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Changed Behavior Changes

snom715 & snom710
Usually 'busy' is indicated via a red solid light and 'available' via a green one. This cannot work for LEDs that only light in one color. So this now got repaired for 710/715 which only light in green. We introduced a new setting 'led_colors_used_for_green_only_leds' that controls which color will actually cause the green LED to light up (previously color was ignored and green LED always lit). Also we adapted the setting 'led_red' so that states 'calling' and 'holding' are no longer assigned fix to red but rather to default-color, which is red on multicolor-LEDs but green on 710/715 monocolor line-keys. Also we included state 'unavailable' into the red-list to make sure it won't be signaled on a green LED. I.e. the new concept for the green monocolor line-LEDs is, they light up to signal availibility but stay off when the other side is busy. By default this new behaviour is enabled, which can be adjusted via the available settings. Changes

SCPP-5218: It is possible to play back multicast audio through speaker now even though headset mode is active.

Changes: The playback device can be specified together with the multicast address. It is also possible to specify how multicast are handled even when the user is in an active call. So it is e.g. possible to define a multicast that is used for emergency announcements. For configuration options consult our wiki. Changes

No changed behaviors Changes

SCPP-4838: Default value for setting always_show_active_call changed to on since this the expected behaviour in most scenarios
SCPP-3632: 870 UI Changes according Spec for all Non-Idle Screens
SCPP-4410: Phone supports partial lookups using the last n digits of a number for incoming and outgoing calls
SCPP-4453: Transfer successful message not shown by default any longer. The behaviour can be changed via new setting seconds_to_show_transfer_success_for
SCPP-4782: Support for Line Flash DTMF event. New codec names available in codec_priority_list:
  • telephone-event-no-fmtp: no fmtp attribute is offered in SDP
  • telephone-event-0-16: fmtp 0-16 is offered in SDP, which enables the use of DTMF line flash
SCPP-4910: phone models snom 3xx, 820 and 710 are now supporting codec strings g729-annexb=yes and g729-no-fmtp in codec_priority_list
SCPP-5066: reintroduce old behaviour from 8.4.x: although record_missed_calls is disabled action_missed_url has to be fired
SCPP-5029: Incorrect REFER causes server based conference to fail with 3CX
SCPP-4812: G729 codec choice incorrectly includes annexb=no in SDP
  • New codec name g729-annexb=yes available in codec_priority list Under -> Setup -> Identity -> RTP ->Codec
SCPP-3791: Moved setting publish_presence from Advanced/SIP/RTP to Identity/SIP
SCPP-5070: Provisioning sometimes does not work when the network uses STP and static IPs for the phones.
  • Status message now shows ETA of max provisioning duration (calculated on the duration of the first attempt) respectively.
New Features New Features

SCPP-5902: The curl timeout options can be used for firmware update.
SCPP-5899: Display contrast of D7 must be configurable from phone's UI.
SCPP-5752: Display backlight brightness of D7 should adapt to phone's display backlight. New Features

SCPP-5885: D7 must support settings labels via XmlDefinition New Features

IPv6 - IPv4 - Dual Stack
Wifi - Support for 802.11N
XML Definitions
SIP INFO can be used to clear call lists
Extend XML Definitions to work with Message LED
Status Message may notify events via LED and/or Audio indication
Call waiting per Identity
Implementation of XSI Server-Side Call Logs
Implementation of XSI Directory support where the directories to search (Personal, Group, Enterprise) should be configurable.
Support for BroadWorks Meet Me server side conference: 1. Show all current participants in the conference
XSI - Locations/Broadsoft Anywhere
XSI - Event support
XMPP Support for Buddy Lists and presence
Phone confirmation request to activate Shared Call Appearance Bridging (SCAB) through the Phone User Interface BLF Enhancements
Improved Arabic and Hebrew
870 with Living Icons and XML Definitions
Attended and Blind Transfer can be freely configured. It can be defined how a blind or attended transfer is initiated (which key/softkey is

doing what).

New Expansion Module 7EM
Softkeys on Call-Screens can be configured to have XML definitions.
Option to configure star codes for CCBS, CCNR and deletion of call completion requests
Configurable Partial Lookup (LDAP) e.g. Extensions.
Highly Configurable Status Handling
Status Message can have a tone indication
Joined Call Screen has more configuration options
Hot Desking Enhancements
Multicast Enhancements. It is possible to define the Device, Volume and what happens to connected calls. It is easy to configure

emergency announcements now.

