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8.4.31 Features

No new features

8.4.30 Features

no new features

8.4.29 Features

no new features

8.4.28 Features

SCPP-2394: Added :Keep from sending too many ACKs to retransmitted 200OKs via new setting ack_repetition_idle_time;
SCPP-2394: Added :Send hold-reinvite AFTER having send ACK via new setting ack_before_reinvite_when_holding;

8.4.27 Features

Added: New setting to ignore sip-asserted-headers (don’t show): ignore_asserted_in_gui

8.4.26 Features

Added: (snom300, snom320) Added new setting always_refresh_both_lines : If enabled, always both (even unchanged) display lines are re-drawed. This may help when display content gets corrupted. (SCPP-2301)
Added: (snom300, snom320) Added new setting reset_display_on_idle : Time in minutes after which the phone resets the display hardware when in state idle. If greater 0, state change to state idle resets display hardware as well. (SCPP-2301)

8.4.25 Features

no new features

8.4.24 Features

Added: (snom8xx) Led control out of minibrowser LED-tag is available now as well. (SCPP-2027)
Added: (snom300) New function key handling in minibrowser. (SCPP-2150)
Added: New identity setting conferencing is added which contains a sip-uri for a conference room. Used by pressing conference keys. (SCPP-1773)
Added: Wireless headset timing is now configurable via new setting headset_cmd_pause.
Added: Accept also guest-voice, softphone-voice, vlan near voice and vlan network policy.
Added: Log Messages of Port ID Subtype and Port Description to have information about on which switchport the phone is plugged in (loglevel 6)!
Added: New setting lldp_asset_id, default value is phone type.
Added: A new setting sip_max_challenges is added to allow multiple challenges to a single phone request. (SCPP-2026)
Added: Certificate Authority Deutsche Telekom AG.
Added: Two new parameters line status and line call state are added. (VOFO-95)
Added: Two new settings http_client_save_credentials and http_proxy_save_credentials are added to be able to save credentials after challenge request. (SCPP-1728)

8.4.23 Features

No features

8.4.22 Features

No features

8.4.21 Features

Added: New setting short_cancel_denies_call with the following meaning: true: short key press of cancel key will deny an incoming call; long press cancels the connected call. false: vice versa.

8.4.20 Features

No Features

8.4.19 Features

Added: (snom300, snom320) Enabled feature of opening local directory record of current call. (SCPP-1897)

8.4.31 Bugfixes

SCPP-1250: Fixed :Dialplan freezes the phone with a rule like: <template match="11" timeout="1" scheme="sip" user="phone" rewrite="4711"/>;
SCPP-1250: Fixed :Rule is not expanded correctly: <template match="30*" timeout="1" scheme="sip" user="phone" rewrite=""/>;
SCPP-1874: Fixed :Name from LDAP lookup no longer displayed during a call
SCPP-2371: Fixed :CFNA (Call Forward No Answer) does not work under certain conditions
SCPP-2405: Fixed :Memory leak when using SnomIPPhoneImageFile
SCPP-2522: Fixed :Provisioning multiple times via Settings refresh timer freezes phone, if web_language value isn't matching available web languages;
SCPP-2315: Fixed :Push to Talk / Intercom doesn't cancel when button is released / cancel pressed; Send provisional response for incoming intercom as well;
SCPP-2489: Fixed :Session Timer Reject 422 leads to invalid SDP connection info; Avoid empty SDP connection address after receiving 422 response
SCPP-2233 :Fixed: If a setting did not exist on the phone type the TR-069 would crash upon SPV on this setting; Special handling for upload_gui and upload_web

8.4.30 Bugfixes

SCPP-2133: Fixed :Avoid empty SDP Connection address after receiving an 302 response
SCPP-2482: Fixed :On tcp/tls check dirty host before connection attempt and packet routing

8.4.29 Bugfix

SCPP-2150: Fixed :OFFHOOK dials xml directory entries on 300
SCPP-2497: Fixed :Phone starts to dial when Minibrowser consumes speedkey;
SCPP-2394: Changed :Keep from sending too many ACKs to retransmitted 200OKs via new setting ack_repetition_idle_time;
SCPP-NONE: Added :New mechanism to fetch unmapped settings from phone;

