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Release Date


Changed Behavior Changed Behaviour

SCPP-4206: Changed default value for prioritise_pbx_number_lookup to "off"
SCPP-3843: Reintroduce menu option to configure fkeys using phone menu
SCPP-4022: new setting setting states_ignored_in_goto_vkeys_on_activity to configure states which won't trigger the virtual keys to be shown
SCPP-4272: On snom370/360 the transfer hard key now is used to transfer the active call and the softkey to deflect an incoming call
SCPP-3903: Line Info Layer: advanced_behavior.htm now has link for more detailed control of the line-info-layer. Changed defaults for line_info_at_idle =on and goto_virtual_keys_state_on_activity =off in UC edition
ocs.htm and changed_settings.htm are additionally showing the reboot message
SCPP-4268: Setup Wizard must end when the inquired settings get provisioned. Wizard now continues with the next question when the one it asks gets somehow set in the backgound (i.e. via WUI or provisioning).
SCPP-4259: Store settings periodically onto the flash (minimum: every hour)
Features New Features

SCPP-4392: When using PnP the phone should be able to process NOTIFYs at every time (currently limited to 5 seconds after the SUBSCRIBE has been sent)
SCPP-3064: SIP MESSAGE can be used to send settings to the phone
SCPP-4314: Improved function key type handling
SCPP-3874: Implemented joined call screens for 710/720
SCPP-4215: Call-screen view can be configured whether the incoming or the active call has priority using always_show_active_call setting. Screen shows the prioritized call.
SCPP-4103: added setting offhook_accept_calls to disable answering a call on off hook
SCPP-4235: New identity-based setting remote_contact_header_field to control whether "From" header URI or "Contact" header URI are stored in the call list
SCPP-4182: It is now possible to click on the details button when having the missed-message selected in status Message view. The phone will then show all missed calls
SCPP-4326: Add support for server based DND for Metaswitch
SCPP-4097: add a dtmf-action to the action tag list.
SCPP-3990: IPV4 conflict detection should be VLAN aware
SCPP-3926: Implement headset usage with serial EHS box for snom 710
SCPP-4172: added values "snomONE" and "SUTUS BC" for user_server_type
Bugfix Bugfixes

SCPP-4144: Removing of Call Completion message will hang the phone (WUI and PUI)
SCPP-3793: corrected typo in Internal Directory: Janurary instead of January
SCPP-3823: Keypad debounce causing unexpected 'double-digit' dialing. Intermittent issue occurred once out of ten dials
SCPP-3924: Phone crashes and keeps ringing after Function key "Forward to" is pressed during an incoming call
SCPP-4007: phone misleads in phone menu
SCPP-4107: Languages selections over PUI: phone shows Slovenian and Slovenscina
SCPP-2387: in special case no photo will be loaded into internal directory
SCPP-4126: names are not shown consistently in Call History
SCPP-4137: 'Starred' DTMF digits are displayed inverse
SCPP-4093: Seeing identity name on display on incoming calls
SCPP-4147: System messages can not be opened out of the PUI menu
SCPP-4162: deletion of input disturbed after using LDAP
SCPP-4168: Favorites List doesn't show added entries
SCPP-4176: Hot Desking: Function key - Logoff Identifies doesn't work on Snom 300
SCPP-4183: Blind transfer not working when transfer target being dialed with function key (key type = extension)
SCPP-4242: Caching of display name now configurable using cache_contact_details
SCPP-4389: F_HOLD not activating LED when call is on hold
SCPP-4361: Changing option show_clock does not reflect immediately
SCPP-4323: Since 8.7.3.x numbers of incoming calls aren't matched correctly to the phone book like in 8.4.35
SCPP-2958: Retrieve key not working with speed dial + DTMF
SCPP-4278: Call is not listed in the missed calls list if user rejects the call
SCPP-4253: In Call History, names are not shown consistently
SCPP-4022: "Goto virtual keys on activity" does not work when key type is Contact List Buddy -> new setting states_ignored_in_goto_vkeys_on_activity
SCPP-4248: Numbers in call-monitor-view get truncated after 12 digits
SCPP-4129: Crash on snom 300 after 656 transfers
SCPP-4121: Extension Monitoring: new incoming call for monitored extension overrides the old one even though the call is not answered
SCPP-4182: Missed calls aren't signalled any more via message LED and display if missed calls where deleted via pressing INFO soft key before
SCPP-4176: Hot Desking: Function key - Logoff Identifies doesn't work on Snom 300
NONE: make displayed name scroll on snom 870 during a call, just like all the other models do

