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Release Date

not released

Changed Behavior Changed Behaviour

SCPP-2529: DTMF tones not generated any longer while locking / unlocking phone in all states
SCPP-3000: 7xx and 8xx Record-Key should also support URIs
SCPP-3351: VLAN Net Port setting is obsolete
SCPP-4416: new setting user_pui_treats_uri_username_as_fallback_for
SCPP-4615: LDAP, ABS and OCIP address book icons unified. A new corporate address book icon is shown for LDAP, ABS and OCIP
SCPP-4445: Missed calls are being shown on the display by default again
SCPP-4410: Partial Number lookup functionality enhanced to have the phone do partial lookups using the last n digits of a number for incoming and outgoing calls
SCPP-4543: Virtual Keys XML concatenation support
SCPP-4500: new setting pui_states_allowing_state_switch_on_activity to provide better control of call monitor
SCPP-4451: mailbox_active not working since default value changed from off to on
Features New Features

SCPP-3988: exclusive early-media / local ringback playback
SCPP-4491: new setting to define which numbers will cause a secondary dial tone: secondary_dialtone_when
SCPP-15: if a headset is used, ringing tone should be audible both on headset AND speaker (optional)
Added entry Use Headset and Speaker to pull down menu so there now are three available options:
  • Use Headset
  • Use Speaker
  • Use Headset and Speaker
SCPP-4488: Add new language LT (Lithuanian)
SCPP-4390: New field Action URL added to the internal address book.
  • The field defines a URL that is fetched on in/outgoing calls for that contact and should return an XML.
  • It is possible now to connect a video camera (e.g. door phone), automatically fetch the XML and show the mjpeg stream when e.g. the door phone calls the reception. The XML/mjpeg is also fetched for outgoing call, so it is possible to call a surveillance camera or the door phone.
  • This requires the contact to be stored in the internal directory.
SCPP-4396: New time zone Lithuania added
SCPP-4561: ACD State now shows its state using the current language
Bugfix Bugfixes

