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8.4.32 changed behavior

SCPP-2859: Changed - 300 only: switching between headset and speaker mode is done differently now: short-press speaker key works like normal speaker (no switching to headset) - long-press speaker will be treated as if the (not existent) headset key was pressed.
SCPP-1261: Changed - Blinking backlights were removed for phones featuring led call indication. Turn off or dim backlight in idle screen only.
SCPP-1851: Changed - The setting "message_led_other" is no longer available. Please refer to: Leds_Behavior
SCPP-2431: Changed - The setting "mc_output_device" is no longer available. Instead audio is used according to current setup just as an incoming call does.
SCPP-NONE: Changed - We changed our proprietary url-scheme from _snom: to snom: to comply with URI standard
SCPP-NONE: Changed - The unused LLDP setting "lldp_med_discover_vlan" was removed
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