SCPP-3946: Unhold doesn't work with snomONE any more
SCPP-3750: When doing attended transfer, REFER is sent to C instead of A
SCPP-4205: Hold/unhold not possible after 30min in active call
SCPP-3008: Hold not working if holding party is anonymous
SCPP-3889: Call Deflection via Call Forwarding key (also with key SpeedDial) and redirect_ringing=off is successful
SCPP-4171: Call Park feature: Call Logs showed ugly format or where loosing the display name after unparking the call
SCPP-4074: Transfer: cannot end call if I received no NOTIFY after REFER
SCPP-4386: Wrong handling from "Diversion" header, cases that a call which was forwarded won't forward again
SCPP-4377: Park+Orbit not working. Call can be transferred and retrieved but for one time only
SCPP-4311: call released by remote party due to missing ACK
SCPP-4301: "Transfer failed" error message when performing an attended transfer hitting the keys pretty fast
SCPP-3970: SIP INFO requests are rejected with 489 Bad Event
SCPP-4094: DTMF key types not working unless user_dtmf_info is enabled
SCPP-4319: subscribe transaction timeout error does not restart subscription
SCPP-4297: 3CX: After attended transfer is completed, new call shows wrong call partner
SCPP-3760: Phone (member of ring group) remains ringing even when another phone picks up the call
SCPP-1330: phone hangs up secure conversation on hold after session timer has expired
SCPP-4217: DFKS results in subscribe without Body -> DFKS not working
SCPP-4112: comma leads to parsing problem with sip_cancel_reasons_to_ignore_missed_call

SCPP-3921: "Provisioning server failed" displayed although DHCP provisioning succeeds
SCPP-4115: phone doesn't try all protocols if DHCP option 66 sends only IP address
SCPP-3855: After factory reset phone doesn't send subscriptions configured for expansion module
SCPP-4355: If a new account is reprovisioned during a call, the following REGISTER and INVITE packets still have some old information
SCPP-4334: If SIP password is changed via provisioning it seems not to get active
SCPP-4316: On Provisioning tbook is not being saved permanently
SCPP-3858: provisioning of phone GUI customization can cause the phone to stuck in reboot loop
SCPP-4239: snom710 does not automatically restart after 5 minutes on a failed software update
SCPP-4174: On provisioning using redirection server with not resolvable URL phone gets into endless loop
SCPP-4151: Provisioning through TR069 (Friendly): phone does not realise that provisioning is finished

SCPP-3832: Ethernet switch properties can neither be accessed nor adjusted
SCPP-2762: WLAN not working if SSID and / or pass phrase contain one of the following special characters: "<>'&
SCPP-4089: DNS: Underscore in default host name violating RFC
SCPP-4053: Not well formed DHCPREQUEST in RENEWING state
SCPP-3864: VLAN is not working
SCPP-3920: snom 720/821 display wrong status on boot up when trying to authenticate with 802.1X on Freeradius server
SCPP-4409: The phone sends multiple DHCP INFORM messages at a time
SCPP-3875: DST of Namibia and Turkey isn't set correctly
SCPP-4128: Core dumps cannot be downloaded reliably using support.htm