Support for USB Headsets improved
More USB Headsets are supported
(BETA) Opus Support for 715, 720, 760, 821 and 870.
Support for Line Flash DTMF event
Hot desking support using Vision controlled by the phone
Pairing a vision with a phone
Lists supporting images.
Images can be combined with text.
Common access to phone system interfaces are available (variables - get/set, action - execution).
key-mapping can now be tied to selected selection-list-line, including changing context-keys when selected line changes
Support for TLS1.2 on 8xx, 7xx, MP
Support for more TLS Ciphers on 8xx, 7xx, MP
Support for TLS Cipher AES rsa 128 on snom3xx
802.1x EAP Pass Through
802.1x EAP-TLS Certificate Based Network Authentication
Setting values which are worth to get protected, are now saved AES-encrypted on flash-fs.
Phone has now an additional technician account (service-mode). The credentials can only be provisioned and it is used mainly in hosted


Syslog levels can be set on module level
Option to store Syslog or PCAP-Trace or SIP-Trace on an attached USB stick.
Option to update a phone using an USB stick.
snom Service Menu New Features

SCPP-5130: WLAN - Support for 802.11N
SCPP-4585: Certificate Based Network Authentication (802.1x)
SCPP-5118: Implement handling of different headset types
SCPP-2338: new setting dtmf_handset_phone to disable DTMF tones during call initiation in handset mode
SCPP-3224: Implementation of dtmf_volume setting for all phone types
SCPP-4309: Push2talk now also works when picking up the handset first and then pressing the assigned push2talk function key
SCPP-4709: UaCSTA doesn't report when sip-TO-header differs from the local identity for an incoming call.
SCPP-4723: Using server side call logs should be configurable
SCPP-4784: end all calls tied to an identity on deactivation
SCPP-4905: Hot Desking - Identities have a new setting user_no_auto_logoff which defines that the identity is not deleted during Logoff all. This can be used e.g. for emergency lines.
SCPP-4722: When using server side call logs we should fetch the logs once upon (re-)boot to ensure the icons on 870 are properly shown.
SCPP-4664: Broadsoft: Implementation of the Call Log and Address Book components of the user interface
SCPP-4663: Broadsoft: Implementation of the XSI Protocol stack
SCPP-4661: Broadsoft: XMPP Support for Buddylists and presence
SCPP-4978: Broadsoft/BLF/Call Park Indicator/Call Park Pickup in Buddy List XML Definition
  • XML Buddy key now also signals a parked buddy and allows to retrieve it
Bugfixes Bugfixes

SCPP-5933: Sporadic choppy/corrupt audio on synthesizer tones (ringing, dial tone, ring back tone) in handsfree of 715.
SCPP-5930: Don't play received outband DTMF events.
SCPP-5886: DTMF tones cannot be heard anymore after PIN was edited via PUI.
Sometimes login-wizard went to welcome screen instead of idle.
A couple of models that were arabic-capable did not receive arabic translations.
All call-screens must always have a selectable list.
XML-label was still shown on D7 when key-config was changed to some none-XML configuration.
Mic gain in narrowband handsfree increased for 715.
Don't fetch the same contact specific action URL again if it was already fetched.
7xx phones can toggle DHCP packet type on screen debugging output by hitting ENTER key during DHCP discover phase.
SCPP-5948: Metaswitch: pick-up in combination with shared line does not work
SCPP-5979: Angle brackets in From header causes a malformed From in response
SCPP-5974: RegEx dialplan isn't applied to SIP uri
SCPP-5922: 710/715 can now use all colors of D7.
SCPP-5947: 710/715 scrolling of selectionlist does not work
SCPP-5969: Current ACD-state not fully visible.
SCPP-5980: Loud continious DTMF tone is played out over speaker if star key is pressed twice.
SCPP-5910: Settings_Server field doesn't allow $ parameters anymore
SCPP-5982: Wrong Time/DST Information for some Timezones. Bugfixes

