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SCPP-3645: DTMF issue in 911 scenarios with enabled keyboard lock
SCPP-3684: Phone doesn't show correct name out of internal address book if entry was changed
SCPP-3659: Caller picture doesn't work.
SCPP-2579: stop refresh timer for digital clock in case of showing XML idle screen
SCPP-3649: After LDAP query delete digits by number editing doesn't work (snom 870 only)
SCPP-3653: LDAP - incoming call: name from LDAP directory is not complete on the LCD, if show the incoming/missed call list.
SCPP-3687: Pressing # Key via remote doesn't work any more.
SCPP-3636: Option to force Gigabit Ethernet is missing. (snom720, snom760 only)
SCPP-3655: 'netcat' server port does not get applied
SCPP-3582: Phone doesn't display why it's restarting on DHCP server sending DHCP NAK/Decline
SCPP-3657: PnP does not work, phone replies with 404 to NOTIFY.
SCPP-3651: Broadsoft: Voicemail-Retrieve - DUT should call user mailbox index if message account not specified in MWI NOTIFY
SCPP-3588: DTMF Outband SIP INFO: keytones for "star" (*) is not working any more
SCPP-3595: send 481 Reject again on initial Invite with To-tag
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