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8.4.32 Bugfixes

SCPP-2167: Fixed - (snom320, snom370) Echo problem - concerns phones with serial numbers starting CHNSZ only.
SCPP-2194: Fixed - Mute feature does not work for initial call when second call is ringing.
SCPP-2219: Fixed - G.723.1 codec support was broken in snom820, snom821, snom870
SCPP-2565: Fixed - Continue with next RTP seq-nr. when changing from being held to connected.
SCPP-2570: Fixed - (snom3xx) Multicast didn’t work after a call was received.
SCPP-2573: Fixed - Phone remained in speaker mode if you lift the handset after initiating the call in speaker mode.
SCPP-NONE: Fixed - X.509 Version number shown on web interface of the phone was always 1 less (v2 ? v3).
SCPP-2548: Fixed - Some X.509 expired certificates were removed.
SCPP-2558: Fixed - Signature verification with X.509 certificates bigger 1024bit was’t working.
SCPP-754: Fixed - (snom320) DND/CFWD got blocked by missed calls display.
SCPP-2014: Fixed - Pressing a line key twice was not going to idle state.
SCPP-2202: Fixed - (snom870) The presence-publish screen did show artefacts sometimes.
SCPP-2234: Fixed - It was not show that a reboot is required after the webserver type (https, http, both) was changed.
SCPP-2258: Fixed - (snomMP) MP showed some scrolling error.
SCPP-2312: Fixed - The phone sent CallForwardingOff Action URL twice for the active identity.
SCPP-2377: Fixed - Shared line feature keys caused unrelated keys to light up.
SCPP-2468: Fixed - (snom820, snom821) Date and time were displayed even when setting "show_clock" was off.
SCPP-2515: Fixed - Phone got confused on incoming calls with more than one returned LDAP-result.
SCPP-2530: Fixed - Wireless Headset was not always working correctly. Sometimes the proper onhook was not sent to the headset.
SCPP-2540: Fixed - On a Reboot after loading a new PUI branding the identities were not unregistered.
SCPP-2563: Fixed - Phone got stuck if a non-existent leds was addressed using the minibrowser.
SCPP-2577: Fixed - Sometimes a wrong caller-id was shown when being transfered.
SCPP-2597: Fixed - Stutterkey didn’t displayed during entering passwords.
SCPP-2640: Fixed - Unhold showed problems for hold with challenge.
SCPP-2641: Fixed - Idle state did not correctly updates display after minibrowser was active.
SCPP-2644: Fixed - After a call was terminated the xml directory list was still displayed on the display.
SCPP-2672: Fixed - (snom820, snom821, snom870) Display backlight came up with a delay on incoming calls.
SCPP-2702: Fixed - On 3-shared line appearances an incoming call sometime made two LEDs illuminate.
SCPP-2755: Fixed - (snom820, snom821) Using the xml key definition for a line key, the line key showed the wrong color.
SCPP-2818: Fixed - Minibrowser input value reappeared while dialing.
SCPP-2756 Fixed - ARP table got sometimes cleared so that multicast addresses weren’t working properly. Affected: stp, lldp, 8021x, ip multicast on init_eth0, init_vlan.
SCPP-2585 Fixed - LLDP - Problems if VLAN > 255
SCPP-2295: Fixed - (snom820, snom821, snom870, snomMP) HTML-Branding could not be installed.
SCPP-2690: Fixed - Don’t reset settings before unregister when using the web interface for doing the reset.
SCPP-224: Fixed - The UUID used for GRUU did change between reboots sometimes. That leads to problems with some PBXs/Proxies.
SCPP-554: Fixed - stunned IP was not always inquired from stun-server before doing register.
SCPP-1752: Fixed - Conference with specifying the conference room number does not work (referring to conference room).
SCPP-2594: Fixed - Don’t deny incoming call if cwi is off and auto redial is active.
SCPP-2606: Fixed - CANCEL wasn’t sent when aborting call to new tranfer-destination.
SCPP-2626: Fixed - Send ringing every minute (if prack is not used).
SCPP-2647: Fixed - New sdp offers was not Rejected while a previous offer is still being processed.
SCPP-2652: Fixed - Do not process received sdp m lines with port set to zero.
SCPP-2671: Fixed - Memory leak on INVITEs with multipart MIME types.
SCPP-2738: Fixed - Unsupported was missing in 420 Bad Extension response.
SCPP-2760: Fixed - DTMF using SIP INFO "application/dtmf-relay" did not follow the IETF Draft draft-kaplan-dispatch-info-dtmf-package-00. SPACE was missing after EQUAL.
SCPP-2793: Fixed - Missing crypto key to sendonly sdp (hold), but only if user_moh is empty.
SCPP-2886: Fixed - Phone keeps asking for a password for an identity with an empty password even after the identity was removed.
SCPP-2891: Fixed - When receiving the "full" flag, the the old dialog state was not deleted completely.
SCPP-1641: FIX - Phone got stuck sometimes if GetParmeterValues(Device.) was called
SCPP-2564: Fixed - Default port 443 was not always used if no port was set and scheme https was used.
SCPP-2752: Fixed - The phone might get wrong cached data when it is using a http proxy with cache. "Cache-Control: no-cache\r\n" is set to avoid this to happen.
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