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SCPP-5074: phone forgets VLAN setting if downgrade to firmware version with old VLAN setting format
SCPP-5055: LLDP - device adverts only Half Duplex if AutoNegotation not enabled (Operational MAU Type)
SCPP-4882: VLAN - Prio not working if TOS is set up
SCPP-2254: TOS Out-Of-Range and no Reboot indication
SCPP-5071: BLF/Call Pickup: Wrong LED Behaviour (Ringing, BLF Key instead Line Key)
SCPP-5081: missing audio at the beginning of IVR announces (circa one second)
SCPP-5064: Sometimes 821/870 phones are playing disturbing noise on speaker in idle state
SCPP-5017: enabled auto_dial causes constant signaling of busy tone.
SCPP-5090: No Audio on Outgoing Calls with Wireless Jabra and Plantronics headsets on snom 7xx
SCPP-5065: snom 760 crashes with Plantronics headsets Wireless SAVI W745/A and Wireless CS540A
SCPP-5053: phone duplicates not supported media type (video) on Re-Invite (Session Timeout)
SCPP-5029: Incorrect REFER causes server based conference to fail with 3CX
SCPP-4902: Invite responded too incorrectly before the ack of 180 ringing that included 100rel
SCPP-4995: Incorrect response to identity-request with blank credentials
SCPP-5070: Provisioning sometimes does not work when the network uses STP and static IPs for the phones
SCPP-5042: Parammap for all phone types needs to be updated
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