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Release Date

21/12/2011 (no public release)

Changed Behavior Changed Behaviour


Features New Features

SCPP-3241: ADD - Broadsoft - Several Content-Types/Events not supported. Feature added for call center call information. Minor improvement, remove tailing comma
Bugfix Bugfixes

SCPP-2638: FIX - OCS: Phone does not retry connecting with an exponential back-off algorithm in case of network loss. Use now new setting retry_after_failed_register for random reregistering after reboot, ethernet replug or TCP reconnect.
SCPP-3475: FIX - snom370 rejects a ringing call twice.
SCPP-3481: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - Call Info Public Hold / Bridging is not working
SCPP-3483: FIX - a VIA line with SIP/7.0/UDP will be rejected, but not to the network
NONE: FIX - entering LDAP-screen failed: when pressing " in idle" and then selecting LDAP in pop-up-choice (between contacts and LDAP) the PUI displayed LDAP-screen for a split-second but immediately returned to idle (snom 870 only)
NONE: FIX - Support-menu did not display correctly. Second line was: "navigate your webbrowser ..." instead of: "navigate your webbrowser to:" (snom 820 only)
SCPP-2823: FIX - Hebrew texts are not written right to left on PUI - changed selected-line-marker on 300/320-selection-list so our Hebrew-reorder-routines properly detect them and flip from > to <.
SCPP-3471: FIX - Some list box views like Help Screen or Settings Menu don't have context keys. Via new setting show_redundant_context_keys it can be configured to generally show navi-keys as context keys in minibrowser if it is displaying a list and doesn't have context keys defined on its own.
SCPP-3472: FIX - Title of Directory screen is wrong.
SCPP-3485: FIX - Initiating a transfer by pressing the transfer key 2 times does not work anymore. Now showing transfer proposal und edit-area. As soon as user starts typing, proposal to the hold-guy disappears and a transfer-press would blind-transfer to typed-in number. (snom870 only)
SCPP-3486: FIX - Name from internal address-book not shown during call
SCPP-3487: FIX - LDAP: wrong icons for selection of the upper, lower cases and numbers. Minibrowser now displays icons for known keys for snom870 as well. Removed tracking-mechanism in contact_list.xml, since with it, after typing a few numbers, one cannot simply exit by pressing X, since it goes back in history for each single character instead.
SCPP-3490: FIX - Payment info (AOC) is not shown when call is terminated locally.
Known Issues


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