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Production Release for snom720, snom760 only
Releases for snom3xx,snom8xx,snom_MeetingPoint,snom_PA1 will follow consecutively mid of Q2 2012



Release Date
Production Firmware release for snom720 and snom760 only
Changed Behavior

8.7.2 Changes

( SCPP-1844: CHG - Removes useless setting subscribe_config.
( SCPP-3132: CHG - Empty contact list now shows different texts for no results and initial instructions.
( SCPP–3126: CHG - Log missing language items with level 9.
( CHG - OID Registration is not a string anymore but an integer. 1 represents true (is registered), 0 is false.

8.7.2 New Features

( SCPP-2971: ADD - Entrust Root CA certificate
( SCPP-2360: ADD - (snom720, snom760) Missing GSM Codec
( UPD - (snom720, snom760) Audio profiles have been improved.
( SCPP-726: ADD - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Inform user about special routing events (fowarding, delegation, team call, acd, private line, cccp conferencing) during ongoing call.
( SCPP-2438: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Inbound private lines.
( SCPP-2605: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Place g722 on top position of default codec list.
( SCPP-2411: ADD - Microsoft Lync - CFWD support with new publishing behavior.
( SCPP-2435: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Call admission control and bandwith management
( SCPP-2436: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Media Bypass
( SCPP-2437: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Monitoring and Device Inventory Reporting
( SCPP-2632: ADD - Microsoft Lync - E.911 - support of ms-subnet header in REGISTER and subnet info in roaming provisioning SUBCRIBE.
( SCPP-2634: ADD - Microsoft Lync - E.911 - disable of current Call Forwarding rules in Emergency Calls and revert automatically after 120 minutes.
( SCPP-2694: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Support for Set user presence.
( SCPP-3255: ADD - New setting keyboard_lock_accepted_callkeys to accept additional keys during keyboard lock.
( SCPP-1034: ADD - Show resolved names even in Call Lists.
( ADD - (snom300, snom320) Phone now uses joined-call-screen-techniques (SCPP-2590).
( SCPP-1781: ADD - Presence-buttons now work as transfer-target as well.
( SCPP-2566: ADD - Introducing new setting recording_mechanism to control what happens, when record key is pressed.
( SCPP-2590: ADD - (snom820,snom821) Softkeys in call-screen controlable via settings call_screen_fkeys_on_outgoing, call_screen_fkeys_on_incoming, call_screen_fkeys_on_connected and call_screen_fkeys_on_holding
( SCPP-2590: ADD - (snom820,snom821) Text format in line-info layer is now configurable, see new settings (provisioning only): lil_first_line_format, lil_second_line_format, lil_state_format, lil_1st_line_height and lil_2nd_line_height.
( SCPP-2879: ADD - New option to distinguish dialing from call-pickup added to fkey XML subscribe specification.
( SCPP-2892: ADD - New option to add routing info added to fkey XML subscribe specification (subscription doesn’t need to use outbound-proxy from identity).
( SCPP-2862: ADD - IPv4 conflict detection during bootup and defending during runtime (RFC 5227).
( SCPP-2139: ADD - New setting disable_storing_changes to disable writing setting and local Directory changes to flash memory.
( SCPP-2720: ADD - New setting show_connected_call_in_monitor_view.
( SCPP-2922: ADD - Enable extension monitoring groups.
( SCPP-3072: ADD - New setting sip_stop_subscriptions_on_register_failure to stop subscriptions on registration failure.
( ADD - Sending DND on/off starcodes for server-managed DND as well.
( SCPP-3099: ADD - Make setting restrict_uri_queries configurable via WUI.

8.7.2 Bugfixes

PUI, Minibrowser
( SCPP-2577: FIX - Caller ID: The Caller ID appears wrong after Call Transfer.
( NONE: FIX - (snom300) Secure communication lock icon is never shown.
( SCPP-2977: FIX - E.911 fails to submit location on redial. Call an Emergency number out of a Call List works now.
( SCPP-3169: FIX - (snom720, snom760) Russian and Hebrew fonts are missing.
( SCPP-3170: FIX - Store/Apply Language change immediately if wizard is running.
