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SCPP-3988: exclusive early-media / local ringback playback
SCPP-4491: new setting to define which numbers will cause a secondary dial tone: secondary_dialtone_when
SCPP-15: if a headset is used, ringing tone should be audible both on headset AND speaker (optional)
Added entry Use Headset and Speaker to pull down menu so there now are three available options:
  • Use Headset
  • Use Speaker
  • Use Headset and Speaker
SCPP-4488: Add new language LT (Lithuanian)
SCPP-4462: implementation of contact_source_priority
SCPP-4390: New field Action URL added to the internal address book.
The field defines a URL that is fetched on in/outgoing calls for that contact and should return an XML.
It is possible now to connect a video camera (e.g. door phone) and automatically fetches the XML and therefore show the mjpeg stream when e.g. the door phone calls the reception. The XML/mjpeg is also fetched for outgoing call, so it is possible to call a surveillance camera or the door phone. But the contact with the URL must be stored in the internal address book.
SCPP-4396: New time zone Lithuania added
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