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Please Note: This firmware is in BETA state and hence should only be used for testing purposes!



Release Date
16/11/2011 Beta
Changed Behavior

8.4.33 changed behavior

CHG: - OID Registration is not a string anymore. It’s an integer. 1 represents true (is registered), 0 is false.

8.4.33 Features

SCPP-3029: Do not trigger disconnect Action URL in case of rejecting a call anymore.
SCPP-3072: ADD - New setting sip_stop_subscriptions_on_register_failure to stop subscriptions on registration failure.
SCPP-3099: ADD - Make setting restrict_uri_queries configurable via WUI.

8.4.33 Bugfixes

SCPP-1312: FIX - SRTCP MAC check
SCPP-1424: FIX - (snom8xx) Auto answer indication is inaudible. Now playing auto-connect-tone in full length.
SCPP-1920: FIX - No more loosing audio when in a call with setting pickup_indication enabled. Setting pickup_indication will only work when there are no calls.
SCPP-2542: FIX - (snom821, snom870) DTMF tones not working while dialing.
SCPP-3098: FIX - (snom821, snom870) Holding reminder audio stuttered.
SCPP-3179: FIX - No audio after releasing from hold.
SCPP-3194: FIX - SRTCP decryption error processing
NONE: FIX - Light line-key (type: extension) after having picked up remote call with it.
SCPP-2912: FIX - Extension Monitoring (RFC4662): Incoming Calls on monitored extensions are not mapped correctly and pickup fails. Made pickup via subscription list work.
SCPP-3074: FIX - (snom8xx) BLF button event HOLD is not working. Line keys of type BUTTON may show on hold when corresponding button is reported to have color hold.
SCPP-1853: FIX - Setting reject_calls_with_603 isn’t working.
SCPP-2417: FIX - Function key features: Bad xml response if clicking an URL button twice. Don’t fetch input URL if nothing was entered.
SCPP-2687: FIX - XML dial plan does not behave as expected. Fixed single digit XML dial plan matches.
SCPP-2765: FIX - LEDs of Fkey type Callagent aren’t updated.
SCPP-2904: FIX - Mute LED does not light up when mute active. Update the LEDs after pressing mute key.
SCPP-2998: FIX - Preselection is dialed immediately when phone goes offhook. Don’t dial preselection immediately.
SCPP-3094: FIX - (snom370) Backlight dim function not longer available. Add active and idle backlight setting.
SCPP-3148: CHG - Adapt behaviour of un-holding first call like in v7.3. Allow line key events during outgoing calls.
SCPP-2586: FIX - Advertise received dscp value if untagged.
SCPP-3039: FIX - Memory leak on handling EAP success/failure responses.
SCPP-1335: FIX - Incorrect packet and octet count in RTCP Sender Report.
SCPP-2951: FIX - RTCP counter information incorrect. Was wrong fraction lost counter due to overrun.
SCPP-1056: FIX - (snom3xx) If the option silence supression is enabled, the phone sends incorrect packets. Increasing sequence number on CNG packets and also add marker at the end of comfort noise.
SCPP-2139: FIX - Setting apply_settings_timeout removed. Saving setting values changed via PUI to flash now always within a second, but setting values changed via WUI have to be applied manually before saved to flash.
SCPP-2274: FIX - Min-Expire-Header not recognized (423 too brief). Automatically reregister once with the Min-Expires value.
SCPP-2953: FIX - REGISTER and INVITE network failures aren’t reported via PUI.
SCPP-2955: FIX - DSCP value on SIP connections is wrong (not shifted).
SCPP-3071: FIX - SIP message re-submits will not be stopped after server BYE. Skipping INVITE retransmissions (e.g. hold) on dialog teardown.
SCPP-3152: FIX - Handle full dialog-info notify even if it is empty.
SCPP-3214: FIX - Reregister with Ressourcelist Subscription via WUI Button was rebooting the phone.
Known Issues
SCPP-3365 LDAP LDAP contacts not shown for incoming/outgoing calls if prioritise pbx number lookup = ON
SCPP-3397 LDAP ldap_max_hits > 127 will cause LDAP lookup requests to fail with "invalid size limit"
SCPP-3326 KEYS Virtual Keys / Incoming calls matching wrong directory entries even if number guessing is disabled.
SCPP-3309 SETTINGS Settings changes which are triggering webinterface alert "Some settings are not yet stored permanently" require revision
SCPP-3378 PUI Holding in 3-part conference is not working properly on snom 320.
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