( SCPP-3219: FIX - Saving/reloading of call history lists is faulty.
( SCPP-3281: FIX - (snom870) No call transfer with number from contact pool (call list) possible.
( SCPP-3286: FIX - Action URL for event on hook not always being sent.
( SCPP-3289: UPD - (snom720, snom760) Check whether 4+1 conference is possible (currently pure unencrypted G722 only).
( SCPP-3305: FIX - unknown is shown instead of Caller ID on in- and outgoing calls.
( SCPP-3288: FIX - (snom760) LED indication for missed calls is missing.
( SCPP-3276: FIX - (snom760,snom820,snom821) Selected ABS line isn’t scrolling until the whole line is shown. Text scrolling range was very limited. Increased to twice the display size.
( SCPP-3277: FIX - Selected ABS line isn’t called by lifting handset. Lifting handset in ABS/LDAP will call the entry now.
( SCPP-3279: FIX - (snom300) Can’t set HELP on Fkey in state idle.
( SCPP-3280: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Phone does not scroll horizontally in ringing state. Adjust scrolling width if arrows are displayed in selection list.
( SCPP-3284: FIX - (snom820,snom821) PUI shows lock symbol after deactivating keyboard lock.
( SCPP-3285: FIX - (snom300) No backspace available in edit transfer number.
( SCPP-2766: FIX - Caller ID update on the phone using SIP INFO issue.
( SCPP-3236: ADD: New menu entry call voicemail in Identity menu. If new voice messages are available offer retrieve on ENTER key (snom300).
( SCPP-3260: FIX - Scrolling with navigation key doesn’t work properly in Time Zone and Tone Scheme selection. Accept navigation key events in sequence only and not in parallel.
( SCPP-3264: FIX - Was missing feedback after a new contact has been created. Show saved message for internal Directory handling.
( SCPP-3182: FIX - Inform Contact Pool about chosen LDAP contact. Then it can be used for showing contact details on screen. Fixed wrong comparison of parallel requests.
( SCPP-3172: ADD - Show prompt for Directory Search.
( SCPP-3196: FIX - (snom360) Is using UTF8 chars out of bounds.
( SCPP-2998: FIX - Preselection is dialed immediately when phone goes offhook. Don’t dial preselection immediately.
( SCPP-3080: FIX - Inform user about DFKS sync failure.
( SCPP-3125: FIX - Only one contact number (mobile) is shown in contact search. Show all numbers of a contact in contact search.
( SCPP-3130: FIX - Auto Dial in contact lists isn’t working.
( SCPP-3132: CHG - Empty Contact List now shows different texts for no results and initial instructions.
( NONE: FIX - Light line-key (type: extension) after having picked up remote call with it.
( NONE: FIX - (snom300) Can now use again the speaker-key in dial-screen to toggle between headset and speaker.
( SCPP-1169: FIX - context key Pool not working correctly. Contact pool refactored and is based on XML now.
( SCPP-2126: FIX - (snom300, snom360, snom820, snom870, snom_MeetingPoint) Wizard problems after reset.
( SCPP-2195: FIX - (snom360) Inconsistent and wrong behaviour of language and dialtone wizard. Handling is unified now using the wizard (used for timezone, language, tonescheme) for all phone types.
( SCPP-2397: FIX - Call Completion doesn’t work with party on hold.
( SCPP-2599: FIX - Motion JPEG doesn’t work. Show scaled down images from motion-jpeg-stream.
( SCPP-2680: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Call timer on screen freezes when starting Conference. New display design for conference state.
( SCPP-2681: FIX - Automatic redial doesn’t show the counter going down. Split or reduce text for Auto Dial display.
( SCPP-2683: FIX - Call not listed in received calls on Call Pickup.
( SCPP-2687: FIX - XML Dialplan does not behave as expected. Fixed single digit XML dial plan matches.
( SCPP-2699: FIX - One character not displaying correctly in text at bottom of screen. Don’t show unprintable characters in status line.
( SCPP-2700: FIX - Call Completion offered when phone cancels call. Don’t offer call completion if call was cancelled locally.
( SCPP-2701: FIX - Call Completion cancelled but still dial screen visable for a short moment. Don’t switch to state idle if call completion is wanted.
