headset Jabra Pro 935 via USB: headset can end incoming calls only by pressing the headset button twice
               SCPP-6334 D715 & D725: ignores volume parameter from multicast setting: mc_address
               SAP-220   710: holding reminder heard by connected party
   Allnet WLAN SCPP-7671 WLAN stick Allnet ALL0233DB doesn't work anymore with IPv6


If you have any issues with the firmware please do the following:

  • If the issues massively affect the service please downgrade back to the software version you were using before
  • As an end-user please contact your reseller or post your question in the snom forum
  • As a VAR please open a support ticket on out helpdesk
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