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SCPP-2529: Don't generate DTMF while locking / unlocking phone in all states
SCPP-4534: Mandatory Lync Native Firmware Update via DNS A record ucupdates-r2."DHCP-given-DNS-DOMAIN"/requesthandler/ucdevice.upx on every boot
SCPP-3351: VLAN Net Port setting is obsolete
SCPP-4289: 821/870: certain PoE switches cannot take much speaker volume, so a setting has been added to reduce maximum speaker volume: vol_speaker_max
SCPP-3000: 7xx and 8xx Record-Key should support URIs also - recording_mechanism can now be set to start a recorder call
SCPP-4445: all phone models should show "missed calls" on display by default
SCPP-4500: goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity and goto_virtual_keys_state_on_activity disturbing number input -> new setting pui_states_allowing_state_switch_on_activity
SCPP-4451: setting mailbox_active not working: default value changed from off to on
introduced new status_msgs types: PhoneHasVoiceMessages and PhoneHasTextMessages
new setting: status_msgs_that_are_blocked
changing mailbox_active now causes automatic changes in status_msgs settings
SCPP-4423: No Virtual keys button on transfer screen
new setting position_of_vkey_in_edit_number
SCPP-4416: Destination Caller ID not displayed when call initiated through function key (type extension) and caller ID is containing alphanumeric characters
new setting user_pui_treats_uri_username_as_fallback_for
SCPP-2966: Park+Orbit key is not glowing/no signal if there is call in orbit
ParkOrbit now displays the current state as text on the vkeys
SCPP-4463: DFKS just works with some server profiles
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