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 * Snom re-releases the listed 8.7.3.x builds for Snom 720 to address a potential issue in a certain firmware downgrade process.
 * The re-released 8.7.3.x FW images are identical to ones they supersede.
 * They are just smaller in file size, by a removal of redundant files, so the build itself remains unchanged.
 * Please use the published MD5-CheckSum to identify the Release and Re-Release image files accordingly. 
Please verify the Re-Release FW files with the provided MD5's and file size:
Version Download-URL MD5 Filesize, approx. snom720 af4fa2300dc47561ba6b8d0344382529 18.7 MB snom720 2dfe075363be789d8bea13f043ff10bb 18.7 MB snom720 bd9c78a82bd3c5c89ba66203c5040f8a 18.7 MB snom720 59c869f2ca7fc32aaf7ce13d2c3f38ee 18.7 MB snom720 49ffc839935e39dcba2747c2e660b1be 18.6 MB snom720 f0600401e44a83292b72f946dfc5c1f9 18.9 MB snom720 21a0b96122f36bd6eeacae1eb87d0949 18.7 MB
 * If your solution is provisioning the 8.7.3.x locally / within the environment, may it be hosted or on-premise,
 * its highly recommended to update such repositories (TFTP, HTTP-servers or device / phone management packs) to the Re-Release!
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