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SCPP-3030: Mute button in idle screen toggles DND (snom 300 only)
SCPP-2807: When the phone is rejected by the OCI server it needs to ask the user for the credential (user, password) using the PUI.
SCPP-2939: support for describing key-behaviour in XML for idle-navi-, idle-context- and hard-keys (menu and alike)
SCPP-2997: Broadsoft XSI-ACD Agent implementation
SCPP-3324: New setting requested to restore old speaker key behaviour: speaker_toggles_device
SCPP-726: OCS/Lync: Port for 370, 870, MP: Inform user about special routing events (fowarding, delegation, team call, acd, private line, cccp conferencing) during ongoing call
SCPP-3062: new setting controlling which canceled incoming rings don't make it into the missed-call-list: sip_cancel_reasons_to_ignore_missed_call
SCPP-3208: Added QSC Broadsoft ResourceList Keys
NONE: Saving new tbook entry out of call list details is taking name from contact pool if available
SCPP-2775: ADD - Add czech tone scheme to web UI drop down
SCPP-3208: QSC Broadsoft ResourceList Keys - In XML-descriptions all applicable actions get fired now, not just the first one - accept though for dial-actions since phone can only dial one party at a time.
SCPP-3157: new setting replace_header_fire_action_url if true action urls will be fired during transfer with replace headers.
SCPP-3270: Entrust Root CA certificate added
NONE: Fill DHCP option 12 (hostname) with 'snom_XXXXXX'.
SCPP-2773: Exchange Device Information via DHCP INFORM with the Gateway even if DHCP is not used for IP address allocation, two new settings: dhcp_options_on_ip_aquire and dhcp_options_on_inform
NONE: Minibrowser is now capable of handling elif and else tags.
SCPP-2808: Phone should always prefer redirection server over DHCP option 66/67. Added new setting provisioning_order which can change order of provisioning types
SCPP-3064: SIP MESSAGE can be used to send settings to the phone
SCPP-3122: Added setting headset_rings_once (in Advanced/Audio) to disable default repeated ringing for headsets.
SCPP-3407: URi Utils should replace all occurrences of tokens in URIs.
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