( SCPP-2710: FIX - (snom370, snom820, snom821) SRTP and PUI Lock Indication does not work. Show icon for SRTP connection.
( SCPP-2718: FIX - Test Ringer played out even after leaving the menu point. Test ringtone will be stopped after leaving the ringtone menu entry.
( SCPP-2747: FIX - Expansion Module - Version not shown in System Information. Show count of expansion modules and version number in system information.
( SCPP-2750: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Can’t change the input mode (alpha mode, numeric mode) in LDAP Directory. New global edit mode toggles by pressing * for 1sec.
( SCPP-2765: FIX - LEDs of Fkey type Call Agent aren’t updated.
( SCPP-2780: FIX - Value changes of scroll settings weren’t applied immediately.
( SCPP-2803: FIX - You can not dial the entered number when number guessing is on. Key enter will force a query in case of directory search. For number guessing it will dial the input.
( SCPP-2814: FIX - Letter T was missing in Hungarian language when entering text within PUI.
( SCPP-2819: FIX - Blank screen when LDAP lookup is forced with right navi key. Contact details can be shown with right navi key. If no details available a message will be shown.
( SCPP-2848: FIX - Lock Keyboard - After entering new PIN phone stays with Minibrowser message. Now closing keyboard lock message after 3 seconds.
( SCPP-2900: FIX - Clearing missed calls with cancel shows Key unassigned.
( SCPP-2912: FIX - Extension Monitoring (RFC4662): Incoming Calls on monitored extensions are not mapped correctly and pickup fails. Made pickup via subscription list work.
( SCPP-2948: FIX - Message LED not working.
( SCPP-2957: FIX - Deleting selected entry in any Call History list doesn’t work. Delete the selected entry and not the first one out of a call list if delete key was pressed.
( SCPP-2960: FIX - Don’t normalize emergency numbers.
( SCPP-2973: FIX - Selection list of Tone Schemes isn’t working properly. Fix empty selection list in wizard (tone scheme view).
( SCPP-2979: FIX - (snom300) Call Deflection and Blind Transfer do not work.
( SCPP-2995: FIX - Call Completion offered always even if the called party was not busy. Don’t offer Call Completion in state calling (softkey only).
( SCPP-3037: FIX - Number Guessing does not work if entering more than 4 digits. Different handling during number guessing for starting the handler triggered by timeout or by keystroke.
( SCPP-3047: FIX - Phone shows only LDAP SN instead of full CN in call screens.
( SCPP-3074: FIX - BLF button event HOLD is not working. Line keys of type BUTTON show on hold in Snom8xx PUI when corresponding button is reported to have color hold.
( SCPP-3085: FIX - (snom870) GMT +-# is not shown in timezone list. Show timezone hours in timezone menu.
( SCPP-3087: FIX - (snom870) Offered dialtone in initial wizard is not always correct. Show pre-selected timezone in list view.
( SCPP-3091: FIX - (snom870) Call Completion is offered immediately and misbehaving if call is rejected by callee. Call Completion fixed for redial or local call abort.
( SCPP-3097: FIX - It is possible to redial from an empty Call History list. Ignore empty call list entries for redialing.
( SCPP-3104: FIX - BLF on snom vision / virtual keys on phone also pop up. Don’t show virtual key activities for external keys (snom Vision, Expansion Module).
( SCPP-3105: FIX - Call Transfer/Call Deflection - Numbers of involved phones are not updated/No coherent behaviour. Update display informations of caller based on SIP messages.
( SCPP-2702: FIX - Set up 3 SLA lines, incoming call makes two LEDs illuminate. Removed redundant LED control for SLA.
( SCPP-3036: FIX - BLF - When transfering monitored extensions, BLF light freezes, no proper indication. Use unique dialog id for state notify.
( SCPP-2734: FIX - (snom3xx,snom820) Possible phone freeze during use of Directory PUI.
( SCPP-3012: FIX - Don’t refresh Minibrowser if it’s waiting for a web response.
( SCPP-2417: Function key features: Bad xml response if clicking an URL button twice. Don’t fetch input URL if nothing was entered.
