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SCPP-5130: WLAN - Support for 802.11N
SCPP-4585: Certificate Based Network Authentication (802.1x)
SCPP-5118: Implement handling of different headset types
SCPP-2338: new setting dtmf_handset_phone to disable DTMF tones during call initiation in handset mode
SCPP-3224: Implementation of dtmf_volume setting for all phone types
SCPP-4309: Push2talk now also works when picking up the handset first and then pressing the assigned push2talk function key
SCPP-4709: UaCSTA doesn't report when sip-TO-header differs from the local identity for an incoming call.
SCPP-4723: Using server side call logs should be configurable
SCPP-4784: end all calls tied to an identity on deactivation
SCPP-4905: Hot Desking - Identities have a new setting user_no_auto_logoff which defines that the identity is not deleted during Logoff all. This can be used e.g. for emergency lines.
SCPP-4722: When using server side call logs we should fetch the logs once upon (re-)boot to ensure the icons on 870 are properly shown.
SCPP-4664: Broadsoft: Implementation of the Call Log and Address Book components of the user interface
SCPP-4663: Broadsoft: Implementation of the XSI Protocol stack
SCPP-4661: Broadsoft: XMPP Support for Buddylists and presence
SCPP-4978: Broadsoft/BLF/Call Park Indicator/Call Park Pickup in Buddy List XML Definition
  • XML Buddy key now also signals a parked buddy and allows to retrieve it
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