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8.4.20 Bugfix

CHANGED: Setting action_received_subscr_notify_url now discards repeated same notifies for better performance.
FIXED: Action URLs were causing a state change when current state uses minibrowser. (SCPP-2005)
FIXED: (snom300, snom320) Phone wasn’t showing display name (realname) in state idle. (SCPP-1991)
FIXED: Phone wasn’t showing local line index for LDAP lookup of incoming calls. (SCPP-1880)
FIXED: (snom360) Status line was sometimes showing overlapped text. (SCPP-1990)
FIXED: Phone was leaving settings menu when changing outgoing identity. (SCPP-1988)
Fixed: Fkey labels were not reset after exiting minibrowser. (SCPP-2009)
Fixed: The setting block_url_dialing no longer inhibits calling numbers that contain * or #.
CHANGED: If predict_text is enabled, only the first six characters will be used for the LDAP lookup to avoid system overload. (SCPP-1996)
FIXED: Stutter keys were not shown during editing the search string. (SCPP-2004)
FIXED: Phone was sometimes rebooting/freezing when updating contact names.
CHANGED: Version of openvpn client updated to 2.1.2.
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