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8.7.2 New Features

( SCPP-2971: ADD - Entrust Root CA certificate
( SCPP-2360: ADD - (snom720, snom760) Missing GSM Codec
( UPD - (snom720, snom760) Audio profiles have been improved.
( SCPP-726: ADD - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Inform user about special routing events (fowarding, delegation, team call, acd, private line, cccp conferencing) during ongoing call.
( SCPP-2438: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Inbound private lines.
( SCPP-2605: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Place g722 on top position of default codec list.
( SCPP-2411: ADD - Microsoft Lync - CFWD support with new publishing behavior.
( SCPP-2435: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Call admission control and bandwith management
( SCPP-2436: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Media Bypass
( SCPP-2437: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Monitoring and Device Inventory Reporting
( SCPP-2632: ADD - Microsoft Lync - E.911 - support of ms-subnet header in REGISTER and subnet info in roaming provisioning SUBCRIBE.
( SCPP-2634: ADD - Microsoft Lync - E.911 - disable of current Call Forwarding rules in Emergency Calls and revert automatically after 120 minutes.
( SCPP-2694: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Support for Set user presence.
( SCPP-3255: ADD - New setting keyboard_lock_accepted_callkeys to accept additional keys during keyboard lock.
( SCPP-1034: ADD - Show resolved names even in Call Lists.
( ADD - (snom300, snom320) Phone now uses joined-call-screen-techniques (SCPP-2590).
( SCPP-1781: ADD - Presence-buttons now work as transfer-target as well.
( SCPP-2566: ADD - Introducing new setting recording_mechanism to control what happens, when record key is pressed.
( SCPP-2590: ADD - (snom820,snom821) Softkeys in call-screen controlable via settings call_screen_fkeys_on_outgoing, call_screen_fkeys_on_incoming, call_screen_fkeys_on_connected and call_screen_fkeys_on_holding
( SCPP-2590: ADD - (snom820,snom821) Text format in line-info layer is now configurable, see new settings (provisioning only): lil_first_line_format, lil_second_line_format, lil_state_format, lil_1st_line_height and lil_2nd_line_height.
( SCPP-2879: ADD - New option to distinguish dialing from call-pickup added to fkey XML subscribe specification.
( SCPP-2892: ADD - New option to add routing info added to fkey XML subscribe specification (subscription doesn’t need to use outbound-proxy from identity).
( SCPP-2862: ADD - IPv4 conflict detection during bootup and defending during runtime (RFC 5227).
( SCPP-2139: ADD - New setting disable_storing_changes to disable writing setting and local Directory changes to flash memory.
( SCPP-2720: ADD - New setting show_connected_call_in_monitor_view.
( SCPP-2922: ADD - Enable extension monitoring groups.
( SCPP-3072: ADD - New setting sip_stop_subscriptions_on_register_failure to stop subscriptions on registration failure.
( ADD - Sending DND on/off starcodes for server-managed DND as well.
( SCPP-3099: ADD - Make setting restrict_uri_queries configurable via WUI.
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