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SCPP-4392: When using PnP the phone should be able to process NOTIFYs at every time (currently limited to 5 seconds after the SUBSCRIBE has been sent)
SCPP-3064: SIP MESSAGE can be used to send settings to the phone
SCPP-4314: Improved function key type handling
SCPP-3874: Implemented joined call screens for 710/720
SCPP-4215: Call-screen view can be configured whether the incoming or the active call has priority using always_show_active_call setting. Screen shows the prioritized call.
SCPP-4103: added setting offhook_accept_calls to disable answering a call on off hook
SCPP-4235: New identity-based setting remote_contact_header_field to control whether "From" header URI or "Contact" header URI are stored in the call list
SCPP-4182: It is now possible to click on the details button when having the missed-message selected in status Message view. The phone will then show all missed calls
SCPP-4326: Add support for server based DND for Metaswitch
SCPP-4097: add a dtmf-action to the action tag list.
SCPP-3990: IPV4 conflict detection should be VLAN aware
SCPP-3926: Implement headset usage with serial EHS box for snom 710
SCPP-4172: added values "snomONE" and "SUTUS BC" for user_server_type
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