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8.2.32 Features

No new features

8.2.31 Features

No new features

8.2.30 Features

No new features

8.2.29 Features

No new features

8.2.28 Features

No new features

8.2.27 Features

No new features

8.2.26 Features

No new features

8.2.25 features

XML definition now allows to define a different dial target depending on the fkey-state, see this article.
Added new setting show_clock, which removes date and time from idle screen, if disabled. (SCPP-1263)
Timezone setup wizard now starts out with reduced list of timezones that match the choosen language (snom360, snom820, snomMP).
Letter input via numpad now depends on selected language (defines which special characters to use) but may be overwritten by values of new settings chars_in_…case_on_0..9. (SCPP-528)
Password challenge will disappear automatically when identity registers successfully (eg. if password was provided via WUI). (SCPP-1339)
If set, use the hostname of the phone as the title for the web user interface pages. (SCPP-1366)
Added new action URL which is triggered when a phone receives an attended transfer. (SCPP-1037)
Synchronization now ignores obvious dummy SIP numbers. (SCPP-1388)

8.2.23 Features

  • Allow to mute the ringing of an incoming call with the mute key or a mute function key. (SCPP-937)
  • Via the setting user_admin_mode, you can hide users privacy (call lists, directory) from the administrator. (SCPP-1326)
  • Added setting ignore_missed_calls_on_busy that inhibits the phone to add an incoming call to the missed calls if the user is in dialing state and denies an incoming call.
  • Allow to edit numbers from the call histories before calling them. (SCPP-921)

8.2.22 Features

  • Subscribtions may now define a for and a to attribute. for sets the R-URI, to is for the to-field in the sip-message.
  • Increased speed when rendering idle XML’s with lots of clock-images (snom820).
  • New setting suppress_sip_messages suppresses processing of SIP MESSAGE but replies with 200 OK if enabled.
  • Added new number type attribute.
  • Increased speed when reading XML files.
  • Allowing to enter new XML description of fkeys via web UI as well.
  • Values in dropdown comboboxes for fkey-types and key-events are sorted now alphabetically.

8.2.21 Features

  • Added identity parameter to the dialplan xml which allows to route numbers to a particular identity no matter which identity is currently selcted. (SCPP-195, SCPP-1244)
  • Line LEDS can now change color according to the color-attribute received for those keys defined as buttons (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  • Virtual key state and side screen now use received labels for those keys defined as buttons (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  • Decreased provisioning retry counter from 20 down to 1.
  • Added new setting use_NTLMv2 to disable NTLM V2 authentication which is enabled by default.

8.2.20 Features

  • Pressing a speed dial function key with argument number=incomplete shows the number on the display for further editing rather then dialing it. (SCPP-194)
  • Speed dial now accepts a DTMF sequence that is played once the call has been established. (SCPP-194)
  • A provisioned directory may now entirely replace the current directory instead of just adding to it. Just set attribute complete of the directory-tree to true. (SCPP-940)
  • Provisioned directory entries may now replace old records with the same index. If you don’t want this, don’t provision an index. (SCPP-940)

8.2.19 Features

  • Added new way of provisioning fkeys to represent subscribtion-notifies (see wiki→fkey).
  • Added new setting ignore_dhcp_findings allowing to ignore certain DHCP options provided by DHCP server. (SCPP-1179)

8.2.18 Features

  • Added timezone for United Arab Emirates (Dubai). (SCPP-353)
  • Calculate round trip delay (in ms) to be used in reporting stats.
  • Enhanced VQ-Report.
  • Added support for NTLM V2 authentication.

