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8.4.32 Features

SCPP-2745: Added - Root CA of Start Commercial Ltd was added
SCPP-1911: Added - New setting for reciprocal hold. See reciprocal_hold
SCPP-1851: Added - User can now control when and how to switch message and call indication-leds. See Leds_Behavior
SCPP-2066: Added - Speaker-button acts like cancel when in a call and only speaker is active.
SCPP-2431: Added - Switching audio-devices for incoming and outgoing multicasts is possible now.
SCPP-2442: Added - (snom300, snom320, snom870): The setting show_ivr_digits can be used on the phones types now.
SCPP-2716: Added - The "forward to"-button goes to edit-number with pre-inserted number from settings when the transfer target ends with ";".
SCPP-2225: Added - (snom870) The speaker-touch-button now indicates whether speaker is on or not.
SCPP-2703: Added - Accept VGA-sized external images (color phones).
SCPP-2788: Added - Backlight settings were unified over all phone models.
SCPP-2406: Added - Forward all target is initialized with predefined or last entered number in edit screen.
SCPP-2675: Added - If billing informations are available show terminate screen for 3 sec.
SCPP-NONE: Added - New Czech translation
SCPP-NONE: Added - New Hebrew translation
SCPP-2516: Added - Disable frequent firmware checks by setting firmware_interval to 0
SCPP-2427: Added - DSCP value is used on all sip connections (udp, tcp, tls) and also for media (RTP, RTCP)
SCPP-2414: Added - SIP PUBLISH for number completion can be disabled. See use_proxy_number_guessing
SCPP-2797: Added - Registration can be delayed till time was received from NTP server. See user_wait_for_ntp_before_register
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