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SCPP-3592: FIX - (snom8xx) The first button pressed while trying to dial a number with German tone scheme is always heard.
SCPP-3627: FIX - (snom821, snom870) Using outband DTMF in a call, although inband is negotiated.
SCPP-3602: FIX - Delete fkey is wrongly displayed as "F_DELETE" within call lists screens.
SCPP-3568: FIX - Malformed error message if LDAP isn't initialized.

SCPP-3586: FIX - If the internal address book has a lot of entries, the SIP responses of the phone are delayed.

SCPP-3622: FIX - Could not register via TLS with Lync Server.
SCPP-3551: FIX - Provisioning fails and endless loop when client http username/password are used. Was affecting all kinds of webclient requests
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