SCPP-4598: Phone looses memory when changing volume
SCPP-4591: One way audio after selecting one conference participant and pressing OK in a 4/5-part conference (snom 720/760 only)
SCPP-4544: no ringing on speaker when a 2nd incoming call is waiting and the 1st call is terminated by going on-hook
SCPP-4514: alphanumeric characters not being sent in DTMF keys
SCPP-4512: Pickup indication with function key configured as extension does not work
SCPP-4485: Crash with asterisk 1.8
SCPP-4477: no Audio can be heard when receiving Intercom/Push2talk calls and Type of Intercom Answering is set to Handsfree (snom PA1 only)
SCPP-4431: Inband DTMF for FLASH doesn't work on 7xx Series
SCPP-4415: no audio in a 4-part conference after selecting the first participant and pressing OK (snom 710 only)
SCPP-4345: Dialtone during hold is missing after answering an incoming call from handset
SCPP-4340: DTMF tones aren't sent while showing a mini browser image on the phone display (i.e. images from a Baudisch camera)
SCPP-4335: Starcode INVITE mistakenly establishes call with audio
SCPP-3735: phone doesn't play ring tone after a conference call
SCPP-3307: Transferring the same phone two times results in one-way b-channel with Teles
SCPP-2830: Multicast Paging: Can't switch between speaker/handset during an active multicast on the destination site
SCPP-1857: audio delay with outgoing calls affecting snom 821/870
SCPP-3382: Multicast paging not working when assigned to soft key
SCPP-4417: on rejection of SIP hold request the call cannot be retrieved/hold/released any more
SCPP-4281: One-way audio for T-com users because of double codec in SIP
SCPP-4434: BargeIn/Notify freeze and ignored CANCEL request (QSC)
SCPP-3476: %23(encoding for #) in CSTA:calledDirectoryNumber is ignored in outgoing SIP-INVITE if csta_legacy_control = 0
SCPP-2089: DTMF RTP event sent even though user_dtmf_info is set to sip_info_only (snom 821/870 only)
SCPP-4579: After many transfers to the same number, each with different unique "Refer-To:" URI, the phone becomes slow
SCPP-4539: Basic Call is immediately put on HOLD when the call is accepted
SCPP-4508: Extension monitoring not working after transfer due to REFER being sent to C instead of A
SCPP-4498: In header "WWW-Contact" include not a valid URL of the phone
SCPP-4438: When contact URI is set to anonymous@anonymous.invalid the phone does not show the display name on incoming calls (instead "unknown" is displayed)
SCPP-4024: Phone sends 486 Busy after 302 Moved Temporarily
SCPP-3731: phone doesn't change Caller-ID after transfer (from-change according to RFC 4916)
SCPP-4463: DFKS not working with all server profiles
SCPP-4364: snom Meeting Point crashes when answering the call
SCPP-4503: ACD user interface corrections
SCPP-4492: setting conferencing doesn't work for phones using joined call-screen
SCPP-4435: display_method has no effect on caller lists
SCPP-4430: Idle state can't be reached by pressing cancel after unplugging ethernet cable in "Help" state
SCPP-4426: pressing the "Cancel" key may not function properly while in Time zone, Language or Tone Scheme sub menu
SCPP-3916: Call LED keeps flashing and the number of missed calls stays in idle screen all the time
SCPP-4456: Park+Orbit soft key appears when handset is used (snom 370 only)
SCPP-4354: snom 760 shows dialled calls as unknown but also with the correct call ID when using caller pictures
SCPP-4512: Pickup indication with function key configured as extension does not work
SCPP-4554: Broadsoft XML definitions have no effect on snom Vision in different phone states
SCPP-4509: Back light turns on unexpectedly
SCPP-4573: Transfer of picked up call not working using key type extension and transfer destination = monitored extension
SCPP-4406: keyboard_lock_accepted_keys should have general effect, not just in a call
SCPP-2966: Virtual keys are not signalling a call in Park+Orbit (snom 870 only)
SCPP-4416: Destination Caller ID not displayed when call initiated through function key (type extension) and caller ID is containing alphanumeric characters
SCPP-4423: Not possible to access virtual keys on transfer screen (snom870 only)
SCPP-4499: Click To Call failed
SCPP-4441: "Play ringer" button does not work
SCPP-4532: Call forwarding with two identities does not work correctly
SCPP-4552: @IP for Extension Monitoring Call Pickup List URI is not added automatically in the SUBSCRIBE packet as it was in the past
SCPP-4306: Bluetooth Headset on snom 7xx doesn't work properly
SCPP-4181: Wireless headset doesn't work properly. Audio is played via handset instead of headset and call is disconnected just press the headset button twice.
SCPP-2674: After upgrade from firmware version 7 VLAN settings get lost
SCPP-4551: Wrong file name requested when using provisioning with DHCP option 67 (snom[XXX].xml-[MAC] instead of snom[XXX]-[MAC].xml)
SCPP-4237: TR69 param_map cannot be loaded when auto_reboot_on_setting_change is enabled and thus phone is rebooting
SCPP-4420: provisioning of codec_priority_list not working correctly when permission flag is set
SCPP-4494: Uploading license file doesn't work in case of a setting change reboot
SCPP-4521: dial plan change via TR69 must be applied without reboot
SCPP-4577: Phone resets the TIME-stamp to 0, but don't set the MARKER-bit
SCPP-4529: HTTP 200 OK response of HTTP CSTA requests includes 2 CRLF after the 200 OK instead of 1 CRLF
SCPP-4474: Malformed CSTA transferedEvent:
SCPP-4425: Action URL for missed calls will be executed even if the call has been answered somewhere else
SCPP-4427: Enabled Filter Packets from Registrar can by bypassed with IP call and remote control via CSTA is possible
SCPP-4487: Key presses will show up in log output of the phone if GBR or USA tone scheme is used
SCPP-4439: settings URL http://<ip>/settings.cfg can not be fetched when the phone is in user mode and the correct admin password is used.
SCPP-4432: XML Idle Screen loaded incompletely or incorrectly on reboot
SCPP-4541: After multiple queries phone does not send lookup requests any longer
SCPP-4530: If country and area codes are set and 0 is called, the phone looks up COUNTRY* in LDAP and stores all the results in one contact entry
SCPP-4505: no lookup of number to LDAP contact of incoming call or dial number
Known Issues


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