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SCPP-4653: If DTMF keys are pressed very fast in a call, the remote phone sometimes didn't recognize the outband DTMF events correct
SCPP-4622: Typo in RTP Payload Format for AMR Wideband codec. Hyphen was missing, it shows "amrwb" instead of "amr-wb" as specified in RFC 3267
SCPP-4555: Pressing the speaker key (short press) changes mode from Headset to None only every second time
SCPP-4562: Wrong value changed for Slovenien Language, causing provisioning of the language file not working any longer.
SCPP-4641: Spelling mistake in download parameter mapping of web interface
SCPP-4517: phone loses packets during internal switch reset
SCPP-4683: BLF does not work any more with default function key settings (Broadsoft)
SCPP-4592: Displayed wrong Caller ID number after a remote party update during an active dialogue
SCPP-4642: Configuration Templates in XML Definitions should be re-evaluated upon Re-SUBSCRIBE
SCPP-4596: Even though Identity active is disabled the phone still sends REGISTER to the registrar until performing a reboot
SCPP-4640: speed dial keys should use the failover identity when their context is configured as active
SCPP-4656: Number Display Style configured with display_number_name has no effect on caller lists in the web interface
SCPP-4612: replacing more than one dynamic parameter with TR-069 does not work
SCPP-4569: Configuring the Settings key to some other than default value is not possible
SCPP-4631: changing of Behavior Settings affects advanced configuration of Line-Info Layer (advanced_behavior.htm)
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