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8.2.11 Features

No new features

8.2.10 Features

  • Call Agent ACD State Synchronization (SCPP-854)

8.2.9 Features

  • LDAP lookup when dialing a number now starts only when the typed in number has as many digits as defined with setting guess_start_length.
  • 820 now opens virtual key state automatically on activity, setting allowing that is on by default.

8.2.8 Features

8.2.7 Features

  • Added support for version 6 audio coefficients (snom3xx). Selecting the new room type "v6" leads to same volume behaviour as in version 6 releaeses. (SCPP-889)
  • Added support for options 132 vlan_id (802.1q) and 133 vlan_qos (802.1p). They can even be tunneled via option 43. (SCPP-859)
  • Added OCS support for presence key. (SCPP-641)
  • Minibrowser can now be invoked using HTTP. (SCPP-238)
  • Minibrowser pages can now trigger LEDs. (SCPP-240)
  • Text prediction based search on LDAP directory. (SCPP-409)
  • Transfer on onhook is now available for blind transfer, too. (SCPP-810)
  • Added additional STUN requests (RTPv0) in the beginning of a call for server type Teles. (SCPP-671)
  • Added OID to show CPU load average of last 1min., 5min. and 15min.
  • Added OID to show used, free, cached, lid (phone lowlevel app.) and lcs (phone highlevel app.) memory usage.
  • Added OID to show application uptime.
  • Added OID to show the number of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Added OID to show the number of open connections.
  • Added OID to show the number of timeouts running.
  • Added OID to show the number of active subscriptions.
  • OCS: The User-Agent header now includes information whether the software type is OCS or not.
  • Added intermediate certificate phone2 that signs the phone certificate. The SSL certificate message encapsulates both certificates.
  • Added support of keys up to 4096 bits in size (client and server side).
  • One can upload and replace files in bmp (snom370-VPN, snom820) and html (snom370-VPN, snom820, snomMP) directories. (SCPP-873)
  • Removed second pair of HTTP user/pwd credentials for standard user. adminmode/admin_mode_pass is enough.(SCPP-679)

8.2.6 Features

No new features

8.2.5 Features

No new features

8.2.4 Features

  • LDAP result sets are sorted now. (SCPP-747)
  • VQM reporting is no longer restricted to MetaSwitch server type anymore.
  • To reduce memory wasting for SIP trace and system log we added a new setting sip_tracing to be able to switch off SIP tracing at all as well as the new loglevel -1 to switch off logging. (SCPP-779)

8.2.3 Features

  • Added Hungarian language support.
  • Enbabled EHS support (snom300). (SCPP-612)

8.2.2 Features

  • Securing communiction with random message id. New CSTA messages for set and get settings, xml push and firewall test. (SCPP-648)
  • Added option for very fast LED blink rate on ringing (new setting blink_very_fast).
  • Added keyboard lock after timeout (new setting keyboard_lock_timeout). (SCPP-676)
  • Enhanced language support for Portugues and Hebrew.
  • Added language support for Estonian and Hungarian.
  • On challenged web client requests, user gets asked for username and password at the display. This may be used to login a phone user. (SCPP-699)
  • Phone can now upload files into tmpfs and replay them as MOH. (SCPP-696)
  • Parameters like "$ip_addr" as part of the URL stored in for example setting_server are replaced with it's values before the URL is used for provisioning requests. This is the same syntax like for the Action URLs. (SCPP-698)
  • Show login page after logout. (SCPP-678)

8.2.11 Bugfix

  • send DFKS subscriptions due to state transitions only to the active line
  • Number guessing minimum lenght will work only in state edit number in numeric edit mode.(SCPP-1030)

8.2.10 Bugfix

  • Device Feature Key Sync did not correctly handle Forward Events.
  • Crash when downgrading (or upgr.) to firmware versions with smaller size limit (maximum number of entries).

8.2.9 Bugfix

  • Fixed no ringing and no dial tone problem after opening a new call while holding the old one with the function key (in non G.711 codec call).

