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SCPP-1312: FIX - srtcp mac check
SCPP-2396: FIX - Keytones don't work
SCPP-2542: FIX - DTMF tones while dialing not working on 821/870
SCPP-2976: FIX - no ringing on snom3xx models after an previous call with comfort noise enabled
SCPP-2989: FIX - add Lync Features to MediaDaemon (without ICMP)
SCPP-3054: FIX - Audio: One-way-audio if different codecs from the SDP are used
SCPP-3261: FIX - Terminate sounds are played very loud and can't be changed via volume keys
SCPP-3271: FIX - OCS: snom3xx doesn't send DTMF tones correctly when navigate thru IVR
SCPP-3337: FIX - Lync: One-way audio over TCP relay connections with snom821 when G.722 is negotiated
SCPP-3388: FIX - No Audio with G726-32 on snom821/870
SCPP-3391: FIX - DTMF stops audio
SCPP-3461: FIX - Calling Features: DTMF - snom 760 sends last digit of dialed number for INVITE as DTMF
SCPP-2830: FIX - Multicast Paging: Can't switch between speaker/handset during an active multicast on the destination site
SCPP-3449: FIX - Phone doesn't do DHCP on Windows DHCP environment
SCPP-2862: FIX - IPv4 conflict probing was sometimes not working due to eth0 startup delay
SCPP-2862: FIX - IPv4 conflict shows the remote MAC address
NONE: FIX - (snom7xx, snom8xx, snomMP) Update isn't working in load balanced web server environment. Providing now unresolved FQDN in update URL.
SCPP-3397: FIX - ldap_max_hits > 127 will cause LDAP lookup requests to fail with "invalid size limit"
SCPP-3653: FIX - incoming call: name from LDAP directory is not complete on the LCD, if show the incoming/missed call list
SCPP-3364: FIX - LDAP - Predict Text is not working as designed
SCPP-2586: FIX - advertise received dscp value if untagged
SCPP-3402: old-style http-csta is broken
SCPP-3450: FIX - Provisioning priority handling not working properly. Fixed case when setting server is pointing to known IP, which isn't running a server at the given port.
SCPP-3086: FIX - SIP SUBSCRIBE PnP provisioning does not have priority over option 66 after NOTIFY without reboot. Added new internal setting pnp_server which holds the value of the SIP PnP setting server
SCPP-3158: FIX - No VPN-tarball fetching without successful provisioning
SCPP-3372: FIX - Branding not implemented (snom720 only)
SCPP-3657: FIX - PnP does not work, phone replies with 404 to NOTIFY
SCPP-2579: FIX - XML Idle Screen - Always shows Digital Clock
SCPP-3635: FIX - pressing twice OK key doesn't dial the latest dialed number
SCPP-3637: FIX - Status information - context sensitive function key stucks
SCPP-3465: FIX - LED behaviour after pressing Function Key (Redial, Directory) not correct/inconsistent
SCPP-3603: FIX - touch screen: "upper/lower/number switch" and "DELETE button" don't work any more (snom 870 only)
SCPP-3565: FIX - Internal Directory: formatting errors in Directory Key (snom 870 only)
SCPP-2499: FIX - OCS Directory Search: Error when hitting backspace
SCPP-2501: FIX - 320: Canceling ringer selection leads to account & registrar request
SCPP-2577: FIX - CallerID: The callerID appears wrong after Transfer
SCPP-2960: FIX - skip emergency number normalization on OCS/Lync accounts only
SCPP-3094: FIX - Add active & idle back light setting (snom370 only)
SCPP-3170: FIX - Reset via Web-GUI and selecting a language results in all prompts are in English and even predefined values (time zone, tone scheme) are as English was selected
SCPP-3227: FIX - DUT does not update Caller Name on Display if changed in sequential calls
SCPP-3233: FIX - Same button icon for "Change Active ID" and "Presence State" (snom 760 only)
SCPP-3239: FIX - Call completion (CC) button displays text instead of icon.
SCPP-3302: FIX - If the display name of the callee is too long the name is cutting off. It doesn't scroll. Scrolling is still not implemented but text is wrapped if ringer_animation is disabled (snom 370 only)
SCPP-3313: FIX - Lync: Message LED won't turn off and status Information doesn't blink
SCPP-3326: FIX - partial_lookup setting too liberal
SCPP-3335: FIX - Lock symbol not shown in SRTP/TLS call.