8.2.17 Features

  • Save (to restore after a reboot) the latest 5 call records of missed, received and dialed call list, respectively.
  • Two action URLs can be configured, for pressing and releasing a key, respectively. (SCPP-1122)
  • Added new setting suppress_ringing_during_hold to enable the ringtone while other calls are on hold. (SCPP-201)
  • Add optional Outbound support. (SCPP-1079)

8.2.16 Features

  • Phones with grafical display may now enter special characters via numpad (snom360, snom370, snom820, snomMP): äáâàçëéêèïíîìöóôòñßüúûù - in edit mode "abc" or "ABC" just press repeatedly the key associated with the base-letter (eg. "1-abc" for ä, á, â, à and ç). (SCPP-528)
  • XML idle screen can now define the statusbar position even for snom370 (just like 360 and 820).
  • OCS: Added support for OCS-presence-only (no voice) identities (Broadsoft/OCS integration) (new settings: user_presence_identity, user_presence_only, user_default_contact_uri).
  • Discard "call monitoring" screen on Cancel key. (SCPP-941)
  • Menu entries are now hideable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings menu_hidden_user and menu_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
  • Internal directory can now be synchronized with certain xcap-servers. (SCPP-1047)
  • Master entries in internal directory may now define a nick-name.
  • Left menu in the snom web UI is now configurable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings leftnav_hidden_user and leftnav_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
  • Added runtime variable $phone_ip to be used with the webclient like triggering action URLs etc.

8.2.32 bugfixes

Enhanced Policy Chaining implementation.

8.2.31 bugfixes

Edit numbers out of call lists fixed on twoline displays. (SCPP-1602)
New setting stutter_timeout defines the time gap between two stutter key presses. (SCPP-1597)
Messages after 70 seconds of ringing had not been acknowledged. (SCPP-1598)
Invalid Policy Chaining implementation. Could cause some send_inform issues as well.
Web client requests may stay open in an authorization scenario. (SCPP-1556)

8.2.30 bugfixes

Use only hostname for dns query. (SCPP-1572)

8.2.29 bugfixes

When pressing a blinking line key of a second incoming call, instead of displaying edit number, the call gets connected now. (SCPP-1563)
Fixed crash from going to conference after disconnecting a third single connection. (SCPP-1562)
Disable monitor key "calls" for non-graphical display (snom320). (SCPP-1561)
Setting "block url dialing" works now (snom300). (SCPP-1560)
Minimize polling of directory after failure due to to huge remote directory.

8.2.28 bugfixes

SIP/PUI: INVITE with "inactive" doesn't disable the display. (SCPP-1550)

fixed buffer overflow protection (SCPP-1545)
Fixes erratic broken redial.
HTTP Client
Do not cut HTTP Content-Length header if the attachment is empty.
Do not write VLAN-specific settings into uBoot environment on factory reset.

8.2.27 bugfixes

Fixed a one-way audio scenario.
Call flow optimization. (SCPP-1428)
Stop dangling web client request after a timeout and allow just 64 open requests in parallel.
rejecting directories that don't fit the phone.

8.2.26 bugfix

Due to a bug report the following changes in 8.2.25 were undone:

u-boot is setting up VLAN specific when the switch registers in order to not disturb a PC connected to the 2nd switch port (PC port) while the phone starts
made sure that the port VLAN un-/tagging is initialized right before the properties for the ports are set


