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SCPP-4206: Changed default value for prioritise_pbx_number_lookup to "off"
SCPP-3843: Reintroduce menu option to configure fkeys using phone menu
SCPP-4022: new setting setting states_ignored_in_goto_vkeys_on_activity to configure states which won't trigger the virtual keys to be shown
SCPP-4272: On snom370/360 the transfer hard key now is used to transfer the active call and the softkey to deflect an incoming call
SCPP-3903: Line Info Layer: advanced_behavior.htm now has link for more detailed control of the line-info-layer. Changed defaults for line_info_at_idle =on and goto_virtual_keys_state_on_activity =off in UC edition
ocs.htm and changed_settings.htm are additionally showing the reboot message
SCPP-4268: Setup Wizard must end when the inquired settings get provisioned. Wizard now continues with the next question when the one it asks gets somehow set in the backgound (i.e. via WUI or provisioning).
SCPP-4259: Store settings periodically onto the flash (minimum: every hour)
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