SCPP-5876: Dial tone cannot be heard after transfer key has been pressed
SCPP-5865: USB headsets: mute isn't cleared on the end of a call
SCPP-5862: Headsets Conference: Change devices during a conference doesn't work properly
SCPP-5815: Ringtone plays only once then disappear as incoming call coming during multicast
SCPP-5813: 4-party conference on snom710: only three participants have audio, after a 4-party conference was put on Hold and than got resumed (over Speaker).
SCPP-5854: TR-069 special replacements in ParamMap do not work
SCPP-5188: LLDP-MED - VLAN set up via LLDP is not resetable via PUI
SCPP-5779: Broadsoft: Do no Disturb Ring splash is not working correctly
SCPP-5751: Broadsoft - ACD menu navigation broken
SCPP-5742: Broadsoft - DUT sends initial SUBSCRIBE without host part
SCPP-5741: Broadsoft Shared Line Appearance does not work any more
SCPP-5705: snom720 doesn't support additional format specific parameters
SCPP-5566: First identity can not "Retrieve" mailbox messages, no matter if "active_mailbox" is enabled
SCPP-5389: Broadsoft - DFKS - CFNA ring count not taken into account
SCPP-5855: TR-069 returns cleartext passwords for GetParameterValuesRequests
SCPP-5837: Setting 'filter_registrar' is ignored
SCPP-5797: snom715: Deactivated PC Port is still allowing IP traffic come through
SCPP-5753: Events for key numbers larger than 99 are ignored
SCPP-5745: snom8xx phones show "Expansion modules" entry in display setting page
SCPP-5744: Vision and D7 use same fkey setting range on phone
SCPP-5740: Default settings dont get applied correctly via WUI
SCPP-5566: First identity cannot "Retrieve" mailbox messages, no matter if "active_mailbox" is enabled
SCPP-5389: Broadsoft - DFKS - CFNA ring count not taken into account
SCPP-5858: Snom BT Headset: snom720,760 could not recognise that device (USB) was disconnected
SCPP-5831: Presence monitoring keys behave unexpected
SCPP-5824: Broadsoft: Shared Line visual indicator does not update correctly in multi call scenario
SCPP-5802: XSI - Call Log - DUT sends several XSI Requests for Placed Calls
SCPP-5759: Scrolling menu items cannot be selected properly
SCPP-5751: Broadsoft - ACD menu navigation broken
SCPP-5739: PUI - XMPP Contact List - Wrong Header and Picture/Text in Details misplaced
SCPP-5726: Broadsoft: Phone display does not indicate a restricted number in a call fowarding scenario
SCPP-5698: Wrong submenu displayed in PUI after "Ethernet Detection" is switching to network settings
SCPP-5566: First identity can not "Retrieve" mailbox messages, no matter if "active_mailbox" is enabled
SCPP-5389: Broadsoft - DFKS - CFNA ring count not taken into account
SCPP-5782: Entering a number with letters in the function keys does not automatically add the @host part
SCPP-5389: Broadsoft - DFKS - CFNA ring count not be taken into account
SCPP-5078: Double entries in deny list after changing category type to "None" and deny the next incoming call
SCPP-5759: Scrolling menu items cannot be selected properly Bugfixes

