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Release Date

15/03/2013 (Beta state)

Changed Behavior Changed Behaviour

SCPP-3119: default soft keys while being in dial screen have changed but can now be configured using new setting fkeys_on_dialing:
  • snom 320, 360 and 370 now show redial button in dial screen
  • redial button will not be displayed when redial history is empty
  • snom Meeting Point now shows Pool soft key in dial screen
  • when a snom 300 is receiving a call while being in dial screen, the default action for the OK key is to accept the incoming call
SCPP-4606: In the RTP section of each Identity there is a new entry Filtered codec list which shows a comma separated list of all configured codecs for this identity. All valid codecs are black and invalid codecs (e.g. configured with not supported packet size or wrong name) are red and crossed out.
Features New Features

SCPP-4646: Phone has now an additional technician (admin) account. The following settings are required for this feature (provisioning only):
SCPP-4609: SIP INFO can be used to clear caller lists
SCPP-4219: Soft keys on Call-Screens can be configured to have XML definitions
SCPP-3119: option to configure context keys while being in dial screen using new setting fkeys_on_dialing
Bugfix Bugfixes

SCPP-4653: If DTMF keys are pressed very fast in a call, the remote phone sometimes didn't recognize the outband DTMF events correct
SCPP-4622: Typo in RTP Payload Format for AMR Wideband codec. Hyphen was missing, it shows "amrwb" instead of "amr-wb" as specified in RFC 3267
SCPP-4555: Pressing the speaker key (short press) changes mode from Headset to None only every second time
SCPP-4562: Wrong value changed for Slovenien Language, causing provisioning of the language file not working any longer.
SCPP-4641: Spelling mistake in download parameter mapping of web interface
SCPP-4517: phone loses packets during internal switch reset
SCPP-4683: BLF does not work any more with default function key settings (Broadsoft)
SCPP-4592: Displayed wrong Caller ID number after a remote party update during an active dialogue
SCPP-4642: Configuration Templates in XML Definitions should be re-evaluated upon Re-SUBSCRIBE
SCPP-4596: Even though Identity active is disabled the phone still sends REGISTER to the registrar until performing a reboot
SCPP-4640: speed dial keys should use the failover identity when their context is configured as active
SCPP-4656: Number Display Style configured with display_number_name has no effect on caller lists in the web interface
SCPP-4612: replacing more than one dynamic parameter with TR-069 does not work
SCPP-4569: Configuring the Settings key to some other than default value is not possible
SCPP-4631: changing of Behavior Settings affects advanced configuration of Line-Info Layer (advanced_behavior.htm)
Known Issues Known Issues

SCPP-4453: Dialtone being played and transfer message appearing on screen for some seconds after a succesful blind transfer
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