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SCPP-4782: Support for Line Flash DTMF event. New codec names available in codec_priority_list:
  • telephone-event-no-fmtp: no fmtp attribute is offered in SDP
  • telephone-event-0-16: fmtp 0-16 is offered in SDP, which enables the use of DTMF line flash
SCPP-4910: G729ab is not working on 3xx, 820, 710
SCPP-4838: Default value for setting always_show_active_call changed to on since this the expected behaviour in most scenarios
SCPP-3791: Moved setting publish_presence from Advanced/SIP/RTP to Identity/SIP
SCPP-4812: G729 codec choice incorrectly includes annexb=no in SDP
  • New codec name g729-annexb=yes available in codec_priority list Under -> Setup -> Identity -> RTP ->Codec
SCPP-4606: 7xx-series does not support 60ms pakets
  • Under -> Identity -> RTP line called Filtered codec list now shows a comma separated list of all configured codecs for this identity.
  • All valid codecs are black and invalid codecs (e.g. wrong packet size or wrong name) are red and crossed out
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