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SCPP-5115: Ringtone disappears in certain situations
SCPP-5105: Phone input via keypad, handset or line key sometimes is blocked for incoming calls
SCPP-4984: Call Deflection - Dialtone is played out when deflecting a call
SCPP-5176: After SSRC change no audio for few seconds
SCPP-5147: No DTMF outband events are send using the snom conference server
SCPP-4906: disabled m= lines in SDP offer must also appear in SDP answer
SCPP-5142: Local address book matching does not work any longer for direct IP calls
SCPP-5104: Changes to user_ringer parameter via phone menu not being saved
SCPP-5159: phone doesn't show LDAP lookup result on incoming call (snom 370/870 only)
SCPP-5097: Endless toggling between Headset and Speaker on Plantronics Wireless SAVI W745/A
SCPP-4809: When firmware update fails the phone does not restart automatically (snom 300 only)
SCPP-5043: Replacement of Action URL Variables adds "equal" sign on query parameter without value
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