( SCPP-2590: (snom300, snom320, snom82x) Setting cmc_feature removed, now done by call_screen_fkeys_on_… settings.
( SCPP-2590: (snom300, snom320, snom82x) Setting deny_all_feature removed, now done by call_screen_fkeys_on_… settings.
( SCPP-2590: (snom82x) Setting show_line_info removed, now done by individual line_info_at_… settings.
( SCPP-2859: (snom300) Switching between headset and speaker is done differently now: when pressing short time, speaker key woks like normal speaker (no switching to headset) - long-press to speaker key will be treated as if the (not existend) headset key was pressed.
( SCPP-2499: FIX - Microsoft OCS Directory Search: Error when hitting backspace.
( SCPP-3283: FIX - Microsoft Lync: PUI sign-in wizard does not perform register after entering credentials.
( SCPP-3313: FIX - Message LED won’t turn off and status information doesn’t blink.
( SCPP-3316: FIX - Call between TI Aries based IP Phones and snom300 from different pools causes snom300 to reboot.
( SCPP-3297: FIX - Backoff algorithm (retry_after_failed_register) timer does not reset after successful REGISTER. Reset random timer if register was successful.
( SCPP-3299: FIX - Incorrect (Voicemail) SIP URI listed in Call Lists.
( SCPP-3300: FIX - DUT crashes if connected to another domain.
( SCPP-3304: FIX - E.911 - Display-Info This is an emergency call is not shown when performing an emergency call.
( SCPP-3226: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Microsoft Lync: It’s impossible to set your own Presence state.
( SCPP-3287: FIX - Microsoft Lync: PUI’s Call History doesn’t display the Time.
( SCPP-2902: FIX - Microsoft Lync: Selecting Distribution Group causes phone freezing.
( SCPP-2999: FIX - Microsoft Lync: MCU disconnect after 7:27 min - if invited via SIP address (basic MS - CCCP).
( SCPP-3031: FIX - Microsoft Lync: MCU we send a BYE after 1:02 hour - if invited via SIP address (basic MS - CCCP).
( SCPP-3051: FIX - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Long delay before phone rings.
( SCPP-3057: FIX - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Failure to connect to TCP port of AV edge server puts ICE peer state machine into failed state.
( SCPP-3067: FIX - Microsoft Lync: CAC - no display warning call may take longer - in CAC network busy calls from snom to Tanjay, Aries or Lync Client.
( SCPP-3140: FIX - TCP reconnect back off. New default value set for retry failed register to 3,6:300.
( SCPP-3166: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Escalating a two-party call to a conference fails when invoked by Lync Attendant.
( SCPP-3216: FIX - Microsoft Lync: Cannot unlock phone keyboard by pressing OK. Set [Fkeys]] to ok, cancel for confirm keylock.
( SCPP-3269: FIX - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Turning off DND should delete user state instead of setting it to available.
( SCPP-2820: FIX - Microsoft OCS: Media connectivity failure on load balanced AV edge servers.
( SCPP-2868: FIX - Microsoft OCS: Crash caused by Call Access Control (CAC).
( SCPP-2881: FIX - Microsoft OCS: Unsupported codec in SDP offer caused duplication of codec 0 in SDP response.
( SCPP-2907: FIX - Microsoft OCS: No audio when phone is in TCP only mode.
( SCPP-2908: FIX - Microsoft Lync: E.911 - Emergency calls cannot be dialed when phone is in locked state.
( SCPP-2933: FIX - Microsoft Lync: INVITE from conference server fails.
( SCPP-2794: ADD - UC edition supports the setting advertisement_url now as well, like all our other versions already do.
( SCPP-3289: UPD - G.722 is first in Codec list now - also for non UC versions.
( SCPP-2360: ADD - (snom720, snom760) Missing GSM codec
( SCPP-3194: FIX - SRTCP decryption error processing
( SCPP-526: FIX - (snom3xx, snom820) Bad audio quality when using G.726 because of wrong packing order.
( SCPP-3135: FIX - (snom720, snom760) Local DTMF echo always played out with maximum volume. Lowered volume now.
( SCPP-3136: FIX - Comfort Noise / Silence Supression not working. Codec cn is only valid for snom3xx, snom8xx, but not for snom7xx and snom MeetingPoint.