8.4.28 Bugfix

SCPP-2079: Fixed :Ending audio in connected call when another incoming call cancels ringing;
SCPP-1665: Fixed :Forgot to challenge user after reboot when password is needed to register;
SCPP-2160: Fixed :'Conference' sign (soft key) is missing on snom821;
SCPP-2298: Fixed :When accepting incoming call, end any outgoing ringing call;
SCPP-2308: Fixed :LLDP VLANs over VID 255 are not possible;
SCPP-2476: Fixed :'ntp_server' setting requires reboot;
SCPP-2420: Fixed :Write protected dkey keyevent settings won't be greyed out in web interface due to incorrect HTML coding;

8.4.27 Bugfixes

Fixed: (snom870) The dual-audio-button (Handset+Speaker) was replaced with the regular speaker-button, since it is not fully functional at the moment. (SCPP-2229)
Fixed: (snom870) Suppress ringtone during hold doesn’t work properly. (SCPP-2323)
Fixed: Phone lagged when flash plugin was turned on. We suggest to turn flash off because of the additional load. (SCPP-2336)
Fixed: Audio device turns from headset to speaker on second incoming call. (SCPP-2373)
Fixed: Deny incomming call in state call-completion with call_waiting=off and a call on hold. (SCPP-2392)
Fixed: Phone reboots immediately when identities aren’t registered. The phone does not observe the setting reboot_after_nr. (SCPP-2410)
Fixed: Phone reboots after provisioning was triggered via the settings refresh timer when a "reboot required" settings was changed. The phone did not observe the setting auto_reboot_on_setting_change in this scenario. (SCPP-2415)
Fixed: (snom320) Czech special chars are missing at display. (SCPP-2421)
Fixed: LLDP advertisment for PORT ID subtype. (SCPP-2391)
Added: PUI VLAN reset also resets lldp settings (SCPP-2391)
Fixed: (snom3xx) The ethernet switch blocks IPv6 Router Advertisments to address 33:33:00:00:00:01. (SCPP-2346)
Fixed: (snom870, snom821) WebUI cannot be accessed by devices connected to PC switch port in some VLAN scenarios. (SCPP-2364)
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) Software update is hanging in download progress bar due to slow networks or links going down. (SCPP-2412)
Fixed: Reset does not delete OpenVPN settings files. (SCPP-2334)
Fixed: (snomMP) VPN did not work properly. (SCPP-2244)
Changed: Changed - RTP Payload names are provided using captial letters now. (SCPP-2409)
Fixed: Setting file cannot be provisioned via HTTPS using chunked encoding. (SCPP-2344)
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) Firmware update using URL with userinfo fails. (SCPP-2383)

8.4.26 Bugfixes

Fixed: Phone loads remote language files always during check-sync whether or not it’s specified in check-synced config. Now remote languages are loaded on check-sync if specified in config loaded via check-sync only. (SCPP-2255)
Fixed: (snom300,snom320,snom360,snomPA1) Packet fragmentation is done wrongly. (SCPP-1829, SCPP-1932)
Fixed: Media path and SDP answer with 2 m lines in the SDP offer if RTP/SAVP is mandatory. (SCPP-2304)
Fixed: A bug with DES encryption and padding leads to connection losses. (SCPP-2309)
Fixed: Uploading settings via WUI isn’t working anymore. (SCPP-2337)

