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Changed Behavior

8.4.35 changed behavior

Action URL
SCPP-3607: Action URL configured with action_disconnected_url is not being fired on call reject any longer. If new setting disconnected_url_on_reject is enabled, action URL for disconnect will be fired in case of rejecting a call.

8.4.34 changed behavior

SCPP-3094: Removed unused setting use_backlight from web page. (backlight and backlight_idle are used now)

8.4.33 changed behavior

CHG: - OID Registration is not a string anymore. It’s an integer. 1 represents true (is registered), 0 is false.

8.4.35 Features

no new features

8.4.34 Features

SCPP-3324: ADD - New setting requested to restore old speaker key behaviour: speaker_toggles_device

8.4.33 Features

SCPP-3029: Do not trigger disconnect Action URL in case of rejecting a call anymore.
SCPP-3072: ADD - New setting sip_stop_subscriptions_on_register_failure to stop subscriptions on registration failure.
SCPP-3099: ADD - Make setting restrict_uri_queries configurable via WUI.

8.4.35 Bugfixes

SCPP-2732: Fixed: Attended transfer by pressing the transfer key twice is not working anymore (snom 300 only)
SCPP-3535: Fixed: Attended transfer on calling is inconsistend across devices
SCPP-3564: Fixed: Cannot create entry in internal address book
SCPP-3422: Fixed: Phone sends 180 Ringing too late, resolved by sending 100 Trying earlier
SCPP-3479: Fixed: Phone reboot on missing SDP m lines
SCPP-3549: Fixed: UPDATE-messages are answered with 500 Server internal error

8.4.34 Bugfixes

SCPP-3054: FIX - Audio: One-way-audio if different codecs from the SDP are being used (MP only)
SCPP-3391: FIX - DTMF stops audio (7xx only)
SCPP-2830: FIX - Multicast Paging: Can't switch between speaker/handset during an active multicast on the destination site
SCPP-3286: FIX - Action URLs for onhook / offhook not always being sent (clear debounce timer for onhook if offhook was pressed)
SCPP-3317: FIX - Not registered identity not longer indicated on display (320)
SCPP-3247: FIX - Right navi key disabled within internal directory (320)
SCPP-3302: FIX - 370: If the display name of the callee is too long the name is cut off and doesn't scroll
SCPP-3310: FIX - Timezone shows ASCII code (snom 320 only)
SCPP-3326: FIX - Virtual Keys / Incoming calls matching wrong directory entries
SPYT-25: FIX - The phone handled too few Vision LEDs (4 on the 821 and 15 on the 870)
SCPP-3397: FIX - ldap_max_hits > 127 causing LDAP lookup requests to fail with 'invalid size limit'
SCPP-1853: FIX - rejecting a call does not send additional "486 Busy Here"
SCPP-3442: FIX - The configuration file for fkeys 'fkey.xml' can not be saved to flash since it is too big if the new XML feature is used. The limit is 75k now, it was 20k.

8.4.33 Bugfixes

SCPP-1312: FIX - SRTCP MAC check
SCPP-1424: FIX - (snom8xx) Auto answer indication is inaudible. Now playing auto-connect-tone in full length.
SCPP-1920: FIX - No more loosing audio when in a call with setting pickup_indication enabled. Setting pickup_indication will only work when there are no calls.
SCPP-2542: FIX - (snom821, snom870) DTMF tones not working while dialing.
SCPP-3098: FIX - (snom821, snom870) Holding reminder audio stuttered.
SCPP-3179: FIX - No audio after releasing from hold.
SCPP-3194: FIX - SRTCP decryption error processing
NONE: FIX - Light line-key (type: extension) after having picked up remote call with it.
SCPP-2912: FIX - Extension Monitoring (RFC4662): Incoming Calls on monitored extensions are not mapped correctly and pickup fails. Made pickup via subscription list work.
SCPP-3074: FIX - (snom8xx) BLF button event HOLD is not working. Line keys of type BUTTON may show on hold when corresponding button is reported to have color hold.
SCPP-1853: FIX - Setting reject_calls_with_603 isn’t working.
SCPP-2417: FIX - Function key features: Bad xml response if clicking an URL button twice. Don’t fetch input URL if nothing was entered.
SCPP-2687: FIX - XML dial plan does not behave as expected. Fixed single digit XML dial plan matches.
SCPP-2765: FIX - LEDs of Fkey type Callagent aren’t updated.
SCPP-2904: FIX - Mute LED does not light up when mute active. Update the LEDs after pressing mute key.
SCPP-2998: FIX - Preselection is dialed immediately when phone goes offhook. Don’t dial preselection immediately.
SCPP-3094: FIX - (snom370) Backlight dim function not longer available. Add active and idle backlight setting.
SCPP-3148: CHG - Adapt behaviour of un-holding first call like in v7.3. Allow line key events during outgoing calls.
SCPP-2586: FIX - Advertise received dscp value if untagged.
SCPP-3039: FIX - Memory leak on handling EAP success/failure responses.
SCPP-1335: FIX - Incorrect packet and octet count in RTCP Sender Report.
SCPP-2951: FIX - RTCP counter information incorrect. Was wrong fraction lost counter due to overrun.
SCPP-1056: FIX - (snom3xx) If the option silence supression is enabled, the phone sends incorrect packets. Increasing sequence number on CNG packets and also add marker at the end of comfort noise.
SCPP-2139: FIX - Setting apply_settings_timeout removed. Saving setting values changed via PUI to flash now always within a second, but setting values changed via WUI have to be applied manually before saved to flash.
SCPP-2274: FIX - Min-Expire-Header not recognized (423 too brief). Automatically reregister once with the Min-Expires value.
SCPP-2953: FIX - REGISTER and INVITE network failures aren’t reported via PUI.
SCPP-2955: FIX - DSCP value on SIP connections is wrong (not shifted).
SCPP-3071: FIX - SIP message re-submits will not be stopped after server BYE. Skipping INVITE retransmissions (e.g. hold) on dialog teardown.
SCPP-3152: FIX - Handle full dialog-info notify even if it is empty.
SCPP-3214: FIX - Reregister with Ressourcelist Subscription via WUI Button was rebooting the phone.
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