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SCPP-3606: FIX - No synthesizer sound output on snom720/760 after dialing a not existent number on UC account
SCPP-3616: FIX - (snom821/870/720/760) Freeze during boot if Wifi is configured but no Wifi stick is present.
SCPP-3518: FIX - Broadsoft - AOC-D - Total charge in last 200 OK not presented in PUI if DUT hangs up.
SCPP-3563: FIX - Cannot delete entry of internal addressbook via PUI. (snom300 only)
SCPP-3567: FIX - Missed calls can't be deleted and no user details are shown.
SCPP-3587: FIX - Phone does not display incoming desktop messages correctly. Don't show 'From' information. Only the message text should be shown. (snom720 only)
SCPP-3549: FIX - UPDATE-messages are answered with 500 Server internal error.
SCPP-3571: FIX - Broadsoft - DFKS subscription handling on network loss.
SCPP-3597: FIX - Broadsoft - Reboot initiated by changing display name.
SCPP-3519: FIX - Empty TLS certificate option needs to be split for HTTPS and SIPS.
SCPP-3608: FIX - Reboot loop or failing update if making update via provisioned ASCII-text-based setting file. Comparison of old and new firmware URL is now using WebUri class to avoid string compares which may lead to wrong results.
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