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PA1 Maintenance Rollup: - February 2018

PA1 Maintenance Rollup: is the firmware maintenance release for Snom PA1 superseding the release from November 2015

 * Please make sure you read ALL of the information below before installing the software on your device. 
 * Please install and test the software in your environment before mass deployment
 * We encourage you to read and follow our security advisories.

Download Links & Installation

Please make sure you have read the below information (release notes & known issues before installing this software on your device.

Firmware images

Please note: this is a PA1 specific firmware release. Only the PA1 is supported with this firmware:

 Important upgrade/downgrade instructions:
 * Any PA1 running an firmware > should not be downgraded to a version below
 * This may lead to a deadlock situation where the firmware works, but the device cannot be updated anymore at all!
 * All versions lower than are affected by this update procedure issue.
 * Only option left to get out from such deadlock situation is to use the network recovery procedure as described in our support How-to
 * If the downgrade is mandatory, use the as an intermediate firmware downgrade step, before you finally install the desired/known as affected version!
 * Please note: if you experience the deadlock situation do not open an RMA case, as this is not a hardware/flash issue! 

Snom PA1

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom PA1 ~ 3.2MB a5a13fa3cce0127a4fb3dc211c58f36437e27f504cf64a9f13233b08d63791ba snomPA1-

Installation Instructions

Right-click on the appropriate link for your device and choose Copy shortcut:

Open the Web User Interface and navigate to the Software Update page

Paste the link into the Firmware field

Web User Interface -> Software Update -> Firmware

Press Load

--> The Device reboots and starts the software update.

Note: Do not disconnect the power at any time during this process!

Check your firmware version afterwards

Release Notes

The list below currently describes the PA1 specific changes starting with

-=New Features=-

SAP-1341 ADD: New support for primary & secondary (multiple) provisioning server for redundancy via FQDN (DNS query returns multiple IP addresses)
Please take swupd_curl_timeouts also into consideration regarding firmware update scenarios that include provisioning redundancy



SAP-757 FIX: Enabled setting check_fqdn_against_server_cert was not effective for URL's with IP addresses
SAP-782 FIX: Using host_name_validation, (requires check_fqdn_against_server_cert: on, to be effective) IP addresses in TLS server certificates are now handled correctly
SAP-871 FIX: All anonymous authentication ciphers (e.g. ADH-RC4-MD5) removed from Snom TLS stack
SAP-890 FIX: All ciphers removed from Snom TLS stack except TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA

-=Network Protocol=-

SCPP-7361 FIX: DHCP failover requirement: DHCP client did not fallback to broadcast during renew issues (e.g. DHCP server outages)
SAP-1162 FIX: DHCP option 81 (RFC 4702) was sent erroneously with flag S=0 and it can now be enabled via setting: dhcp_options_on_ip_aquire
& SAP-1252
FIX: Improved web client TCP handling of chunked transfer encoding transmissions
SAP-1325 FIX: Web client did not handle a 3xx redirect response when Transfer-Encoding is chunked
SAP-1391 UPD: Changed LLDP manufacturer name from "snom technology AG" to "snom"


SAP-536 FIX: NTP defaults are now queried before secure provisioning, to ensure having valid timestamps for server authentication (if DHCP server does not provide NTP information)
SAP-679 FIX: If provisioning sets tls_server_authentication to on, a reboot is now triggered making it entirely effective and custom root CA certificates can now be provisioned
SAP-767 ADD: A new setting: skip_provisioning_urls_on_tls_error is introduced, but only intented for testing and evaluation purposes
SAP-1076 FIX: By resolving the provisioning server URL the backup DNS server (DHCP provided) was not queried
SAP-1314 FIX: Ensuring backward compatible value handling for setting: web_language


SAP-328 ADD: Milliseconds added to timestamp in log messages, for better analysis
SAP-1262 FIX: Log showed a false positive warning “401 needs 128 bit nonce” (now only for nonces < 128 bits)

-=Firmware Update=-

SAP-360 FIX: Enabled setting restrict_uri_queries, did block any firmware update attempt via web interface

-=SIP Signaling=-

& SAP-1070
UPD: Improved SIP authorization cache handling and introduced a new setting: cache_sip_authorization (default <on>) allows turn off SIP authorization cache
SCPP-6567 FIX: Re-enabled support for incoming SIP TCP connections (see: tcp_listen)
SAP-816 FIX: STUN is now also supported for SIP-TCP / SIP-TLS based registrations
SAP-1106 UPD: Out of order (lower CSeq) responses to an deregistration request will now be ignored (accelerating de- / re-registrations)
& SAP-1205
FIX: Device generated an UUID (RFC 4122) on deregistration, when manual setting upload was used exceptionally to take it into operation during an not common migration process
SAP-1280 FIX: Receiving an SIP 380 Alternative Service message raised an unhandled exception
SAP-1429 FIX: A retransmitted 180 was PRACKed (see: RFC 3262 Section 4), - in some cases the cseq was incremented


SAP-564 FIX: With headset / speaker & mic attached to PA1, its line-out & speaker played the mic input during call, - sidetone level was too high
SAP-564 FIX: On LID devices (PA1, 300, 320, 360, 370): No audio during call a after multicast-stream

-=Web User Interface=-

SAP-439 FIX: Changed default value for setting: advertisement url to https scheme and url to lowercase
& SAP-733
FIX: In Identity -> NAT (Tab) the setting: initial_rtp_keep_alives is now presented only on models supporting it

Known issues

The following is a list of PA1 specific issues that are known to appear with this release. Please DO NOT open support tickets reporting these issues.

   SCPP-7679 Reset button doesn't place a call when remapped using settings: pa1_reset_button_for_dialing and pa1_nr_to_dial, alternatively
             keyboard I/O can be used
   SCPP-6834 There is no audio when receiving an Intercom/Push2talk call on snom PA1 and type of intercom answering is set to "Handsfree"
             Neither via speaker nor via line out. If you set the setting to "headset" everything works correctly
             See settings intercom_connect_type and auto_connect_type for more info
   SCPP-7283 When a call interrupts a running multicast audio, both call and announcement can't be heard correctly. Note: works fine
   SCPP-6876 Simultaneous http setting request to control the PA1 pin, will cause pin control to loop, - pin goes on/off continuously
   SCPP-7628 The setting pa1_amp_gain can be set to a value greater than 1 and operates not as documented
             e.g.: a value of 0 leads to 0.262 vac and 0.43 mAmps, a value of 1 to 0.620 vac and 1.01 mAmps, value 2 = 1.447 vac and value 3 = 6.193 vac
   SCPP-8055 If a Snom phone with send_prack on, sends a PRACK, CANCEL and then a BYE (in case a PA attempt is immediately canceled
             prior to call setup) the PA1 sends 481 CallLeg/Transaction does not exist in response to CANCEL
             The result is the PA1 is in a 486 BUSY HERE state for up to 30 seconds. No issue if the calling Snom phone has send_prack off


If you have any issues with the firmware please do the following:

  • If the issues massively affect the service please downgrade back to the software version you were using before
  • As an end-user please contact your reseller or post your question in the snom forum
  • As a VAR please open a support ticket on out helpdesk
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