Bug Fix list still in progress. Will be soon available. Bugfixes

SCPP-5053: phone duplicates not supported media type (video) on Re-Invite (Session Timeout)
SCPP-5029: Incorrect REFER causes server based conference to fail with 3CX
SCPP-4902: Invite responded too incorrectly before the ack of 180 ringing that included 100rel
SCPP-4995: Incorrect response to identity-request with blank credentials
SCPP-4873: 302 Moved Temporarily during call
SCPP-4947: RTP - SSRC / Sequence Number not correct
SCPP-4893: Hold fails because of different DTMF paylod types 101<->96
SCPP-5147: No DTMF outband events are send using the snom conference server
SCPP-4683: Broadsoft/BLF does not work anymore with default function key settings
SCPP-4931: Unauthorized for REFER will not be resend if user_moh is being used
SCPP-4961: RegEx dial plan affects also SUBSCRIBE URI
SCPP-4848: DTMF SIP INFO not working in early-media state
SCPP-4836: Wrong DST port is used for voicemail if the registrar is not using the default port 5060
SCPP-4815: PUBLISH contains a body in refresh requests
SCPP-4865: Park Service is shown as Connected Number for forked calls with the same number
SCPP-4926: Phone looses presence subscription after receiving any response code 4xx without expires or expires 0
SCPP-4759: If the registrar is set to use a different port (e.g user_host =, the port is only used for registration but not for INVITEs
SCPP-4758: Phone loses Registration with Astimax
SCPP-4732: OpenSips: Phone does not register due to ignored Expires header, gruu
SCPP-4705: P-Asserted-Identity number part isn't recorded in call history
SCPP-4605: Unable to initiate attended transfer if multiple identities are involved
SCPP-3840: Broadsoft/Timer Support: phone adds required header even when not necessary / not advised
SCPP-3451: Broadsoft: adhoc conferencing not working
SCPP-3672: Broadsoft/BLF: Setting up Contact List Buddy needs Re-Register before working
SCPP-3839: Broadsoft: phone shows HOLD state even when HOLD Request was rejected / Unhold not possible
SCPP-5019: Broadsoft/AOC: phone shows AOC Screen after Call even when not activated
SCPP-5124: MWI indication will be stopped to early
SCPP-5115: Ring tone disappears in certain situations
SCPP-5081: DTMF Tones: missing audio at the beginning of IVR announces (circa one second)
SCPP-5064: Sometimes 821/870 phones are playing disturbing noise on speaker in idle state
SCPP-4987: Call Deflection: Current Call is put on HOLD instead of 2-way-audio while deflecting the other call
SCPP-4984: Call Deflection: Dialtone is played out when deflecting a call
SCPP-4940: disabled cw_dialtone has no effect. Dial tone will always be played when setting a call on hold. (snom 870 only)
SCPP-4920: MWI Indication beeps strange in idle
SCPP-4899: Multicast Paging Play out doesn't work (snom 7xx only)
SCPP-4870: Shared Line Identity plays short "Busy Tone" during first entered digit. Possible "line-seize" authorization issue.
SCPP-4849: Early Media DTMF (RTP Out of Band) does not work with specific tone schemes
SCPP-4823: Directory Ring tones don't work as expected
SCPP-4813: The first DTMF tone is missing during hold when using speaker (snom 710 only)
SCPP-4724: One way audio with G729 codec after selecting one conference participant, pressing OK and then resuming the conference
SCPP-4712: phone sends 711u codec on blind transfer to IMS mobile
SCPP-4711: Muted connected call gets unmuted when another incoming call stops ringing
SCPP-4653: If DTMF keys are pressed very fast in a call, the remote phone sometimes didn't recognize the outband DTMF events correctly.
SCPP-4619: Phone stops receiving multicast after receiving an incoming call via handset
SCPP-4453: Dial tone being played and transfer message blocking screen for some seconds after a successful blind transfer
SCPP-3863: Incoming Call while automatic redial on busy results in ringing tone restart every second
SCPP-3815: pickup_indication doesn't works any more
SCPP-3531: Broadsoft: (Call Center Hold Reminder) Speaker is not ringer device for second incoming call
SCPP-4812: G729 codec choice incorrectly includes annexb=no in SDP
SCPP-5094: TR69: GetParameterNames with NextLevel=1 results in crippled ParameterNames
SCPP-5042: Parammap for all phone types needs to be updated
SCPP-5070: Provisioning sometimes does not work when the network uses STP and static IPs for the phones
SCPP-4992: Provisioning in progress message is not shown during provisioning
SCPP-4842: if DNS fails for some time NTP will not be renewed and registration fails
SCPP-4824: Using the attribute complete="true" in tbook provisioning leads to changing some settings like languages, date format etc.
SCPP-4680: Provisioning via TR-069 (Friendly) is not initialized correctly
SCPP-4710: Display freezes after provisioning failed via timeout (snom 320 only)
SCPP-5110: Jabra Wireless Jabra PRO 9470 doesn't stop ringing on unanswered Inbound Calls
SCPP-4688: Wireless headset Wireless Jabra PRO 920, EMEA doesn't work properly
SCPP-4586: DHSG mode at GN9330 results in delayed audio connection to opposite
SCPP-4181: Wireless headset doesn't work properly, audio is played via handset instead of headset and call is disconnected just press the headset button twice
SCPP-3063: USB Headset Input is not consistent/working with phone (snom 7xx only)
