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8.4.31 Bugfixes

SCPP-1250: Fixed :Dialplan freezes the phone with a rule like: <template match="11" timeout="1" scheme="sip" user="phone" rewrite="4711"/>;
SCPP-1250: Fixed :Rule is not expanded correctly: <template match="30*" timeout="1" scheme="sip" user="phone" rewrite=""/>;
SCPP-1874: Fixed :Name from LDAP lookup no longer displayed during a call
SCPP-2371: Fixed :CFNA (Call Forward No Answer) does not work under certain conditions
SCPP-2405: Fixed :Memory leak when using SnomIPPhoneImageFile
SCPP-2522: Fixed :Provisioning multiple times via Settings refresh timer freezes phone, if web_language value isn't matching available web languages;
SCPP-2315: Fixed :Push to Talk / Intercom doesn't cancel when button is released / cancel pressed; Send provisional response for incoming intercom as well;
SCPP-2489: Fixed :Session Timer Reject 422 leads to invalid SDP connection info; Avoid empty SDP connection address after receiving 422 response
SCPP-2233 :Fixed: If a setting did not exist on the phone type the TR-069 would crash upon SPV on this setting; Special handling for upload_gui and upload_web
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