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8.4.3 Features

XML definition allows to define a default-state that gets applied when a key is set up initially, see here.
XML definition now allows to define action-urls to be called on key-event, see here.
All springboard icons can now be repositioned or removed using settings idle_icon_01..15 (snom870).
Springboard can show free programmable function keys now (configured by XML-definitions in XML section <functionKeys>)(snom870).
Setting snom_clock_style set to <analog> by default (snom870).
The settings dkey_fkey1-4 are available now. They can be set like other pre-programmed function key settings, for example to "speed 1234". If they are set, they are fired instead of the original softkeys configured in the settings gui_fkey. (SCPP-1564)
Keymapping may now be changed via settings in case a customer wants to reorder the plastic keys of our phones.
Setting values like "!$(user_name)@$(user_host)" will be evaluated and replaced with the result of their setting values respectively. (SCPP-1534)
Added new RPC Method: X_Snom_GetWebContent.
Customization archives are reloaded after firmware update (snom370-VPN, snom820, snom870).
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