8.4.25 Bugfixes

no bug fixes

8.4.24 Bugfix

Fixed: (snom320, snom370) Echo Cancellation isn’t working properly. (SCPP-2167)
Fixed: (snom820) The setting "Send silent RTP packets on mute" (allow_rtp_on_mute) has no effect. (SCPP-2055)
Fixed: (snom821, snom870) DHCP request couldn’t be skipped by pressing CANCEL key.
Changed: (snom360) Don’t clear icons in ringing state if ringing animation is off. (SCPP-2171)
Changed: (snom870) Don’t show speedselect numbering for XML tag SnomIPPhoneText. (SCPP-2192)
Changed: Force repaint of state edit_number after key cancel event. (SCPP-2123)
Fixed: (snom370) Empty title in XML is making greyscale colors much darker on the display. (SCPP-1565)
Fixed: (snom8xx) Display is flickering after pressing keys in special substate of idle named virtual function keys. (SCPP-2106)
Fixed: (snom8xx) Virtual keys: Handle transfer and redirection in case of an incoming call, too. Stop ringing after sucessful forwarding. (SCPP-2105)
Fixed: (snomPA1) Reset button isn’t working.
Fixed: Canceling push2talk isn’t working after key release. (SCPP-2223)
Fixed: Canceling a call while fetching callinfo icons is in progress reboots the phone. (SCPP-2174)
Fixed: Endless loop using minibrowser fetch-tag if fetch returns no XML data. (SCPP-2165)
Fixed: Expansion Module isn’t detecting when huge boot-delay caused by setting max_boot_delay is enabled.
Fixed: Pressing redial after clearing the whole redial list reboots the phone. (SCPP-2183)
Fixed: Setting reboot_after_nr keeps the phone rebooting. (SCPP-2235)
Fixed: State multicast cannot be cancelled by CANCEL key (hard & soft). Configured multicast addresses are listed now. (SCPP-2153)
Fixed: Show LDAP lookup depending on setting number_guessing and prioritise_pbx_number_lookup on outgoing calls. (SCPP-1874)
Fixed: Not all TLV limits are used as written in the standard. Some switches are ignoring those LLDP messages.
Fixed: Each phone is now advertising its correct power consumption in TIA extended power TLV.
Changed: We set an internal limit of 50 characters for the Display name. (SCPP-2170)
Fixed: Caller ID Update via SIP INFO does not work as expected. From and to header out of an INFO message with content-type "message/sipfrag" will be parsed now correctly. (SCPP-635)
Fixed: Expansion Module/BLF makes phone delay, become unresponsive or slow. We added several SIP UDP performance enhancements for subscriptions. (SCPP-2026)
Fixed: Phone doesn’t send unregister before reset settings. Added new setting sip_shutdown_maxtimeout for waiting after SIP shutdown request (sending unregister/unsubscribe) before continuing system shutdown. (SCPP-1585)
Fixed: When the PBX tries to change the Display name, the phone just does not change it. In case of an request we now update the current "from" header with the one of the request message. (SCPP-1407)
Fixed: If certificate has too little elements the phone may get stuck. (SCPP-2091)
Fixed: (snom821/snom870): VLAN port un-/tagging doesn’t work. (SCPP-2231)
Fixed: Video feature not working in some environments. Now waiting for webserver connection close if an HTTP 200 OK contains no Content-Length header. (SCPP-2033)

8.4.23 Bugfixes

No bugfixes

8.4.22 Bugfixes

Fixed: (snom821, snom870) RTP timestamp was reset on outgoing packets at call start and speaker/handset changes. (SCPP-2097)
Fixed: (snom821, snom870) Fixed constant beep and one way audio in conference scenario.
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) Remote DTMF generation via ?key_dtmf= wasn’t working. (SCPP-1438)
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) When using fkey option Speed Dial with a value like;dtmf=1234, the phone doesn’t send DTMF tones after call establishment. (SCPP-1493)
Fixed: OOB DTMF codes A-D and ! (hookflash) weren’t working. (SCPP-1982)
Fixed: (snom300, snom320) Cancelation of conference via on-hook didn’t work. Settings conf_hangup and cancel_conference are combined now on on-hook event. (SCPP-1928)
Fixed: (snom870) Incoming call while connected did disrupt audio of current call. (SCPP-1920)
Fixed: (snom870) CWI didn’t work properly when the phone is showing an input page. Now refreshing the call management list in case of incoming call. (SCPP-2079)
Fixed: Phone PUI language dialog couldn’t be exited by pressing CANCEL. (SCPP-2075)
Fixed: Old behaviour of speed select in XML based lists reintroduced again. Invented new maintag attribute speedselect which can be off, select or enter. (SCPP-2116)
Fixed: Support of server managed forwarding on PUI XML menu was broken. The setting was changed, but the change not reflected in the menu. (SCPP-2098)
Fixed: LDAP lookup was overwriting callerID with wrong number value. (SCPP-2127)
Fixed: LDAP directory was conflicting with setting auto_dial. Thus we invented new setting auto_dial_ldap. Only if auto_dial and auto_dial_ldap is enabled, auto dial will be done in LDAP search, too. (SCPP-2112)
Fixed: ICMP Redirect message was ending call. (SCPP-2110)