8.2.8 Bugfix

  • Fixed phone ringer silence on subsequent calls after using non G.711 codec in a call (snom3xx).
  • Fixed G.726 bad audio problem (snom3xx).
  • Fixed dimming timer setting dim_timer for snom820 backlight. (SCPP-332)
  • Added more flexible way of configuring IPv6 gateway.
  • Call Pickup did not work with multiple registrations. (SCPP-991)

8.2.7 Bugfix

  • Added standard Italian dialtone. (SCPP-697)
  • Fixed one way audio after ca. 10 minutes with SRTP (snomMP). (SCPP-866)
  • Fixed DTMF on/off switching issue with SRTP. (SCPP-880)
  • Added support for controlling microphone volume (snom820). (SCPP-681)
  • Fixed microphone muting during conferencing (snom820). (SCPP-255)
  • Acording to RFC, lease timer handles now 32bit wide timeouts in seconds. (SCPP-867)
  • Lease renew request wasn't RFC compliant. (SCPP-946)
  • General performance improvements and memory usage optimizations which fixed freezing behaviour as well. (SCPP-669, SCPP-838, SCPP-905)
  • Added display names and presence state information to contact list. (SCPP-879)
  • Dialing from web interface may create invalid URLs with some OCS dial plans. (SCPP-732)
  • No delay after key press in minibrowser. (SCPP-794)
  • Fixed transfer issue with no destination number. (SCPP-849)
  • Onhook will cancel call even if phone is in minibrowser state. (SCPP-751)
  • Restart keyboard lock timer after unlock. Apply keyboard lock settings from webUI. (SCPP-887)
  • Transfer key will work in state holding as well (snom300). (SCPP-935)
  • Transfer on onhook now works with picked up calls as well. (SCPP-632)
  • Update display if Detect Ethernet Cable Unplug is switched off. (SCPP-944)
  • Store missed call in caller list even when DND is active. (SCPP-938)
  • "Enhanced" data returned from LDAP were interfering with dial plan. (SCPP-842)
  • Display method setting will be applied and not only stored when coming in with a check-sync. (SCPP-619)
  • Only 4 identities are valid for snom300. Handle even old setting file with 12 identities without hanging. (SCPP-772)
  • The "!" setting flag wasn't working if user was changing a setting value back to default. (SCPP-890)
  • OCS: Redirect on REGISTER failed. (SCPP-901)
  • OCS: Attended transfer fails in certain scenarios. (SCPP-916)
  • OCS: Calling a phone makes user Available. (SCPP-913)
  • OCS: Dialplan conversion should drop blanks from pattern. (SCPP-912)
  • OCS: No Audio when both ends select TURN candidate. (SCPP-957)
  • OCS: Only first Identity goes back to Available, others stay Away. (SCPP-862)
  • Preference field in NAPTR record was misinterpreted as a weighting factor. (SCPP-945)
  • Stale nonce indication was not handled. Now phone evaluates the "stale" parameter in the WWW-Authenticate header. If it is set to true, phone will retry with the same credentials. (SCPP-930)
  • Contact address was not refreshed on re-SUBSCRIBE. (SCPP-923)
  • Fixed dirty host cache entries invoked by incoming ICMP packets (SCPP-895) and by UDP request timeout (SCPP-899). A phone using Proxy Failover due to dns naptr and with dirty host ttl configured adds now the failed server to the dirty host cache.
  • Fixed subscription if subscription target got new contact due to reboot. (SCPP-846)
  • Fixed a couple of Device Feature Key Synchronization Issues. (SCPP-271)
  • The index of a button message now addresses the parameter of a button function key rather than the number of the fkey. (SCPP-782)
  • Firmware update via HTTP(S) with credentials wasn't working (snom820, snomMP). (SCPP-918)
  • Provisionend firmware updates were not starting sometimes. (snom820, snomMP). (SCPP-922)
  • Made improvements to OCS Account Wizard. (SCPP-410)
  • HTTP proxy support of web client wasn't working properly (SCPP-542). Added new settings for HTTP proxy credentials: http_proxy_user, http_proxy_pass.
  • Show LCS Uptime and system load average on info.htm. (SCPP-396)
  • Show logout button even if setting ignore_security_warning is off.
  • Moved logout button to the left.
  • Showing logged out page after logging out. (SCPP-888)
  • WIFI Wasn't working properly for certain essids (snom820). (SCPP-840)

8.2.6 Bugfix

  • Fixed G.729 distorted audio and one way audio problems (snom3x0).
  • Decreasing Volume during call does not generate a sound anymore (snom820). (SCPP-752)
  • Clear area of status line for XML idle screen at given position else at default position (snom360, snom370). (SCPP-815)
  • Set edit mode to numeric for editing numbers if no text to be edited is already set. (SCPP-746)
  • Don't save passwords in exported settings files. Accept empty admin password after reading setting file. (SCPP-823)
  • Could not take call off hold when Shared Line is active identity. (SCPP-445)
  • Don't set mute after deflection to off. If deflection feature is disabled, transfer key does nothing. (SCPP-825)
  • Function "Play ringer remotely" was playing the ringer of identity X, but not the ringer X. (SCPP-811)
  • Stale 401 should be ignored. (SCPP-708)