If setting offhook_dial_prompt is off, speaker key is fixed in idle mode after off-/onhook. (SCPP-1371)
Suppress DMTF during call deflection. (SCPP-1459)
Fixed OCS conference audio distortion (snom820). (SCPP-1373)
The CSTA Response message had an invalid syntax and generated warnings in XML DOM Parser. (SCPP-1370)
Empty calling device will use the current active line now. (SCPP-1427)
A lease time above 29bit (ca. 17 years) is treated as infinity.
Conference button was not correctly toggling conference on and off. (SCPP-1352)
Don’t cover wrong time and date anymore when NTP failed. Show system time in every case. (SCPP-1380)
Fixed a bug that added ghost characters behind the cursor when edited string contained several special characters (snom320).
Hebrew was not working in big font as well (snom370).
Fixing OFFHOOK when in virtual key state (snom820).
Fixing capital special character spacing. (SCPP-1436)
Fixing letter input for dialing when coming from directory. (SCPP-1435)
Help page pointing to web user interface now uses correct URL scheme and adds even the port if differs from 80 (SCPP-1305).
Setting contrast via dummy web userinterface page, the contrast was not applied to the display. (SCPP-1377)
Making ONHOOK count when in virtual key state and wanting to cancel own outgoing call. (SCPP-1433)
Minibrowser text and menu rendering wasn’t working on two line displays (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1461)
Fixed error shown on minibrowser triggered settings save. (SCPP-1456)
Added new setting transfer_on_hangup_non_pots to have no POTS behavior for using transfer on hangup. (SCPP-1451)
No longer ignoring ONHOOK when showing virtual keys. (SCPP-1361)
Playing ringer on login page fixed. (SCPP-1386)
Setting dim_timer is available for all phones except snom360 now.
The outgoing identity will be changed if an identity will be removed in phonemenu and it was selected as the current ougoing line. (SCPP-1450)
Fetch an URL if set in SoftkeyItem tag. (SCPP-1478)
Up-/Down key will work in minibrowser as well (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1477)
Fixing displaying of hebrew characters. (SCPP-1442)
Made sure that ethernet port VLAN un-/tagging is initialized once in bootloader and stays like it while the whole system is starting up. This is important for a PC connected to the 2nd switch port (PC port) in order to not disturb the network connection while the phone starts (snom300, snom320, snom360, snom370). Is available with u-Boot version 1.1.3-v.
Increased provisioning retry counter from 1 to 5.
BYE is now encrypted if in SRTCP. Also fixed BYE length. (SCPP-1333)
Fixed RTCP in conference mode (including SRTCP). (SCPP-1311)
It is not possible anymore to provision the setting firmware_version. (SCPP-845)
Reregister was failing if line settings were changed in background via provisioning. (SCPP-1462)
Made sure that the setting value of ntp_refresh_timer is set between 60 seconds and max signed int, which is around 9 hours.
Setting time_24_format defaults to on now. (SCPP-1343)
Apply dialplan on reveived/missed calls. (SCPP-141)
Added hold inactive/sendonly option. (SCPP-812)
Do not get any stats for connections without RTP stream, e.g. MoH delivery. (SCPP-1357)
Don’t show anonymous if Privacy=id but P-Asserted-Identity is set. (SCPP-585)
Filter invalid packets no matter if they have a known Call-ID or not. (SCPP-1368)
Fixed negative expire timers after reregister and other subscription bugs. (SCPP-1430)
Fixing crash when unholding a party which we had connected to a MOH-Server. (SCPP-1350)
Added new setting sdp_version_check used for switching the DSP version check. (SCPP-1429)
No longer ignoring contact-field in subscription notifies. (SCPP-1431)
SDP Session-Attribute "a=" was not handled.
Send another ACK if we receive a second 2xx. (SCPP-832)
Fixed missing Eventlist Resubscribe on Notify indicating Subscription Terminated from Broadsoft. (SCPP-601)
Limiting space available for sort-criteria so that one sees which number will be dialed (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1363)
Showing best string to identify an identity (eg. the display name) instead of (Identity 1, …) (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1363)
Changing of sort order works again. (SCPP-1363)
Fixed nick name handling when adding a sub number to a single entry. (SCPP-1388)
Fixed that multi numbered records always claimed to have active identity set. (SCPP-1363)
Fixing provisioning. (SCPP-1391)
Huge file uploads with watchdog enabled no longer restart the phone. (SCPP-1409)
Removed bug that caused XCAP XML to loose contacts. (SCPP-1388)
Stop temporary creation of locally deleted directory records when they are found in XML from XCAP server. (SCPP-1388)
Action GetParameterValues on Device. failed (snom300).
Create correct encoded proxy update URL (snom820, snomMP). (SCPP-1397)
Fixed showing photos from persons that have special characters in their name. (SCPP-1334)

8.2.24 Bugfix

  • When going to idle state, onhook command is now send to headset as well. (SCPP-432)
  • Retry DNS resolving several times also during provisioning. (SCPP-1316)
  • Press CANCEL key during number guessing will display the current input only, so you may dial this number (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1338)
  • Solved cold boot hang issue (snom3xx). Bootup may last longer, but is more reliable.
  • Attended transfer was not working properly when using SRTP and G726-32.
  • Fixed crash on denying incoming call. (SCPP-163)
  • Webclient needs encoded URL credentials and path (snom8xx). (SCPP-1243)

