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Release Date


Changed Behavior Changed Behaviour

NONE: WUI-page (820 and its clones): advanced_gui.htm now has link for more detailed control in the line for the line-info-layer.
changed defaults for settings line_info_at_idle(=on) and goto_virtual_keys_state_on_activity(=off) in OCS-versions
Features New Features

SCPP-3719: Implement music on hold, which should be send from the phone itself
SCPP-3737: Long key press via web interface (Enhancement of command.htm?key=... according to the following syntax command.htm?key=<key>[,<long_press_timeout_ms[,pause_after_key_ms]];...)
SCPP-3745: Provide state of identities and lines in web interface (http://[Phone IP]/state_of_identity.htm)
SCPP-3755: Provide LED status information in web interface
  • New section LEDS is appended to the end of the state_of_gui.htm page. The first row shows the title of the fields (number, frequency, and colour). Fields are separated by a blank.
SCPP-3758: Force idle state in web interface
SCPP-3763: Swedish language files updated
SCPP-3977: screen.bmp and alike should only be accessible in admin mode
SCPP-3843: Reintroduce menu option to configure fkeys using phone PUI
SCPP-3302: Scrolling of long display names
SCPP-3321: Allow all XML defined buttons to display a custom label - springboard icons may define color and positioning/size of the label
SCPP-3900: Phone Menu shows basic identity functionality in user mode (Menu - Identity)
NONE: New 370 splash images
SCPP-3856: change obsolete setting values (e.g. F_R) on the fly, so customers don't need to fix their provisioning
SCPP-3162: Remove Identity - Remove also all Identity related settings
NONE: improve settings store log
SCPP-1492: Minibrowser: new XML tag for DTMF requested
SCPP-2862: IP address conflict check on DHCP an static IP
SCPP-2968: Act on USB Soundcard keyevents
SCPP-3842: Implementation of GN Netcom USB Headsets Specs
SCPP-3808: Implement headset usage with serial ehs box for 720/760
NONE: logs for serial headset commands
SCPP-3991: Option to have in redirect http-URLs again just filenames, instead of complete URLs
SCPP-3801: If the update policy is set to 'ask_for_update', a status message should be shown instead of terminating LCS and let LID ask the question
SCPP-2704: phone should not ignore HTTP 302 response instead make a new request to the provided location
SCPP-3990: IPv4 conflict detection should be VLAN aware
SCPP-3786: Device Updates via Lync Update Service
NONE: New Log message for creation and deletion of a subscription
Bugfix Bugfixes