8.4.21 Bugfixes

Fixed: (snom3xx) We were loosing audio when no RTP was received for a couple of minutes and the phone was muted. (SCPP-1985)
Fixed: (snom3xx) Volume couldn’t decreased enough. (SCPP-1977)
Changed: Now clearing all call lists when an user is logged off. (SCPP-2018)
Changed: (snom821, snom870) Due to ongoing issues with the dual audio button, we disabled the button for the time being. (SCPP-2082)
Fixed: Phone was leaving settings menu when changing outgoing identity. (SCPP-1988)
Fixed: (snom8xx) Phone couldn’t handle huge photos properly. (SCPP-2010)
Fixed: (snom870) Disabling Blind Transfer (setting disable_blind_transfer) had no effect on transfer soft key. (SCPP-2035)
Fixed: Remapped softkeys (settings dkey_fkeyX) were overwriting Minibrowser defined softkeys. Functionality is now effective in idle screen when minibrowser is not active only. (SCPP-2076)
Fixed: (snom870) When dialing a number from the detailed contact view, the call starts using the handset instead of the casing speaker. (SCPP-2081)
Fixed: (snom300) Slovanian characters were not displayed properly.
Fixed: (snomPA1) Pin control wasn’t working.
Fixed: (snomPA1DP) Keyboard wasn’t working.
Changed: The language index value for Slovenian has been changed to SI and Slovencina is SK again.
Fixed: Call had been disconnected if hold request has been rejected. (SCPP-2087)
Fixed: Phone was sometimes not starting the SW Update even when it was in state idle.

8.4.20 Bugfix

CHANGED: Setting action_received_subscr_notify_url now discards repeated same notifies for better performance.
FIXED: Action URLs were causing a state change when current state uses minibrowser. (SCPP-2005)
FIXED: (snom300, snom320) Phone wasn’t showing display name (realname) in state idle. (SCPP-1991)
FIXED: Phone wasn’t showing local line index for LDAP lookup of incoming calls. (SCPP-1880)
FIXED: (snom360) Status line was sometimes showing overlapped text. (SCPP-1990)
FIXED: Phone was leaving settings menu when changing outgoing identity. (SCPP-1988)
Fixed: Fkey labels were not reset after exiting minibrowser. (SCPP-2009)
Fixed: The setting block_url_dialing no longer inhibits calling numbers that contain * or #.
CHANGED: If predict_text is enabled, only the first six characters will be used for the LDAP lookup to avoid system overload. (SCPP-1996)
FIXED: Stutter keys were not shown during editing the search string. (SCPP-2004)
FIXED: Phone was sometimes rebooting/freezing when updating contact names.
CHANGED: Version of openvpn client updated to 2.1.2.

8.4.19 Bugfix

Fixed: (snom820, snom821) Knocking for 2nd incoming call while connected with 1st call wasn’t working properly. (SCPP-1962)
Fixed: Auto connect indication while using headset wasn’t working properly. (SCPP-1956)
Fixed: (snom300, snom320) It wasn’t possible to dial the first entry when entering internal directory followed by offhook. (SCPP-1901)
Fixed: (snom370) Device wasn’t showing record indication in state conference. (SCPP-1957)
Fixed: It wasn’t possible to escape the password inquiry when user tried to abort reset values in PUI settings menu. (SCPP-1971)
Fixed: Device was accepting wrongly line key events in state calling. (SCPP-1975)
Fixed: In state transfer the phone was changing wrongly the state after posting an action URL. (SCPP-1980)
Fixed: Phone was staying forever in state calling when an outgoing INVITE receives no response at all. (SCPP-1944)
Fixed: Parsing a non XML document with minibrowser could lead to an endless loop. (SCPP-1952)
Fixed: Device wasn’t handling line state on hold correctly when the corresponding line key was pressed. (SCPP-1849)
Fixed: (snom820, snom821) While device was in state connected an incoming call was knocking instead of ringing. (SCPP-1920)
Fixed: (snom300, snom320) Password editing was revealing set password. (SCPP-1930)
Fixed: Device wasn’t using full SIP URI for dialing out of call lists, when username isn’t numeric. (SCPP-1963)
Changed: (snom300, snom320) Only URI without timestamp is shown in call list, when it exceeds display width. (SCPP-1939)
Changed: Don’t use feature of opening local directory record in state holding. (SCPP-1897)
Fixed: (snomPA1, snomPA1DP) Device was losing volume setting.
Fixed: Wasn’t using rport parameter in VIA when only the port has changed. (SCPP-1987)
Fixed: (snom821, snom870, snomVision, snomMP) Software Update using HTTPS scheme was not working. (SCPP-1966)
Fixed: Device was wrongly asking for credentials during logout instead of during login process. (SCPP-1655)
Fixed: Some query strings in the web interface were missing a hidden tag. (SCPP-1831)
Fixed: The setting block_url_dialing wasn’t working while using a webUI page to dial. (SCPP-1666)
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