8.2.23 Bugfix

  • Added setting mc_output_device to play PA media via speaker or headset. (SCPP-1264)
  • Restore original media stream if REFER initiated INVITE failed. (SCPP-1288)
  • Exit minibrowser when XML contains nothing usefull to display. (SCPP-892)
  • Made directory details of call partner accessible in ringing and calling screens (press directory button). (SCPP-1310)
  • Refresh display after changing setting Text Only Display on Soft Keys. (SCPP-1301)
  • Refresh fkeys in idle XML screen. (SCPP-1280)
  • Subscribe to those keys only, that are available. Ignore subscriptions for keys on extension keypads that are not plugged in. (SCPP-716)
  • Fixing first-digit LDAP lookup bug (SCPP-1041).
  • If no LDAP result entry was selected and dialing is started, phone shows enter number prompt. (SCPP-1306)
  • Removed global ringer setting ring_sound which is redundant and confusing as the ringer is taken from the line dependent setting user_ringer. (SCPP-1318)
  • Discard 401 challenge to REGISTER if call id is unknown.
  • Fixed handling of ringing/knocking call if all conference members hooked on. (SCPP-552)
  • Message retrieve was not properly working with 3CX. (SCPP-1307)

8.2.22 Bugfix

  • OCS: Fixed audio reception when using conferencing (snom820).
  • DTMF send improvements (snomMP). (SCPP-1273)
  • Apply dialplan when dialing missed or received records that only consist out of an URL (without display name). (SCPP-1284)
  • Fixed transparency handling for idle XML images (snom820).
  • After attended transfer, display shows state connected and no longer state onhold. (SCPP-1272)
  • Call forwarding set for a local identity will work with Asterisk now. (SCPP-1278)
  • Edit enums fixed. Scrolling to left is possible now (snom320). (SCPP-1267)
  • If keyboard lock is on, reset already typed in number if a digit is entered that do not match any emergeny number. (SCPP-1253)
  • Send busy when CWI is off, but not in general if phone is in state conference. (SCPP-1276)
  • Fixed feature of saving latest call records to flash: when list was full, new records were not saved. Bug resulted in only saving the oldest records.
  • Fixed fkeys provisioning via xml-subtrees which did not send out subscribtions.
  • Fixing how number guessing handles directory search (was still version 7 style that didn’t know of new directory attributes and multi-number records).
  • Fixed proper random seed generation (snom820, snomMP).
  • OCS: Presence subscription was not refreshed when contact list changed.
  • Fixed RE dialplan: Back reference to non-existing group may have produced junk, because previously captured groups were not cleared properly.
  • When an INVITE had been send out and a connection was established before (e.g. start hold) the DTMF payload type was used from the old connection. Now, the payload type is taken from the settings.
  • Allow to enter numbers with + via web UI.
  • Fixed synchronization with XCAP server.
  • Don’t ask for password during logout. (SCPP-1277)
  • Fixed switching between dropdown combobox and plain text field for pkeys (snom820).
  • Some early log messages were missing, as the loglevel was set too late.
  • An keyevent like can be set up again via web UI. (SCPP-1266)

8.2.21 Bugfix

  • DTMF keytones while dialing were not working. Now they are working in handset mode. Currently, we cannot support playing them in speaker mode as well (snom820). (SCPP-1159)
  • Virtual key state now correctly colors keys defined as buttons (activity and pickup color) (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  • Changed timezone for Korea from +8 to +9. (SCPP-1260)
  • Don’t process backspace if edit type is enum (sort options). (SCPP-1251)
  • Handle transfer hard key in state calling. (SCPP-1237)
  • Show holding or held-by members in conference. (SCPP-1103)
  • Show correct positioned SMS message on screen. (SCPP-557)
  • Call-Pick Up was not properly working. (SCPP-1238)
  • Saved more than 50% of parsing time by using new XML parser features.
  • Fixed indexing of buttons. (SCPP-804)
  • Improved performance due to avoiding unused messages. (SCPP-1227)
  • Write empty passwords instead of stars as password setting value. (SCPP-463)
  • Fixed session timer refresh with SIP Update method. (SCPP-1219)
  • On register responses select own contact with the help of optional instance id’s. (SCPP-1247)
  • Use display name of P-Asserted-Identity header uri’s on SIP responses. (SCPP-1189)
  • OCS: ICE negotiation blocked early media. (SCPP-1016)