SCPP-4076: Audio: after a few minutes of call I get no audio and then after hanging up I cannot make any new calls
SCPP-4042: No audio in the next calls after connect with incorrect codec in SDP of "200 OK"
SCPP-4040: When the phone plays a dial tone on handset/headset and the phone goes onhook the dialtone can be heard for a short period on the speaker.
SCPP-4008: VAD/CNG not working with G.729AB on snom821/870
SCPP-3980: snom760 shows an audio artifact every 5 second in certain environments when RTCP packet are received
SCPP-3887: PA1 does not play ringer, when Autoanswer has been switched off
SCPP-3867: Ringer tone in Handset if handset was not hung up after previous connection
SCPP-3850: snom 320: sends a constant beep noise after call deflection
SCPP-3819: Lync: CN (Comfort Noise) is not played if snom receives CN RTP packets
SCPP-3815: pickup_indication doesn't works any more
SCPP-3707: BUSY signal played out in speaker mode even though handset or headset is selected
SCPP-3263: Phone plays ringback-tone if 183 is received without SDP - even if there was no 180 Ringing
SCPP-2570: Multicast doesn't work after a call is received
NONE: Discard buffered DTMF tone when stop command is received before playing
NONE: dial tone and ringback dosn't work after call with comfort noise enabled
NONE: synthesizer dosn't work after call with comfort noise enabled
NONE: avoid codec switch on incoming silence packets for 720/760
SCPP-3938: Identity index is shown twice before the remote call partner
SCPP-3979: Not delete the selected entry in all Call History lists (Missed, Received, Dialed)
SCPP-3704: After setting a caller to the Deny-List by "long-press" the Cancel Button the caller is still able to call the phone
SCPP-3948: OCI-P - Directory keys should be set by default to OCIP if setting user_server_type is set to 'Broadsoft'
SCPP-4069: No ringing during attended transfer on incoming call. This is a call waiting scenario, so Call Waiting should be indicated. New setting call_states_when_knocking
SCPP-4007: phone misleads in menu
SCPP-3994: Phone puts current call on hold while on speaker, getting a new incoming call and picking up the handset. Switching the device should always stay with the current call.
SCPP-3972: unknown shown as caller ID for all held calls
SCPP-3954: Mute symbol is not indicate when the microphone of the active audio device has been muted. Snom300/320 now display a symbol when MUTE is activated during a call
SCPP-3924: Phone crashes and keeps ringing after Function key "Forward to" is pressed during an incoming call
SCPP-3903: Line Info Layer - is really ALWAYS visible if set to on
SCPP-3896: Snom 870: Call LED keeps blinking and display shows "1 missed call" although call list has already been viewed
SCPP-3882: PUI: snom300 - internal address book cannot dial first entry ad hoc
SCPP-3873: Setting an empty display name for identity through phone menu results in __Y__
SCPP-3865: SnomMP does not show fkeys "Kick" and "Split" in conference
SCPP-3839: Broadsoft - DUT shows HOLD state even when HOLD Request was rejected / Unhold not possible
SCPP-3828: The phone doesn't start ringing when a 2nd incoming call is already waiting and the 1st call is terminated by going on-hook
SCPP-3823: Calling Features: Dialing - Keypad debounce causing unexpected 'double-digit' dialing. Intermittent issue occurs once out of ten dials.
SCPP-3813: Going on-hook doesn't terminate the active call during call waiting scenarios
SCPP-3796: snom870: not possible to set up encrypted WiFi via PUI
SCPP-3792: (snom7xx) When a Plantronics USB headset is used, the phone is in idle, headset is not selected and the headset button is pressed, the phone will toggle between idle and call screen.
SCPP-3784: Line Info Layer disappears on incoming call
SCPP-3773: Graphical Issues when pressing function key for system info while in a call
SCPP-3712: Call toggling didn't update remote call partner on display
SCPP-3613: "Number Guessing" with LDAP is not usable
SCPP-3335: Lock symbol not shown in SRTP/TLS call
SCPP-2823: Hebrew texts are not written right to left on PUI
SCPP-3706: Call Completion doesn't work consistently
SCPP-3654: Redial list bug after calling a phone in DND mode (snom 360 only)
SCPP-3795: pressing redial key twice doesn't lead to dialing the last dialed number.
SCPP-3827: Snom320 reacts very slowly over time (visible through delayed blinking of clock colon) and finally crashes
SCPP-3981: snom821 freezes in idle state
SCPP-3989: calls disappear due to very fast brokering via touch gui (snom 870 only)
NONE: using 15 volume steps in GUI although audio only has 8 (snom720)
SCPP-3200: Phone shows ??? for some ActiveDirectories schemas
SCPP-3884: the phone should hide the LDAP search display if the search had no results during number guessing
SCPP-3812: it takes much too long between the first and second LDAP search when dialing and using number guessing
SCPP-3976: LDAP directory search is not usable for fast input
SCPP-3922: Delay during dialing with enabled number guessing (third digit displayed too slowly)
SCPP-4111: Phone shows 'Provisioning in progress' repeatedly when using TR-069
SCPP-4027: cannot provision with tftp:/hostname