( SCPP-1424: FIX - (snom8xx) Auto Answer indication is inaudible. Now playing auto connect tone in full length.
( SCPP-1694: FIX - Blind Transfer: Missing dial tone after pressing transfer key.
( SCPP-2117: FIX - Missing busy tone.
( SCPP-2601: FIX - Play busy tone in terminated screen.
( SCPP-2742: FIX - Mixing dial tone and ring tone in ring tone menu if phone is off hook.
( SCPP-2746: FIX - Changing ringer volume doesn’t work properly.
( SCPP-2748: FIX - Call Completion: phone keeps playing busy tone the whole time during "Waiting". If no line is active stop playing synth sounds.
( SCPP-2751: FIX - phone plays busy tone after a transfer (Call Released Notification is off).
( SCPP-2854: FIX - Playing ringer on changing the volume doesn’t work properly.
( SCPP-2855: FIX - Playing ringer from setting menu doesn’t work properly.
( SCPP-2861: FIX - Incoming Intercom call cannot switch the audio-device unless it gets accepted.
( SCPP-2968: FIX - (snom720, snom760) USB Headset keys cannot control the phone.
( SCPP-1056: FIX - (snom3xx) If the option Silence Supression is enabled, the phone sends incorrect packets. Increasing sequence number on CNG packets and also add marker at the end of Comfort Noise.
( SCPP-2666: FIX - (snom_PA1) Always send RTP instead of SRTP.
( SCPP-2864: FIX - (snom3xx, snom820) En-/disable Comfort Noise depending on negotiated codecs with SDP offer/answers.
( SCPP-2951: FIX - RTCP counter information incorrect. Was wrong fraction lost counter due to overrun.

( SCPP-3259: FIX - nickname is misspelled.
( SCPP-3186: FIX - Delete last Call History list entry or clear a list.
( SCPP-1831: FIX - Deleting whole Call History lists with activated hidden tags wasn’t working. Hidden tags are now ignored for local connections.
( SCPP-2295: FIX - (snom8xx, snomMP) Upload of WUI TAR archive doesn’t change WUI appearance.
( SCPP-2649: FIX - Dropdown menu for configuring soft keys in WUI needs revision. Now Mute is available for Line and Speed Dial keys only. Clear Pickup Info has been removed.
( SCPP-2936: FIX - Phone isn’t using absolute URI for 302 redirection (RFC 1945).
( SCPP-3023: FIX - Deleting singe Call History list entries not possible. Remove Call History entries on index webpage fixed.
( SCPP-2737: FIX - Phone does crash if downloaded file is too big.
( SCPP-2856: FIX - HTTP Client Authentication Digest not working. Use relative URI in authorization part.
( SCPP-3100: FIX - Don’t establish new HTTP Client connection if an older one is still in connecting state.
( SCPP-2117: FIX - Removed unnecessary option off_when_terminating_calls in menu under advanced>audio>release_sound.
( SCPP-2139: FIX - Setting apply_settings_timeout removed. Saving setting values changed via PUI to flash now always within a second, but setting values changed via WUI have to be applied manually before saved to flash.
( SCPP-2698: FIX - Setting auto_connect_type removed since it’s obsolete.
( SCPP-2720: FIX - Setting callpickup_dialoginfo removed, instead goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity is to be used.
( SCPP-2720: FIX - Setting show_xml_pickup removed since it’s obsolete.
( SCPP-2786: FIX - Setting redundant_fkeys replaced by disable_XYZ_soft_key_in_call settings. Available on all phones showing soft keys during call, except for snom MeetingPoint and snom8xx.
( FIX - Removed settings multicast_address and multicast_port, which are obsolete since 8.2.1.

( SCPP-2274: FIX - Min-Expire-Header not recognized (423 too brief). Automatically re-register once with the Min-Expires value.
( SCPP-3159: FIX - 180 Ringing instead 400 Bad Request error after Multiple Values in Single Value Required Fields
( SCPP-3231: FIX - Phone does not remove bindings correctly if rebooted. New setting sip_shutdown_timeout.
( SCPP-3203: FIX - After Receiving Call via CFW 181, DUT can not cancel call. Update callback_id on call forking to the final connection id.