SCPP-3338: FIX - Keyboard lock can be circumvented by rebooting the phone
SCPP-3354: FIX - Phone does not react on context sensitive key "OK" for turning on DHCP
SCPP-3362: FIX - Lync: Emergency call looses audio if "Transfer" is pressed.
SCPP-3366: FIX - Lync: Line switching during emergency call is not blocked
SCPP-3369: FIX - Lync: Wrong remote party displayed after transfer to external number by Lync client
SCPP-3370: FIX - Menu diction in the German phone PUI is bad
SCPP-3374: FIX - nexpected string from SIP header is shown by incoming transfer call (snom870 only)
SCPP-3389: FIX - Icon Tag in Minibrowser does not load icons from HTTP URLs any more
SCPP-3413: FIX - Star digit is causing wrong editing behavior in alpha mode
SCPP-3427: FIX - Message about DHCP request is not shown on the screen (snom320 only)
SCPP-3442: FIX - The configuration file for fkeys 'fkey.xml' can not be saved to flash since it is too big if XML definitions are being used. The limit is 150k now, it was 20k.
SCPP-3446: FIX - Call lists cannot be cleared
SCPP-1335: FIX - incorrect packet and octet count in RTCP Sender Report
SCPP-2806: FIX - User needs to be able to change the http server user and password (http_user, http_pass) and the ocsip user and password (ocip_username, ocip_password) when user mode is on
SCPP-3417: FIX - Double/interfering ring tone on with UC version when calling an external number (snom 720/760 only)
SCPP-3437: FIX - LYNC: Snom 300 crashes and restarts in call deflection scenario of Lync client
SCPP-3316: FIX - Lync: Call between Aries IP Phone and Snom 300 from different Pools causes snom 300 to crash and reboot
SCPP-3387: FIX - Lync: Resolution of FQDN for AV-edge server fails if more than one A record is returned
SCPP-3295: FIX - LYNC: redial with E.164 causes a malformed INVITE request
SCPP-3145: FIX - OCS: call cannot be terminated after changing the OCS Account Data to another OCS user (remoteUser only)
SCPP-3405: FIX - Phone no longer creates subscriptions for Vision virtual keys
SCPP-3406: FIX - Phone doesn't create subscription for BLF buttons with context "Active"
SCPP-3601: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - DUT activates second SCA line key after receiving "403 Forbidden"
SCPP-1140: FIX - remote party may transfer a call in a local conference
SCPP-1633: FIX - Broadsoft SLA - Barge-in changed from SRTP to RTP and vice versa
SCPP-2841: FIX - identity 12 outbound proxy will be used to filter also requests directly to the phones IP address
SCPP-2863: FIX - Broadsoft: CFA doesn't work properly. correct subscribe is sent too late
SCPP-3153: FIX - Request Start Line and CSeq Method Mismatch (RFC 4475 Page 32
SCPP-3206: FIX - Broadsoft - Connected Line Restriction after CFW - DUT does not show restricted number
SCPP-3211: FIX - automatic reregister on 423 Interval too brief response
SCPP-3221: FIX - incoming diverson-inhibit param to avoid phone diversion
SCPP-3223: FIX - Broadsoft - DFKS - DND Synchronisation only with active identity
SCPP-3225: FIX - Broadsoft - Agent Logged_In triggers also SUBSCRIBE for "Agent State Not Ready"
SCPP-3229: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - Refresh Line-seize fails
SCPP-3258: FIX - Broadsoft - BLF - Parked Against indicator. A slow blinking LED indicates Parked Against state.
SCPP-3246: FIX - fix double DTMF via SIP INFO and RTP stream
SCPP-3251: FIX - Broadsoft - Network based 3way - Server does not accept REFER
SCPP-3398: FIX - Phone looses subscription after some time.
SCPP-3422: FIX - Phone sends 180 Ringing too late, resolved by sending 100 Trying earlier
SCPP-3451: FIX - for orange, the Refer-To header SHALL contain the addr-spec of URI rec in the Contact header of the 200 OK resp to the INVITE sent to the conference
SCPP-471: FIX - reworked music on hold to supported SRTP
SCPP-3415: FIX - Remote numbers are not shown in call lists of the flash plugin anymore if Flash plugin is enabled
SCPP-3447: FIX - Selecting item from WUI call list crashes phone
SCPP-2969: FIX - Phone hangs if PCAP Trace is retrieved during call and trace is not stopped
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