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8.4.32 Known Issues

  • LDAP lookup for incoming and outgoing call not always working. (SCPP-2653): Will be fixed in 8.4.33
  • snom Vision BLF sometimes not working properly on snom 8xx (SCPP-2996): Will be fixed in 8.4.33
  • pressing MUTE button in idle screen puts the phone in DND (Do not Disturb) Mode (SCPP-3030): Will be fixed in 8.4.33
  • "Help" not available as option for softkey assignment any longer (SCPP-3076)
Workaround: F_SUPPORT can still be configured using either provisioning or HTTP GET requests
  • DTMF tones while dialling on handset is not working on snom821 and snom870 (SCPP-2542): Will be fixed in 8.4.33
  • (R)STP causes language files not being loaded in version 8 (SCPP-2519)
Workaround: Disable (R)STP when using language file provisioning
  • DSCP not set if tagged = no (SCPP-2586): Will be fixed in 8.4.33
  • DSCP Value from LLDP is wrong on SIP transports (SCPP-2955): Will be fixed in 8.4.33
  • Phone will freeze after resetting settings to factory defaults and removing WLAN stick right after reboot (SCPP-2722)
Workaround: remove WLAN stick before performing factory reset
  • VLAN ist not working when settings "Un-/Tag VLAN traffic to/from specific switch ports" is set to "on". (snom820) (SCPP-2399)
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