SCPP-4004: Function key assignment not updated on settings sync (no subscriptions being sent out)
SCPP-3974: phone retries to provision several times and then says Provisioning failed although provisioning succeeds
SCPP-3971: Configured provisioning_order not being followed properly (after successful provisioning phone should start and don't send additional requests)
SCPP-3959: when provisioning with DHCP option 66, phone still tries to get snom300-firmware.htm from
SCPP-3921: server failed display although DHCP provisioning succeeds
SCPP-3898: server failed display although provisioning is disabled
SCPP-3871: Canceling provisioning request results in incomplete error message
SCPP-3870: MKA: After FW update SIP account gets lost and provisioning via TR69 doesn't work anymore
SCPP-3810: extension key issues dialog-subscription although user_server_type is set to 'Broadsoft'
SCPP-3800: PnP does not work in VLAN environment
SCPP-3725: Can't cancel provisioning request if server is not reachable
SCPP-3420: TR69 - Motive closes connection after Device. GetParameterValues
SCPP-3911: only up to 64 https web client requests are possible
NONE: support.htm of 3xx phones is showing 'WUI core download option' even though 3xx phones aren't supporting it.
NONE: Adjusted German translations of PUI and WUI
NONE: New PUI and WUI translations for Turkish
NONE: Small changes in Italian and French
SCPP-4089: DNS: Underscore in default host name violating RFC
SCPP-4076: Audio: after a few minutes of call I get no audio and then after hanging up I cannot make any new calls
SCPP-4053: Not well formed DHCPREQUEST in RENEWING state
SCPP-3810: extension key issues dialog-subscription although user_server_type is set to 'Broadsoft'
SCPP-3778: rtp_early_media_ring_fallback seems not to work
SCPP-3777: missing SDP offer on the first response to an incoming INVITE w/o SDP
SCPP-3742: (snom 820) Wifi is not working with Ralink 3070 USB stick.
SCPP-3732: Multicast - Paging not working if Multicast Listening is activated at the same time
NONE: Domain parts delivered via DHCP option 120 were separated wrongly by ':'
NONE: Improved ethernet cable detection - first cable state event can result in a reregister before inital setup is complete
NONE: Improved ethernet cable detection - removed state_cable to not block the phone when cable is pulled - message and status message are shown instead - with configured WLAN only status message is shown - only state changes are now propagated from LID to LCS to eliminate unnecessary cable events in WLAN scenario
SCPP-4077: cannot make simple conference on Teles server
SCPP-4002: 720s locking up in local 'hold'
SCPP-3978: Incoming INVITE with Require: 100rel, but without Supported: 100rel header should trigger PRAck flow
SCPP-3946: Unhold doesn't work with snomONE any more
SCPP-3008:Hold not working if holding party is anonymous
SCPP-3232: lost register after INVITE with RFC 2543 Syntax
SCPP-3748: Park+Orbit not working. Call can be transferred but not retrieved
SCPP-3750: When doing attended transfer, REFER is sent to C instead of A
SCPP-3776: snom sends sendonly instead of receive only after multiple HOLD/UNHOLDS
SCPP-3805: Call deflection fails if transfer target is dialed using fkey type extension
SCPP-3889: Call Deflection via Call Forwarding key (also with key SpeedDial) and redirect_ringing=off is successful
SCPP-3840: Broadsoft - Timer Support - Phone adds required header even when not necessary/not advised
SCPP-4101: PhoneWantsReboot and PhoneHasDisabledSipStack are written together in status_msgs_that_are_important
SCPP-4003: Broadsoft - DFKS - DUT crashes when using ACD feature
SCPP-3996: XML-minibrowser <SoftKeyItem>-elements are not displayed if context sensitive keys (F1-F4) are addressed
SCPP-3579: minibrowser.htm does not replace Query variables correctly
NONE: Render display after translation of fkeys (label, icons) for main tag SnomIPPhoneText.
SCPP-3892: Plantronics CS540 fast dialing for calls initiated by headset could result in not dialing out
NONE: snom BT USB Headset did not work anymore
NONE: TR-069 missing initialization
NONE: Provisioning via TR-069 isn't becoming active without reboot.
NONE: TR-069 Motive Policy chaining was not working as phone accepted more than one connection request.
NONE: If TR-069 is used checksync NOTIFY triggers a connection request.
SCPP-2388: Snom Vision Speed Dial: Cannot initiate/cancel outgoing calls or answer incoming calls
Known Issues Known issues

SCPP-4194: In some occurrences MediaStack is restarting and "All lines will be closed" is displayed when using a snom USB BT (adapter for wireless headset) on 7xx
SCPP-4138: In some occurrences MediaStack is restarting and "All lines will be closed" on the display if snom 760/720 is using a Wireless Headset (through USB) not in sync
SCPP-3730: phone does not ring if call is on hold and second call comes in (and both suppress_ringing_during_hold and cw_dialtone are disabled)
SCPP-4183: Blind transfer not working when transfer target being dialed with function key (key type = extension)
SCPP-4168: Favorites List doesn't show added entries
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