8.2.20 Bugfix

  • Conferencing was unusable.
  • Call recording enabled again.
  • Fixed sticky photo bug (snom370). (SCPP-286)
  • Refresh XML idle screen when XML url has changed. (SCPP-936)
  • Delete related fkey settings of removed identity as well. (SCPP-442)
  • Going off hook with wireless headset will now take setting preselection_nr into account as well, like handset already does. (SCPP-248)
  • Setting up WIFI credentials was not working properly (snom820).

8.2.19 Bugfix

  • Fixed Auto Answer Indication (snomMP). (SCPP-1026)
  • Fixed listening to multicast streaming (snomMP). (SCPP-1185)
  • Reenabled missing call release notification when a call had been terminated even if setting release_sound was set to on. release_sound distinguishes now between on, off and off_when_terminating_calls. Replaced radio button with drop down on the web interface page. (SCPP-1006)
  • Deletion of single sub-numbers of multi-number directory record now possible. (SCPP-1192)
  • Don’t resend ring command if phone is already ringing even if there is more than one incomming call. (SCPP-972)
  • Indicate new voice-message via message-LED even during calls.
  • Digit input in idle state fixed. It’s possible to enter numbers or select an entry out of the add-menu with speeddial (snomMP). (SCPP-1216)
  • Pressing Record key in conference state terminates the recording line. (SCPP-1220)
  • Virtual key name lookup is working with full URIs. (SCPP-1094)
  • OCS states now available for fkeys (in virtual key-view and snom820 side screen) (snom820, snom870). (SCPP-1177)

8.2.18 Bugfix

  • Switch to speaker mode after going on hook in the states edit number or connected. (SCPP-988)
  • Codec type and TX-RX stats could not be displayed anymore during call at the display. (SCPP-1206)
  • Accept incoming calls with line keys in state conference. (SCPP-1131)
  • Accept transfer key in state transfer. (SCPP-798)
  • Add URI in calling lists even if registrar contains parameter. (SCPP-1039)
  • Clean paint area for title (snom370). (SCPP-1191)
  • Don’t handle key event F_LOGOFF_ALL if a line is connected or on hold. (SCPP-1203)
  • Handle the programmable keys in state settings as well. (SCPP-293)
  • Long numbers fit now into display (snom360). (SCPP-843)
  • New handling for incoming calls during conference (snomMP). (SCPP-753)
  • Added new setting transfer_on_hangup_with_starcode to allow transfering calls on hangup if one call was picked up with PBX starcode. (SCPP-906)
  • Added new setting dialnumber_us_format to switch off the U.S. dialnumber format. (SCPP-620)
  • No blinking status line if MWI is on (mailbox message received). State MWI is now matching snomMP style. (SCPP-1027)
  • Setting Use Speaker Key to Receive Calls is valid for headsetkey too now. (SCPP-1154)
  • Switch to state edit number if we got a 484 INCOMPLETE during overlap dialing. (SCPP-950)
  • Fixed memory leak when loading remote images (snom820). (SCPP-839)
  • Write settings again to flash filesystem when change was made via webUI.
  • Fixed sending inband DTMF (snom820). (SCPP-1150)
  • Call was sometimes not released properly. (SCPP-1207)
  • OCS: Don’t send any SUBSCRIBE or SERVICE requests while NTLM negotiation is in progress.
  • OCS: Limit number of presence subscriptions to those displayed or on a key.
  • OCS: Reregister as soon as SA expires.
  • OCS: Reset the TCP connection when the SA expires and reregister immediately.
  • Block TR69 authentication attempt for one minute when authentication has failed 5 times in series. (Sending 403 Forbidden instead.)
  • Intercept race conditions caused by the ACS if too many requests come in.

