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8.4.27 Bugfixes

Fixed: (snom870) The dual-audio-button (Handset+Speaker) was replaced with the regular speaker-button, since it is not fully functional at the moment. (SCPP-2229)
Fixed: (snom870) Suppress ringtone during hold doesn’t work properly. (SCPP-2323)
Fixed: Phone lagged when flash plugin was turned on. We suggest to turn flash off because of the additional load. (SCPP-2336)
Fixed: Audio device turns from headset to speaker on second incoming call. (SCPP-2373)
Fixed: Deny incomming call in state call-completion with call_waiting=off and a call on hold. (SCPP-2392)
Fixed: Phone reboots immediately when identities aren’t registered. The phone does not observe the setting reboot_after_nr. (SCPP-2410)
Fixed: Phone reboots after provisioning was triggered via the settings refresh timer when a "reboot required" settings was changed. The phone did not observe the setting auto_reboot_on_setting_change in this scenario. (SCPP-2415)
Fixed: (snom320) Czech special chars are missing at display. (SCPP-2421)
Fixed: LLDP advertisment for PORT ID subtype. (SCPP-2391)
Added: PUI VLAN reset also resets lldp settings (SCPP-2391)
Fixed: (snom3xx) The ethernet switch blocks IPv6 Router Advertisments to address 33:33:00:00:00:01. (SCPP-2346)
Fixed: (snom870, snom821) WebUI cannot be accessed by devices connected to PC switch port in some VLAN scenarios. (SCPP-2364)
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) Software update is hanging in download progress bar due to slow networks or links going down. (SCPP-2412)
Fixed: Reset does not delete OpenVPN settings files. (SCPP-2334)
Fixed: (snomMP) VPN did not work properly. (SCPP-2244)
Changed: Changed - RTP Payload names are provided using captial letters now. (SCPP-2409)
Fixed: Setting file cannot be provisioned via HTTPS using chunked encoding. (SCPP-2344)
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) Firmware update using URL with userinfo fails. (SCPP-2383)
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