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Release Date

no public release

Changed Behavior Changed Behaviour

SCPP-4782: Support for Line Flash DTMF event. New codec names available in codec_priority_list:
  • telephone-event-no-fmtp: no fmtp attribute is offered in SDP
  • telephone-event-0-16: fmtp 0-16 is offered in SDP, which enables the use of DTMF line flash
SCPP-4910: G729ab is not working on 3xx, 820, 710
SCPP-4838: Default value for setting always_show_active_call changed to on since this the expected behaviour in most scenarios
SCPP-3791: Moved setting publish_presence from Advanced/SIP/RTP to Identity/SIP
SCPP-4812: G729 codec choice incorrectly includes annexb=no in SDP
  • New codec name g729-annexb=yes available in codec_priority list Under -> Setup -> Identity -> RTP ->Codec
SCPP-4606: 7xx-series does not support 60ms pakets
  • Under -> Identity -> RTP line called Filtered codec list now shows a comma separated list of all configured codecs for this identity.
  • All valid codecs are black and invalid codecs (e.g. wrong packet size or wrong name) are red and crossed out
Features New Features

SCPP-3224: Implementation of dtmf_volume setting for all phone types
SCPP-2338: new setting dtmf_handset_phone to disable DTMF tones during call initiation in handset mode
SCPP-4978: Broadsoft/BLF/Call Park Indicator/Call Park Pickup in Buddy List XML Definition
  • XML Buddy key now also signals a parked buddy and allows to retrieve it
Bugfix Bugfixes