8.2.17 Bugfix

  • Fixed headset from ringing only once per incomming call to now every 3 seconds. (SCPP-416)
  • Fixed multicast handling (snom820). (SCPP-1075)
  • Fixed handling of huge and infinitive lease times. (SCPP-1173)
  • Don’t dial last LDAP result if number has changed and no LDAP result was found (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1120)
  • Close "call stats" dialog if call is incoming. No call stats shown in state conference. (SCPP-1105)
  • Configured function keys work now in every state, if not set to type "Key Event". (SCPP-931)
  • Custom ring melodies above 300kb will be ignored. (SCPP-891)
  • Fixed using LDAP out of contact pool. (SCPP-1169)
  • Navigation keys actived for selecting entry out of LDAP search results in state edit number (snomMP). (SCPP-1145)
  • MWI changes to normal dialtone independently of GUI state. (SCPP-510)
  • Playing "Internal Ringer" set by preferences webpage if alert-info is set. (SCPP-1058)
  • Playing ringer of current line from webinterface. (SCPP-1019)
  • Redefined CANCEL key when user is asked whether he wants to use DHCP or not. Instead of switching DHCP off, the user is transferred back to the main settings. (SCPP-1181)
  • Repaired loss of internal adress book. (SCPP-1135)
  • Show call duration time (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1138)
  • Show cursor in LDAP during editing search string only. (SCPP-670)
  • Transfer in state conference is now handled as in state connected. (SCPP-872)
  • Use solid backgound image for softkeys if setting text_softkey is enabled. (SCPP-871)
  • Not accepting content that is so huge that it could crash the phone. (SCPP-891)
  • TLS connections now also work when using an HTTP proxy. (SCPP-1047)
  • If the provisioning location was specified without scheme, skip the generated HTTP urls if one of the phone generated TFTP urls were successful. (SCPP-1008)
  • Limit writing settings to flash filesystem to a minimum. Just write after provisioning and right before reboot in order to get the phone freezing cured (new setting apply_settings_timeout can enable the old behavior again by setting it to 20; it is set to zero by default).
  • OCS: Stale SA caused phone to lose registration. (SCPP-1160)
  • TFTP client supports now subdirectories. (SCPP-477)
  • Save persistent data even on firmware update. (SCPP-1133)
  • Switch based port tagging was not working (snom820). (SCPP-1148)
  • Removed obsolete "Trusted Certificates" webpage. (SCPP-1129)

8.2.16 Bugfix

  • Add DSCP/TOS on RTP streams (snomMP). (SCPP-1092)
  • Fixed conference (one way audio in one leg) when one party was on GSM and the other on G.711u on asterisk (snom3x0). (SCPP-1113)
  • Volume down key interfered with a 1633 Hz DTMF tone.
  • Fixed duplicate pickup information in call pickup screen. (SCPP-1102)
  • Go offhook with wireless headset will dial number out of internal or LDAP directory. (SCPP-1072)
  • Added new setting cancel_conference to allow pressing Cancel key to disconnect all conference members. (SCPP-1069)
  • OCS: Contact list groups can not be switched (snomMP). (SCPP-1035)
  • Picking up a second call with speaker button wasn’t working.
  • Text scrolling wasn’t working properly (snom370). (SCPP-1060)
  • The edit button did not work, when creating a new entry in the directory.
  • MWI LED has to blink in all states.
  • OCS: Remove "Reboot warning" when setting up OCS account. (SCPP-1014)
  • OCS: Removed G.723 codec from default initialization in OCS edition (snom820).
  • OCS: Phone should not attempt to reregister as long as password prompt is active. (SCPP-1009)
  • Answering a call was failing and log said: "Failed to allocate any local SIP port!". (SCPP-1042)
  • Resubcriptions sometimes had an non-empty body.
  • Reregister asap if TCP/TLS register connection goes down. (SCPP-1109)
  • The webclient re-initiates a handshake when handling a challenge. It will never try to use an existing connection anymore.
  • Firmware update wasn’t using HTTP proxy when specified.
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