( SCPP-3204: FIX - Phone did not play Bellcore tones.
( SCPP-3214: FIX - Reregister with Resource List Subscription via WUI Button was rebooting the phone.
( SCPP-3243: FIX - Failover not working. Default transaction timeout shortened from 32 to 8 seconds (sip_request_timeout, Broadsoft only).
( SCPP-3266: FIX - Set reciprocal_hold and refer_brackets to on if Server Type is Broadsoft.
( SCPP-3136: UPD - Silence Supression/Comfort Noise not working. Codec cn is only valid for snom3xx, snom820, but not for snom821, snom870, snom7xx and snom_MeetingPoint.
( SCPP-3152: FIX - Handle full dialog-info notify even if it is empty.
( SCPP-1853: FIX - Setting reject_calls_with_603 isn’t working.
( SCPP-3116: FIX - Codec CN is off by default.
( SCPP-3147: FIX - Phone answers empty SDPs with pcmu codec only regardless of what is defined in the codec lists. Now offering all codecs on incoming INVITE without SDP (late SDP).
( SCPP-830: FIX - If we send a CANCEL request, we have to wait for a 1xx-Response. Scheduling CANCEL if no response has been received yet.
( SCPP-1237: FIX - Attended transfer while ringing. Avoid CANCEL on transfering an outgoing ringing call (added new setting: attendend_transfer_on_ringing).
( SCPP-1820: FIX - Missing ACK for final response INVITE does not cancel the call. An missing ACK for 200OK responses will now release the call and a BYE will be send back.
( SCPP-1914: FIX - Corrected handling of non-SRTP-holds (we never use SRTP during hold) in SRTP-calls.
( SCPP-2215: DEL - Since phones can handle codecs dynamically, we removed the setting dtmf_payload_type in all phones except snomMP.
( SCPP-2475: FIX - Phones do not apply the signaling_tos parameter. Update signaling tos on udp if the setting changes.
( SCPP-2482: FIX - Problem with TCP DNS fail-over. On TCP/TLS check dirty host before connection attempt and packet routing.
( SCPP-2638: FIX - OCS: Phone does not retry connecting with an exponential back-off algorithm in case of network loss. Use now new setting retry_after_failed_register for random reregistering after reboot, ethernet replug or tcp reconnect. Value can be single integer value (range 1 to this value) or a range like 2,10.
( SCPP-2733: FIX - Improper retransmission timers for non-INVITE client transaction. Use Timer T2 for retransmissions in proceeding state on non-INVITE client transactions.
( SCPP-2816: FIX - INVITE retransmission interval too short and issue if T1 is too large.
( SCPP-2888: FIX - Premature release of a TCP candidate caused the phone to crash occasionally.
( SCPP-2953: FIX - REGISTER and INVITE network failures aren’t reported via PUI.
( SCPP-2955: FIX - DSCP value on SIP connections is wrong (not shifted).
( SCPP-3001: FIX - One way audio after attended transfer when transferor is snom760 and transferee has version 8.4. Now preventing unhold during transfer operation.
( SCPP-3002: FIX - No caller id update (transferee) on transferer. Inform PUI about a connection replacement to show correct display names (contact informations).
( SCPP-3008: FIX - Hold not working if holding party is anonymous. Set original tag in FROM header in case of an privacy call (anonymous).
( SCPP-3071: FIX - SIP message re-submits will not be stopped after server BYE. Skipping INVITE retransmissions (e.g. hold) on dialog teardown.
( SCPP-224: GRUU ID isn’t preserved between reboots. The ID is fix for the device now.
( SCPP-3039: FIX - Memory leak on handling EAP success/failure responses.
( SCPP-2585: FIX - [[VLAN] ID over 255 was not working.
( SCPP-2595: FIX - Set VLAN ID and priority (QoS) settings delivered via LLDP.
( SCPP-2873: FIX - Phone reports too many setting changes to TR69 application. Don’t report automated temporary changes of outgoing identity.
( SCPP-2578: FIX - (snom MeetingPoint) Branding isn’t supported.
( SCPP-3055: FIX - Fetching of upload files is failing if other provisioning requests failed before as well.
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