SCPP-4859: snom 710 doesn't forward EAP packets to the PC port
SCPP-4811: Enabling Wifi Ethernet Bridge leads to phone being stuck in sending DHCP requests
SCPP-4808: PA1 identifies itself as Snom300 (Vendor Class Identifier)
SCPP-4804: Lease renewal, phone does not reboot if NACK from server
SCPP-4517: phone loses packets during internal switch reset
SCPP-3476: %23(encoding for #) in csta:calledDirectoryNumber is ignored in outgoing SIP-INVITE if csta_legacy_control = 0
SCPP-4987: Call Deflection - Current Call is put on HOLD instead of 2-way-audio while deflecting the other call
SCPP-4881: dkey_fkey doesn't work for URL action
SCPP-4878: BLF Call Pickup - Group Call Pickup via Call Monitor does not work
SCPP-2026: Expansion Module/BLF makes phone delay or become unresponsive or slow
SCPP-4877: Conference with 4 participants leads to crash
SCPP-4950: Conference soft key should not auto hide when conferencing setting is not empty
SCPP-4964: Several actions are always applied to connected call instead of waiting call even if waiting call is selected in joined call screen
SCPP-4592: Displayed wrong Caller ID number after a remote party update during an active dialogue
SCPP-4605: Unable to initiate attended transfer if multiple identities are involved
SCPP-4710: snom320: LCD Display freeze after provisioning failed (via timeout)
SCPP-4640: speed dial keys should use the fail over identity when the context is configured as active identity
SCPP-4132: Hebrew text on line info layer displayed backwards
SCPP-4575: goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity not working as expected in ring group scenario
SCPP-4739: scroll bar does not highlight the selected ring tone in phone menu
SCPP-4751: Status Info screen will not be displayed if key is overwritten with dkey_fkey4
SCPP-4555: Pressing the speaker key (short press) changes mode from Headset to None every two times, must do it every time
SCPP-4762: editing internal directory entries via PUI not possible
SCPP-4764: Unkown is shown instead of caller ID on incoming call after hold
SCPP-4783: Edit number before call feature is broken
SCPP-4794: Really slow responsiveness of the phone after having done several calls
SCPP-4840: Cannot open details of missed call in Status Information by pressing OK
SCPP-4829: phones freeze in edit mode during press of CANCEL
SCPP-5019: Broadsoft/AOC - phone shows AOC Screen after call even when not activated
SCPP-4728: Dialling out of detail view in caller lists not working
SCPP-4875: Switching account details for an Identity that first didn't have an outbound proxy to one that does will fail to send the de-register to the right IP address
SCPP-4980: Export and Import of CSV address book is broken
SCPP-4656: display_method = display_number_name has no effect on caller lists on the Web interface
SCPP-4641: Spelling mistake in download parameter mapping in WUI
SCPP-4631: Line-Info Layer More Controls are changed when behaviour settings are changed
SCPP-4552: @IP for "Extension Monitoring Call Pickup List URI" is not added automatically in the SUBSCRIBE packet as it was in the past
SCPP-4734: P-Asserted-Identify information are not being removed from contact.htm
SCPP-4742: user mode not applied after change from admin to user and cold restart of the phone
SCPP-4569: changing the <dkey_settings> is not possible, other dkeys_x work correctly, also key_settings_remapped=none doesn't have an effect
SCPP-4572: Spamming message in log: PHN: SIP: packet 1037204 dest invalid udp: for Request DISCOVER/-
SCPP-4606: 7xx-series does not support 60ms packets but settings is present
SCPP-4984: Call Deflection - Dial tone is played out when deflecting a call
SCPP-4920: MWI Indication beeps strange in idle
SCPP-4813: snom 710: The first DTMF tone is missing during hold when using speaker
SCPP-4724: One way audio with g729 codec after selecting one conference participant, pressing OK and then resuming the conference
SCPP-4711: Muted connected call gets unmuted when another incoming call stops ringing
SCPP-4653: If DTMF keys are pressed very fast in a call, the remote phone sometimes didn't recognize the outband DTMF events correct
SCPP-4628: during number entry phone plays DTMF tones sporadically
SCPP-4619: phone stops receiving multicast after receiving an incoming call via handset
SCPP-4610: Multicast paging receive delays audio ca. 3 seconds when changing audio device
SCPP-2089: DTMF - SIP only activated, RTP event still being sent (snom 821/870 only)
SCPP-3863: Incoming Call while automatic redial on busy results in ringing tone restart every second
SCPP-3531: Broadsoft/Call Center/Hold Reminder - Speaker is not Ringer Device for second incoming call
SCPP-4910: G729ab is not working on 3xx, 820, 710
SCPP-4966: mix mute on 720/760 doesn't work properly with USB Plantronics Blackwire C620
SCPP-4962: Ringtone (short beeps) for incoming call cannot be heard on Wireless Jabra PRO 920, EMEA
SCPP-4958: Wireless Jabra PRO 9470 can accept incoming calls only by pressing the headset button twice
SCPP-4688: Wireless headset Wireless Jabra PRO 920, EMEA doesn't work properly
SCPP-4586: DHSG mode at GN9330 results in delayed audio connection to opposite
SCPP-4181: Wireless headset doesn't work properly, audio is played via handset instead of headset and call is disconnected just press the headset button twice
SCPP-4947: RTP - SSRC / Sequence Number not correct
SCPP-4893: Hold fails because of different DTMF paylod types 101<->96
SCPP-4712: phone sends 711u codec on blind transfer to IMS mobile
SCPP-4622: Typo in RTP Payload Format for AMR Wideband codec. Hyphen was missing, it shows "amrwb" instead of "amr-wb" as specified in RFC3267
SCPP-4944: phone does not send INVITE with authentication after Failover
SCPP-4873: 302 Moved Temporarily during call
SCPP-4931: "Unauthorized" for REFER will not be resend if user_moh is used
SCPP-4961: Regex dialplan affects also SUBSCRIBE URI
SCPP-4596: although user_active is disabled the phone still sends REGISTER to the registrar until performing a reboot
SCPP-4705: P-Asserted-Identity number part isn't recorded in call history
SCPP-4732: OpenSips - phone does not register due to ignored expires header, gruu
SCPP-4740: Phone does not reboot when a uaCSTA session is the only active call
SCPP-4758: Astimax - phone loses Registration
SCPP-4779: Park+Orbit is broken
SCPP-4815: PUBLISH contains a body in refresh requests
SCPP-4836: Wrong dst port is used for voice mail if the registrar is not using the default port 5060
SCPP-4848: DTMF SIP INFO not working in early-media state
SCPP-4865: Park Service is shown as Connected Number for forked calls with the same number
SCPP-4902: INVITE responded too incorrectly before the ACK of 180 ringing that included 100rel
SCPP-4926: Phone looses presence subscription after receiving any response code 4xx without expires or expires 0
SCPP-4968: Show message This call may take longer to complete. Network may be busy only if inside 199 the ms-diagnostics is set to 5 (Insufficient bandwidth to establish session)
SCPP-4683: Broadsoft - BLF does not work any more with default function key settings
SCPP-3839: Broadsoft - phone shows HOLD state even when HOLD Request was rejected / Unhold not possible
SCPP-4812: g729 codec choice incorrectly includes annexb=no in SDP
SCPP-3791: presence doesn't work after the SIP proxy is down
SCPP-3840: Broadsoft/Timer Support - phone adds required header even when not necessary / not advised
SCPP-4562: Wrong value changed for Slovenien Language, casing provisioning of the language not working anymore
SCPP-4802: SnomIPPhoneDirectory: the last entry item is highlighted instead of the first one
SCPP-4731: Replacement of {index} in action URLs not working any longer
SCPP-4918: LDAP result doesn't show No data available when no result is found
SCPP-4715: LDAP number attributes are not applicable for ldap_display_name
SCPP-4334: If SIP password is changed via provisioning it seems not to get active
SCPP-4612: TR-069 replacing more than one dynamic parameter does not work
Known Issues Known Issues

SCPP-5037: phone doesn't restart automatically if firmware download server is not available (snom 300 only)
SCPP-5065: snom 760 crashes with Plantronics headsets Wireless SAVI W745/A and Wireless CS540A when using EHS2USB APU-70/71 cable
  • SAVI W745/A with its own USB cable is working correctly
SCPP-5017: constant signalling of busy tone when auto_dial is activated
SCPP-4627: Push to talk is played over speaker even though handset mode is active
SCPP-5039: Auto answer indication sounds disturbed (snom 710 only)
SCPP-5064: Sometimes 821/870 phones are playing disturbing noise on speaker in idle state
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