8.2.5 Bugfix

  • Timezone setting: UP/Down key selects next timezone. Right/left key selects the next timezone group (one hour +/-) (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-781)
  • Don't scroll to next identity if an other than the current one was removed. (SCPP-816)
  • Enable audio device change from speaker to headset in holding state (snom300). (SCPP-674)
  • Authorization headers were appended endlessly to REGISTER messages when authorization scheme was not NTLM. (SCPP-783 rework)
  • Scroll to next identity if current identity was removed or show logon wizard if all identities were removed. (SCPP-621)
  • Aborting transfer if phone goes onhook. Send Re-INVITE and switch audio to speaker. (SCPP-667)
  • Call deflection was not working when destination was taken from a list such as dialed number or contacts. (SCPP-797)
  • Fixed G.726 bad audio quality. Added the RFC3551 byte packing order for G.726 codec (new line setting user_g726_packing_order). (SCPP-785)
  • 400 class response to a REFER was not handled. (SCPP-792)

8.2.4 Bugfix

  • If a call out of holding state is terminated goto terminate state first (e.g. play signal). (SCPP-757)
  • Phone did not always send out a SIP line seize message when function keys are configured as buttons. (SCPP-723, SCPP-756)
  • Fixed on/off switching of setting flood_tracing. (SCPP-779)
  • Accept KEY=TRANSFER also on snom300. (SCPP-764)
  • Fixed issue with remote RTP address update due to ICE (snomMP).(SCPP-749)
  • Call duration longer than an hour will be displayed with an h at it's end. (SCPP-767)

8.2.3 Bugfix

  • If the number of missed calls was greater than 9 the number was displayed backwards. (SCPP-740)
  • Use big font size in edit mode if Hebrew character mode is switched off (we do not support big Hebrew characters yet). (SCPP-738)
  • When one pressed the volume keys and used the soft keys to change the volume and you return to the idle screen, calls were canceled. (SCPP-737)
  • Fixed a couple of Hebrew display bugs.
  • Fixed issues which occured in edit mode.
  • Changed default character modes in the address book and in edit mode.
  • New softkey contactpool in states edit_number, transfer and hold to have quick access to all directories and call lists. (SCPP-728)
  • Fixed display of History-Info header. (SCPP-726)
  • The ext parameter was being removed from a tel URI by dial plan processing. (SCPP-595)
  • Show history-info (snom820). (SCPP-727)
  • Added more memory bins to avoid memory waste and increase memory usage efficiency. (SCPP-396)
  • Voice Quality Report (MetaSwitch) included wrong start time value.
  • VQM stats enabled again, they were temporarily removed before.
  • Fixed issue with no network connection at all (snom370). (SCPP-735)
  • Don't save magic password (consists out of asterisks) if http password is empty. (SCPP-741)

8.2.2 Bugfix

  • Fixed bug in word-wrapping routine (snom820).
  • Fixed entering password with multi-byte characters.
  • DTMF duration fixed for SIP-INFO. (SCPP-609)
  • Audio device icon fixed in holding state (snom370). (SCPP-508)
  • There was no functionality available for fkeys in holding state (snom320). (SCPP-677)
  • There was still an animation icon shown if ringer animation was disabled (snom820). (SCPP-694)
  • Extension key inoperative on shared line, when phone is off-hook. (SCPP-628)
  • Changing GUI language wasn't affecting soft key texts. (SCPP-704)
  • If a list of pickup calls appeared on the display and you choose one to pick up, the first call that came in was taken always.
  • GRUU contact header was enclosed in quotes. (SCPP-451)
  • Call pickup did not work correctly if display name was sent by the server.
  • Phone wasn't booting up if SIP OPTIONS messages were sent to it during boot up (snom820). (SCPP-702)
  • NTLM authentication failed when display name in From header contains a comma. (SCPP-651)
  • SIP UDP src port and sip port encoded in sip message is now equal (snom370). (SCPP-484)
  • Intercom feature signaled via "interkom=true" has been disabled. (SCPP-701)
  • Multicast paging was not working reliably (snom3x0). (SCPP-226)
  • Images of CANCEL, TICK and NAVI key are shown in 3xx style now on function key page (snom3x0). (SCPP-666)
  • Key events list of fast and line keys will offer CONFERENCE and RECORDING on function key page for 3x0 phones too (snom3x0). (SCPP-675)
  • Requeueing of failed provisioning URL was shortening the URL by one character on each attempt.
  • 0 is no valid vlan id, vlan init is ignoring it now. (SCPP-683)
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