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8.4.22 Bugfixes

Fixed: (snom821, snom870) RTP timestamp was reset on outgoing packets at call start and speaker/handset changes. (SCPP-2097)
Fixed: (snom821, snom870) Fixed constant beep and one way audio in conference scenario.
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) Remote DTMF generation via ?key_dtmf= wasn’t working. (SCPP-1438)
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) When using fkey option Speed Dial with a value like;dtmf=1234, the phone doesn’t send DTMF tones after call establishment. (SCPP-1493)
Fixed: OOB DTMF codes A-D and ! (hookflash) weren’t working. (SCPP-1982)
Fixed: (snom300, snom320) Cancelation of conference via on-hook didn’t work. Settings conf_hangup and cancel_conference are combined now on on-hook event. (SCPP-1928)
Fixed: (snom870) Incoming call while connected did disrupt audio of current call. (SCPP-1920)
Fixed: (snom870) CWI didn’t work properly when the phone is showing an input page. Now refreshing the call management list in case of incoming call. (SCPP-2079)
Fixed: Phone PUI language dialog couldn’t be exited by pressing CANCEL. (SCPP-2075)
Fixed: Old behaviour of speed select in XML based lists reintroduced again. Invented new maintag attribute speedselect which can be off, select or enter. (SCPP-2116)
Fixed: Support of server managed forwarding on PUI XML menu was broken. The setting was changed, but the change not reflected in the menu. (SCPP-2098)
Fixed: LDAP lookup was overwriting callerID with wrong number value. (SCPP-2127)
Fixed: LDAP directory was conflicting with setting auto_dial. Thus we invented new setting auto_dial_ldap. Only if auto_dial and auto_dial_ldap is enabled, auto dial will be done in LDAP search, too. (SCPP-2112)
Fixed: ICMP Redirect message was ending call. (SCPP-2110)
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