SCPP-4033: Secure web interface (https) is slow and slows down the phone
SCPP-4038: WUI Access via HTTP is not possible when setting 'dns_domain' is empty using web browser Safari
SCPP-4173: WUI message 'Apply setting changes? Reboot' is not shown on all WUI pages
SCPP-3852: access via HTTPs not possible with Chrome
SCPP-4119: Wrong displayed German umlauts in web interface confirming message
SCPP-2256: Defined outgoing line being ignored when dialing out of directory using web interface
SCPP-4327: WUI does not accept requested HTTP Host instead the local IP is written into a link at several features
SCPP-2218: the button "Play Ringer" doesn't work when selecting the customer melody as user_ringer
SCPP-4104: snom720 and snom760 showed the Mic volume settings on the web interface despite the fact that they can not be changed because of TIA requirements
NONE: Show USB headset Audio Option for 720 and 760 only
NONE: Adjusted German translations of PUI and WUI
NONE: support.htm of 3xx phones is showing 'WUI core download option' even though 3xx phones aren't supporting it

SCPP-3751: snom 710: Phone sends a creaking noise after redial is accepted
SCPP-3348: Media stack crashes (and reboots) when USB Blue Tooth is enabled first time after pairing by pressing the headset hard key
SCPP-4138: Audio: MediaStack restarting and "All lines will be closed" on the display if snom 760/720 is using a Wireless Headset (through USB) not in sync
SCPP-3887: PA1 does not play ringer, when Autoanswer has been switched off
SCPP-3952: Pressing +SPKR key in handset mode (change to open listening mode) mutes the Handset speaker
SCPP-4393: Wireless Headset: Putting a conference on hold and then resuming it again leads to MediaStack restarting
SCPP-4330: snom 300 only shows 4 of available 10 ring tone melodies in PUI
SCPP-3815: pickup_indication doesn't work any more
SCPP-4320: disabled allow_rtp_on_mute has no effect (snom 720/760 only)
SCPP-4308: No audio after unhold with holding_reminder set to "on"
SCPP-4298: Multicast Paging send and receive not working
SCPP-4223: Audio: 5-part conference doesn't work properly on snom 710
SCPP-4286: When remote side is busy or rejects call, the busy tone is not heard
SCPP-4276: Audio fails if the first conference participant presses hold in 4-part conference
SCPP-3730: phone does not ring if call is on hold and incoming call (suppress_ringing_during_hold:off, cw_dialtone:off)
SCPP-3892: Plantronics CS540 fast dialing for calls initiated by headset could result in not dialing out

SCPP-4360: ldap_predict_text does not search all combinations
SCPP-3507: LDAP directory with "predict text" enabled (T9), find only entries with the first letter of the button and a dot

SCPP-4283: inconsistent entries for gui_fkey1 to gui_fkey4 ("key_event" needs to be replaced by "keyevent")
SCPP-4155: XML Dial plan doesn't work if two matching strings with same length of chars exist in dial plan
SCPP-4226: Watchdog isn't rebooting system anymore
SCPP-4091: Can't set a match string dialplan.xml to be *

SCPP-4254: Phone does not exit from XML minibrowser at the end of the call
SCPP-4336: When the XML Minibrowser shows an XML with a SnomIPPhoneImageFile Tag the Softkeys don't work and the image disappears.

SCPP-3142: the WWW-Contact headers should contain the openVPN address if the SIP packets are sent through the tunnel
SCPP-3806: Snom 710: VPN isn't working
Known Issues Known issues

SCPP-4181: Wireless headset doesn't work properly, audio is played via handset instead of headset and call is disconnected just press the headset button twice (snom 720/760)
SCPP-4306: Bluetooth headsets might not work reliably in certain scenarios
SCPP-3760: Phone (member of ring group) remains ringing even when another phone picks up the call. Workaround: disable goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity
SCPP-4420: provisioning of codec_priority_list not working correctly when permission flag is set
SCPP-4416: Destination Caller ID not displayed when call initiated through function key (type extension) and caller ID is containing alphanumeric characters
SCPP-4407: Cannot dial if the beginning of the dialed number is found in LDAP and then the final number is no longer found
SCPP-4423: No Virtual keys button on transfer screen (snom 870 only)
SCPP-4502: firmware update to can cause device to loose its MAC address under certain circumstances (Meeting Point only)
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