SCPP-5097: Headset: Endless toggling between Headset and Speaker on Plantronics Wireless SAVI W745/A
SCPP-5090: No Audio on Outgoing Calls with Wireless Jabra and Plantronics headsets on snom 7xx
SCPP-4809: When a firmware update fails the phone does not automatically restart (snom 300 only)
SCPP-4811: Enabling Wifi Ethernet Bridge leads to phone being stuck in sending DHCP requests
SCPP-4808: DHCP - PA1 identifies itself as Snom300 (Vendor Class Identifier)
SCPP-4804: DHCP Lease renewal: Phone does not reboot if NACK from server
SCPP-5074: phone forgets VLAN setting if downgrade to firmware version with old VLAN setting format
SCPP-4882: VLAN - Prio not working if ToS is set up
SCPP-2254: ToS Out-Of-Range and no Reboot indication
SCPP-4981: When the 802.1X-Authentication fails on the phone it still boots up but without a working IP address
SCPP-4859: snom 710 doesn't forward EAP packets to the PC port
SCPP-4842: if DNS fails for some time NTP will not be renewed and registration fails
SCPP-4729: Freeze after changing network ID port (snom 820 only)
SCPP-3791: Presence doesn't work after the SIP proxy was down
SCPP-4797: make outgoing call using web GUI from call list doesn't work
SCPP-4822: missing Login box for entering admin_mode in WUI
SCPP-5089: WUI Call Lists - when clearing "Dialled Numbers" from caller lists the whole list from received/missed gets cleared.
SCPP-4875: Switching account details for a SIP identity that first didn't have an outbound proxy to one that does, will fail to send the unregister to the correct IP
SCPP-4847: phone always adds <-- active identity to the name of a number when a contact without a name is added to the directory
SCPP-4641: Spelling mistake in download parameter mapping
SCPP-4552: @IP for Extension Monitoring Call Pickup List URI is not added automatically in the SUBSCRIBE packet as it was in the past.
SCPP-4881: dkey_fkey doesn't work for URL action
SCPP-4734: P-Asserted-Identify information's are not being removed from the contact.htm page
SCPP-4880: RegEx dial plan broken
SCPP-4737: UaCSTA doesn't report redirection when PBX only uses ASSERTED-header to inform the phone
SCPP-4740: Phone does not reboot when a UaCSTA session is the only active call
SCPP-4658: LDAP search in 8.7.x appears slow in comparison with 8.4.x
SCPP-4934: LDAP search with multiple entries shows wrong number on display
SCPP-4715: LDAP number attributes are not applicable for ldap_display_name
SCPP-4802: SnomIPPhoneDirectory: the last entry item is highlighted instead of the first one
SCPP-4432: XML Idle Screen incompletely or incorrectly loaded on reboot
SCPP-4684: XML idle screen flickers every second after a conversation (snom 870 only)
SCPP-4927: No redial function after a call without hanging up phone
SCPP-4739: scroll bar does not highlight the selected ring tone in phone menu
SCPP-4793: Image/Icon for connected call is missing when in a call (snom 760 only)
SCPP-4783: Edit number before call feature is broken
SCPP-4768: Blind (Unattended) Transfer isn't working
SCPP-4794: Really slow responsiveness of the phone after having done several calls
SCPP-4878: Group Call Pickup via Call Monitor does not work
SCPP-4839: Phone restarts after dialling a number from missed call list accessed from Status Information
SCPP-688: Resolving Arabic font issue
SCPP-5142: Local address book matching does not work any longer for direct IP calls
SCPP-5104: Changes to user_ringer via phone menu isn't saved
SCPP-4950: Conference soft key should not auto hide when conferencing setting is not empty
SCPP-4575: goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity not working as expected in ring group scenario
SCPP-4964: Several actions are always applied to connected call instead of waiting call even if waiting call is selected in joined call screen
SCPP-5071: Call Pickup: Wrong LED Behaviour (Ringing, BLF Key instead Line Key)
SCPP-4864: Can't activate call forwarding on 2nd identity via phone menu
SCPP-4751: Status Info screen will not be displayed if key is overwriten with dkey_fkey4
SCPP-4742: user mode not applied after change from admin to user and cold restart of the phone
SCPP-4555: Pressing the speaker key (short press) changes mode from Headset to None every two times, must do it every time
SCPP-5146: Volume state does not time out
SCPP-5080: Parking call blinks up too fast to read on snom 7xx
SCPP-4985: internal directory entry lookup fails when call comes in to identity which is not set as outgoing and partial lookup is enabled
SCPP-4929: phone shows the time instead of the call duration during a call (snom 710 only)
SCPP-4762: editing internal directory entries via phone menu not possible
SCPP-4795: Editing destination SIP URI for push-to-talk in phone menu results in some random number
SCPP-4846: Cannot access Time Zone, Tone Scheme and Language when logon wizard is active
SCPP-4879: Cannot scroll up in Settings and after a while the phone restarts (snom Meetingpoint only)
SCPP-4728: can't dial a number of a call list entry while the detail view is shown
SCPP-3430: Settings value for language and web_language inconsistent (Nederlands/Dutch)
SCPP-4293: Sending a long message to the phone display results in chopped message
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